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Be sure to check this article about F-Warcueid:

Normal Combos

(2A) 5B 2B 5C 236A Aerial

Basic BnB.

(2A) 5B 2B 5{C} 236A 236A Aerial#2

Partial charged 5C allows for double 236A.

(2A) 5B 2B 2C 236A Aerial

2C offers less proration, more damage.

(2A) 5B 2B 2C 236A 236A Aerial#2

Delay 2C allows for double 236A.

(2A) 5B 2B 2C Aerial#3

Used for rejump combos. Uses your jump cancel.

(2A) 5B (2B) 5C/2C 236B 63214C

Used for when 5B 2B is out of range, or when 236A is out of range. Either 5C or 2C works.

5[B] 2C 236A 236A Aerial#2

Optimal damage off Charged 5B overhead.

Corner Combos

(2A) 5B 2B 2C 236A 236B Aerial

Need the last hit of 236B to hit. Do not delay 2C. Will not work on Len.

(2A) 5B 5C 236B 5C 236A Aerial

236B delay 5C. Needs a 'near point blank' 5B.

(2A) 5B 5C 236B 5A/5B/5C Aerial

Used for when 5B is not 'near point blank'. After 236B, 5A or 5B or 5C will work. Uses your jump cancel.

... 236B dash 5A Aerial

Off 'near max range' 236B, a dash 5A can be linked. Uses your jump cancel.


j.B j.C sdj. j.B j.C Ender

Basic Aerial.

j.C sdj. j.B j.C Ender

Used for double 236A combos.

j.C IAD j.C land j.C sdj. j.B j.C Ender

Rejump Aerial Only. IAD means 686 or equivalent input. The goal is to 2C into j.C as fast as you can, IAD, and j.C as late as you can. This is the way you set-up combos into Arcdrive as well.

j.C j.214B sdj. j.B j.C Ender

Flashy air combo. More useful when you IH(5E) the j.214B.

Aerial Combo Enders

Air Throw

Used rarely due to poor Oki. Mainly used when j.2C and j.214C will not land properly, or to put the opponent in the corner. The reason this is so bad is because, you can only hit meaty with 2A in the corner. So the opponent can 5D on wake-up. If you bait the shield, the opponent can throw you. F-Warc has no low to cover both options. So after every air throw in the corner, you have a 50% chance of taking damage and losing initiative.


High damage/meter gain ender.

j.214C OTG State

Standard ender for best Oki.

j.214B j.214C OTG State

Slightly more meter for slightly less damage. Mainly used in specific situations and set-ups, such as needing the additional meter gain for j.214C, or anti-Nanaya 623B Oki.

Combos off 623C wallslam

  • Note. Any 236B can be confirmed into 623C. F-Moon has no mid to full screen confirm off 623C.

5B 5C 236A Aerial

For mid range post 623C.

5C 236A Aerial

For close range post 623C.

dash 5C 236B Aerial

For when you are out of 5B range. If you are not sure if dash 5C is in range, then dash tech punish.

Shield Counter Hitconfirms

5B 5C 236A Aerial

Basic confirm.

5B 5C 236A 236A Aerial#2

Lower 5B confirm allows for double 236A.

2C 236A Aerial

Slightly more damage that basic, but slightly harder.

2C 236A 236A Aerial#2

Can double 236A off low 2C confirm.

Raw Air Throw Hitconfirms

5B 5C 236A Aerial

Basic confirm.
  • Note. Double 236A combos are char specific. Needs testing.

j.2B(whiff) 236A 236A 236A Aerial#2

Very hard. May be char specific. Needs testing.

Aerial CH Hitconfirms

5B 5C 236A Aerial

Basic confirm.

(Dash) 5A 5B Aerial

Use when you are too far away for 5B, or they are too low and you are not sure if 5B will land. Uses your jump cancel.

3C 5B 5C 236A Aerial

Needs a high counter hit, or counter hit stun equivalent to j.214A to land 3C. Also need to be close enough for 236A to connect.

3C 5B 5C Aerial

For when you are not in range for 236A. Uses your jump cancel.

IH Combo Options

Combo > Aerial > 5E Ender

Basic IH during a combo is used at the end of your aerial, before the ender. For when you just want to regain your red life.

(2A) 5B 5C 5E 5B 2B 2C 236A Aerial

For when you get A hit confirm in Max, you can IH during the normal ground string to reset the chain.

