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Million Arthur: Arcana Blood uses numpad notation to represent directions. Think of every direction like a number on a numpad or calculator:

     7    8    9
Left 4   (5)   6 Right
     1    2    3

5 is neutral, or no directional input.

A = Light Attack

B = Medium Attack

C = Heavy Attack

D = Element Attack

Universal Controls

Dash - 44 or 66

Most characters have a run style forward dash, meaning if you continue to hold forward they'll continue to move forward and the animation can be canceled. Snow White, Iai, and Nimue have sted dashes instead, meaning they move a set distance. For all characters, backdash has invincibility, but not right away, so while it can be used to make attacks whiff, it is not as a true reversal.

Jump - 7 or 8 or 9

Jumps have 5 frames of startup, an attack done during those frames will cancel the jump startup and be done grounded.

Double Jump - 7 or 8 or 9 in mid-air

You can only double jump after a regular jump, however if you block or recover from something while in the air your air actions will be restored and you'll be able to double jump. Double jumping will cause your character to face the opponent if your back is to them.

Super Jump - 1 or 2 or 3, then 7 or 8 or 9

Super jumps have a different jump arc than regular jumps, and while super jumping your character will automatically turn around to face your opponent.

Air Dash - 44 or 66 in mid-air

You cannot air dash after a double jump, but can air dash after a super jump. Air dashes are cancelable into air blocking and air backdashes have some invincibility.

Throw - B+C

Throws have 7f startup on the ground, and 5f startup in the air. After a throw makes contact if you input B+C within 12f the throw will be teched. After a throw tech both players are at neutral advantage. The player who threw will remain in the same position, while the player who teched will move back, if both players input throw on the same frame both players will move back.

Roll - A+B

Rolls are hit invincible, but not throw invincible, there is also recovery at the end of the roll which can be hit or thrown.

Guard Cancel Roll - 6+A+B while blocking

Guard Cancel Rolls are fully invincible all the way through recovery.

Enchant Boost - A+B+C

Enchant Boost makes all normal attacks cancelable and charged with your character's elemental affinity. If you are a neutral element character, your normals will not have a charge of their own, but rather maintain the current elemental charge if there is one. Enchant Boost can be used at neutral, to cancel an attack, or as a guard cancel. It has some invincibility and a hitbox that blows the opponent back when done as a guard cancel or at neutral and keeps them in hitstun/blockstun when done as a cancel. The time limit for the Enchant Boost install depends on if it was done as a cancel or not.

Assist - 214 + A or B or C

The assist assigned to the button pressed will be summoned. Each assist has it's own startup and recovery. Assists can be called in the air.

Million Skill - 236 or 623 + A+B or B+C or A+C

Costs 100 meter. Sometimes can be done in the air.

Million Excalibur - 214 + A+B or B+C or A+C

Costs 200 meter.

Burst - A or B or C + D

Can be done in hitstun, blows the opponent back and extends your max meter by 100. Builds 100 meter. When life is low you will build 200 meter on a burst hit. Only 1 burst is available per round.

Recovery - A or B or C after hitstun has ended. Can also hold to get a tech at the first possible frame.

Recovery has a short invincible animation, by delaying your button press you can delay when this animation happens at the risk of giving your opponent more time to setup or an extended black beat combo. In the air you can recover forwards, backwards, or neutral.

Auto Combo - A repeatedly

Auto Combos go through a set of unique normals, these vary in usefulness from character to character but every character has one move near the end of their auto combo that builds a large amount of meter, making them often useful to include in combo routes. If you have 100 meter or more at the end of an auto combo, pressing A again will preform a super.

Support Knights
Twinblade Arthur
Iai Arthur
Thief Arthur
Arthur Blade Protector
Zechs Siegfried
Eternal Flame
Snow White
Wildcat Arthur
Koume Sakiyama
Iori Yagami
Foible Elle
Clone Elle
Sorcery King
No Element
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