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Melty Blood/MBTL/Miyako Arima/Combos

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Getting Started

Beginner Combos

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

Template :)

A Starter

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

5A BnB. With or without the last j.B is the same damage, though it might be better to omit because of muscle memory for other combos where j.B is a damage loss.

2A Starter. The combo is the same, except an extra j.C is used.

EX Route for a bit more damage. Most of Miyako's EXs can't be converted from very easily, so this is very likely to be close to the best we have.

B Starter

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

using 5A instead of 5B to help continue after 2C~C is still pretty good, as it turns out.

Moon Skill squeezes out a little more damage, but you generate much less circuit because of it.

C Starter

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

2C Poke Starter. Since the string before 214A is short, you can do a little more before 3C.

Point Blank 2C~C Combo. The 2nd 5C doesn't change the damage in midscreen but it does build more circuit. In the corner, the 2nd 5C wall bounce leads to extra damage. If started in the corner there will be too many wall bounces, and will drop after the 2nd 5C, so it must be omitted.

2C~C Combo. Now that you're in the corner, the Moon Skill is not needed to convert, even at max range 2C.

Special Starter

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

Battle Step A Starter. Damage tested with 214A.

Battle Step B Starter. Damage tested with 214B. If 214B lands at a far range, 2C will whiff. In this case, swap 2C and 5B.

By using the 4B+C Moon Skill, you can turn a stray 214A hit into the 214B route for bonus damage. This route is obviously also possible when hitting 214B as well, but since the damage increase is more minimal you probably shouldn't do it. Damage tested with 214A. If 214A lands at a far range, 2C will whiff. In this case, swap 2C and 5B.

22A conversion. From max range 22A, you have plenty of time to dash in and confirm with the OTG 2C.

Close 22B conversion. Make sure to get that 2C nice and low to the ground.

Far 22B conversion. You pretty much have to buffer the 236 here, the timing is pretty tight.

Using Moon Drive to combo after 623B.

You can't get a 3C in the OTG string, but it's still free damage.

At specific ranges, usually very close to the centre of the stage, you can use j236H to carry and subsequently wallsplat an airborne opponent. You can delay the j236H appropriately to adjust the height that the opponent splats, with the goal to end low to the ground. Depending on these variables, sometimes extra normals before 3C is impossible. As a result, damage is calculated with only 5C > 3C. See Combo Theory "j236H Wallsplat" for more information.

Overhead starter in the corner. Due to the weird pickup height and overwhelming number of wallbounces available, many routes end too early - resulting in this weird route that excludes 5C due to its forced wallbounce.

Jump/IAD Starter

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

IAD Starter. Again, the combo route is the same.

CH/FCH Starter

Throw Starter

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

Midscreen BnB off of throw.

Used when you need that extra bit of distance to carry to the corner.

Corner version of throw BnB

Arc Drive finisher for throw.

Arc Drive finisher Corner throw.

Shield Combos

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

Combo from raw 3C or D~[A or C].

1st 2C must connect very low to the ground. For an easier route use 5C instead of the 2nd 2C. This route also works for Anti-Air/Air-to-Air Fatal Counters, including AA D~B.

Combo Theory

Can we get two specials in a midscreen route?

When experimenting, it seems that while it is possible to get multiple specials within a midscreen combo, generally you have to restrict yourself a lot to do so. As a result, while it is possible it most likely isn't optimal.

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

This is the best damage I can do trying to get two specials in a midscreen combo (without moon specials / spending meter), and it does less damage when compared to other 5B starters with only one. This is largely a result of re-using the same special (214A) if there was another special that could allow us to combo into 214A, or vice-versa, then we would have very strong double special routes.

However when it comes to corner combos, loops for 214[A] into 214B seem optimal, as they don't consume wallbounces. This allows Miyako to fully use 2C~C and 5C in a juggle without hitting the 3 bounce limit.

j236C Wallsplat

When using j236C to wallsplat in a combo, you have a number of options to use before 3C. Unfortunately since the end height of the opponent's wallsplat is largely determined by the position in midscreen that you started, and the delay of j236C, you will not always be able to use the damage-optimal string and you won't have much time to react and choose either. Listed below are the available strings, in order of most damage to least damage, and least consistent to most consistent;

  • ... > 2C~C > 5B > 3C > ...

Your most optimal string for damage. This requires the opponent to be as low as possible, literally jammed into the corner so that their feet almost touch the floor. It happens very rarely, but it is still possible.

  • ... > 5C > 5B > 2B > 3C > ...

This is the most optimal string starting from 5C. Since 5C has a chunky hitbox, you can reliably use it to start your string, and the subsequent wallbounce all but guarantees the next attack. However, this will still whiff on characters that are a little high up.

  • ... > 5C > 5B > 3C > ...

From here we begin trimming the extra moves. Even with this string, sometimes the opponent is just a little too high, and 3C will whiff, so if you're really not sure, choose the last option.

  • ... > 5C > 3C > ...

And here we are at the end. If you can land 5C on a wallsplatted opponent, the 3C is almost 100% guaranteed, aside from a little jank.

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