(2A) 5B 5C 5E 5B 2B 2C Aerial#3

Rejump variant of the above. This is your highest damage IH combo and the best to use Arcdrive in.

Combo > j.C j.214B 5E sdj. j.B j.C Ender

Most practical use for j.214B in your aerial combos is to IH it to make the sdj. link easy.

Rejump Combo > j.C IAD(686) j.C land 236C 5E 41236C 3C 5B 5C 236A 236A j.C sdj. j.B j.C j.2C

IH Arcdrive combo that is the easiest to land. You may replace the 5C with 2C and the j.2C ender with Air Throw.
  • Note. If you just want your red life back and do not wish to or can not extend your combo using IH, you may IH any normal or special or even super on hit during a combo so long as you are in Max. The easiest moves to IH would be 236A/B/C, j.214B, or j.C because all of these have a lot of hitstun.

Corner Throw Options

When you throw the opponent in the corner you want to do one of 2 things.

Tech Punish

  • F-Warc 2B will cover all tech options in the corner. If the opponent does not tech, 2B will hit OTG and you will have another opportunity to tech punish.
2B 2C
If they don't tech, 2B 2C will hit OTG and you can 421A (This Needs Testing). If they did tech, 2B 2C will hit and you can 236A into combo.
  • F-Warc 236C will cover all tech options in the corner and OTG relaunch. If they don't tech, you get a relaunch. If they forward tech, the input is reversed and you get a 214C.

OTG the Opponent
If you call that they don't tech, you can do one of the following:
Dash 2A 5B 5C 421A

Works on all chars. The 421A is for spacing for another tech punish if they decide to tech post OTG.

Dash 2A 5A 5A 5A 5B 5C 421A

Works on all chars except Len, White Len, and the Necos.

Dash 2A 5B 5C 236C

Works on all chars. After the 5C, the opponent can tech, or not tech. If they tech, you punish with 236C, if not you relaunch. This requires that you delay the 236C for tech punish timing.

Dash 2A 5A 5A 5A 5B 5C 236C j.B j.C sdj. j.B j.C Ender

OTG string into 236C relaunch. Works on all chars except Len, White Len, and the Necos.

OTG Relaunch Options

F-Warc can OTG relaunch with 214C, 236C, and 3C.
OTG State > 214C Aerial

You will almost never use this, but you can do it.

OTG State > 236C j.A j.B j.C sdj. j.B j.C Ender

An easy relaunch confirm for when you are in Max. Requires your jump cancel.

3C OTG Options

  • Note. If 3C is whiffing OTG after a j.214C, it is likely the case that you need to omit sdj. in favor of dj. in your air string. Being able to OTG with 3C requires you to be as low, relative to the opponent, as you can while laning j.214C. Rule of thumb is the sooner F-Warc hits the ground, relative to the opponent, the easier it is to 3C OTG.

OTG State > 3C 3C Oki

Basic OTG string for Oki set-ups. Used most commonly after j.214C enders in the corner, but also for Arcdrive combos after 3C.

OTG State > 3C 5C 236B j.A j.B j.C sdj. j.B j.C Ender

5C link into combo extender. Most commonly used while in Max so you can get a free j.214C ender. Can replace the j.A with 5A and use your jump cancel.

OTG State > 3C 3C 5C 236B j.A j.B j.C sdj. j.B j.C Ender

5C link off double 3C OTG into combo extender. More difficult link. Can replace the j.A with 5A and use your jump cancel.

OTG State > 3C 5C 236B j.A j.B j.C sdj. j.B j.C j.214C 236C(OTG Relaunch) j.A j.B j.C sdj. j.B j.C j.2C

Double Relaunch combo. Very situational. You must go into Max during your combo just before the j.214C prior to relaunch to have the meter required to do this. Alternatively, you must be near Max at the same point, and gain the additional meter needed (200%) during the 1st relaunch. Requires your jump cancel for the 2nd relaunch with 236C.
  • Note. Remember that in Melty, combos can be extended with things like wall bounce, ground slam, ground bounce, and OTG up to a max of 3 total per valid combo in most cases. So if you use F-Warc 623C(Wall Bounce), j.214C(Ground Slam) or raw airthrow(Ground Bounce) in your combos, you will have less slots for OTG extenders.


General thoughts and advice only. Not the end all be all guide to player this char.


