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Ninja Muscle's.

Unzen is a high-tier character. His strengths including incredible pressure strings and a short jump with a high priority cross up that can be hard to get away from. His weakness is having a lot of trouble dealing projectile characters with decent anti-air. With the right setup and MAX meter he can kill in a single combo, but it usually takes him two combos.

Primarily played in Weapon Off, which is how he starts the match. The only reason to equip the hammer is his Weapon On 5.B becomes a pretty decent poke, comparable in range to his Weapon Off 6.A; though he loses access to his powerful loop combo. Generally it's not worth using the hammer.

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Super Moves

BnB Combos

Either Weapon On/Off

Weapon On Only

Weapon Off Only

Further Chain Combo Breakdown

Special Cancelable Chains

Chains With Highs & Lows

Potential Useful Chains

Probably Useless Chains

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