Red Arc's Full Moon version offers more simplicity, and superior Oki. The trade off is that she has less neutral tools, weaker pressure, and she loses C/H's godlike j.B. She can charge meter to force the opponent to approach. Full Moon shield is her best reversal, but 214C is okay as well. 63214C is NOT a reversal. However, it is very fast. It has 2 frames of start up prior to the super flash.

She has a harder match up against any C-Moon char. Heat and EX Shield destroy her safe jump Oki set-ups. She has a hard match up against any char that has long range, diagonally upward projectiles (F-Koha, C-Mech, F-Fiel, ect.), as these chars can stop Warc from using air rings.

No air dodge, means no correcting facing multiple times per jump, so she tends to use air dash j.2C to move across the screen, when the opponent dashes under her, more often than C and H.


Despite having less neutral tools than C and H, F-Moon still has a damn good neutral game. She can play lame; throwing out A and B air rings. She can force the opponent to try and space around rings with IADs or dj. A version ground ring can trade with attacks out of IAD, and 236A can beat or trade with attacks out of dj. For opponents that are above her, while she is on the ground, dash under and 5A is a good way to guard break. Dash under 2B is slower and harder to time, but can low profile aerials that are very active and disjointed below.

Let me say again: F-Warc does not have to approach the opponent, unless she wants to. She can play super lame, and try to force opponents to fight through rings. Exceptions being chars with faster zoning that covers the B air ring angle.


Move Descriptions

Normal Moves

2A [Low]

Short range, low kick. 3 frame start-up, active on frame 4. Poor vertical hitbox. Large, extended green box.

5A [Mid]

Short range, upward swipe. 4 frame star-up, active on frame 5. Whiffs crouchers. Okay anti-air.

2B [Low]

Slow, long range, slide kick. 10 frames of start-up, active on frame 11. Low profiles a fair amount. Good amount of active frames. Moves Warc far forward. Trips on hit. Essentially, this is her launcher.

5B [Mid]

Mid range, overhand swipe. 4 frame start-up, active on frame 5(Although, I'm not sure if I believe frame viewer on this one). Large hitbox. Moves Warc forward a fair amount. Best combo starter. Very punishable on whiff.

5{B} [Mid]

Partial charged version of 5B. More forward movement. Slightly more block stun. Hits twice. Best used in pressure, however she does not have a fast high/low from this.

5[B] [High]

Fully charged version of 5B. Active on frame 27. Disjointed hitbox. Has one hit of super armor. Trips crouches. Moves Warc forward even more! Primarily used as an overhead in pressure or oki. Very risky anti-air, as you are telegraphed for 27 frames, however it can be useful if, for example, the opponent gives you a bad air tech and has no movement options left.

2C [Mid]

Slow, kneeling palm strike. Hugely disjointed hitbox. Does not hit low. Mostly used in combos.

5C [Mid]

Fast, standing palm strick. Active on frame 7. Good disjointed hit box in front of her that extends past her hand. Will whiff crouchers at mid to max range. Good for counter pokes. Useful in block strings and combos. This move can be partial charged (denoted as 5{C}) with the same move properties, but more start-up. This move initially prorates to 90%, however if the combo is already at 90% or less, it will always prorate a small, additional amount (the formula for which, I don't know).

5[C] [*]

Similar to 5C. However it is active on frame 43. Has a slightly less extended green box. Has a uniform, more extended hitbox so it won't whiff crouchers at max range. This is Unblockable. Opponent is uncombo-able on hit. Hard knockdown.

3C [Low]








Special Moves

Name 「JP name」 - 22ABC
  • (Description) - Simply describe the move here and what it can be used for
  • (A version) - This is where you put what the version of the move can be used for and how its different from the rest of the moves.
  • (B version) - Ditto
  • (EX version) - This is were you describe what happens when you feed it 100%
「」 - 236ABC
  • (Description) -
「」 - 28ABC
  • (Description) - ...
  「」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) - ...
「」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - ...
「」 - 421ABC
  • (Description) - ...
「」 - J22ABC
  • (Description) - ...
「」 - 426ABC
  • (Description) - ...
  • (A version) -
  • (B version) -
  • (EX version) -
「」 - BC
  • (Description) - ...
  • (Standing) -
  • (Crouching) -
  • (Airborne) -

Arc Drive

  • (Description) - AD description

Another Arc Drive

  • (Description) - AAD description

Last Arc

  • (Description) - LA description. Mention where it is activated (air or ground shield) first.

Powerd CielCrescentHalfFull
Red ArcueidCrescentHalfFull
White LenCrescentHalfFull