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Al Azif
My name is Al Azif. I am the world's most powerful grimoire!


Name: Al Azif

Debuted in: Demonbane

Voice Actor: Rie Kanda (神田理江)

Introduction: The physical manifestation of spirit that lives within the world's strongest magical tome. Although she's roughly 1,000 years old, she has a petite and unassuming appearance. Despite that appearance, she has a very arrogant personality.


Al possesses a large variety of tools, including a strong projectile, a DP, and large pokes for both ground and air, allowing to her perform well in a variety of situations. Also of note is her re-stand oki, which gives her a strong way of maintaining offensive momentum once already acquired.


Projectile has fast startup and the character can be played at all ranges

High mobility

Her command grab opens up the possibility for all sorts of combos.


Since she has no standing overhead and her command grab is slow with a large gap in its effective range, she has trouble breaking the opponent's guard.

Poor range on normals.

Projectiles have fairly high recovery, so it is easy for the opponent to find ways around them with their various movement options such as rolling.

Command List

If you are having trouble reading inputs, check out the Notation section!


Al is almost up there with Ein in regards to moving around the screen effectively: Her rolls aren't particularly remarkable, but her run is fast, her airdashes cover good space in little time, and her forward jump actually covers quite a large amount of space for what it is.


5A 2A [6A / cl.B] st.B 2B 5C 2C [5E/2E] is basic chain route. Any deviations from that route will be noted as an additional or limited.

NPB Al 5A.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
500 HLA 6 - - -

Backhand. Short reach but fast startup, so use it in combos or to mash out

  • Doesn't chain into itself
  • Jump cancellable
NPB Al 6A.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
1000 HLA 8 - - -

High-kick anti-air with upper body invincibility

  • Jump cancellable
NPB Al 5B C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
900 HLA 11 - - -

Fan-effect attack

  • Additional Chain: Into 6A
  • Jump Cancellable
NPB Al 5B F.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
1100 HLA 8 - - -

Similar motion to close 5B, but has much better reach and a very lengthy cancel window

  • Jump cancellable.
NPB Al 5C.png
Black line indicates arc of attack
Black line indicates arc of attack
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
1700 HLA 15 - - -

Forward scimitar slash. Farthest-reaching ground normal, covering a good amount of space, but kind of slow

  • Limited Chain: Cannot chain into 2C
5E / 5[E]
NPB Al 5E.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
2000 (2800) HLA 15 (41) - - -

Al flashes light from her palm and sends the opponent flying. Short reach, but since it wallbounces the opponent, it’s good in combos to add damage. Guard crushes when fully charged

NPB Al 2A.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
400 L 7 - - -

Low kick. Decent speed-range ratio, and also chains into both itself and 5A on whiff and block, making it an excellent 2A

NPB Al 2B.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
1000 L 8 - - -

Low kick similar to 2A in appearance and range. Use it to confirm from 2A or on its own

NPB Al 2C.png
Black line indicates arc of attack
Black line indicates arc of attack
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
1500 HLA 12 - - -

Angled scimitar slash. It’s as good an anti-air as it looks, but be careful against strong jump-ins; it might be better to stick to 6A in those cases

  • Limited Chain: Cannot chain into 2E
NPB Al 2E.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
1300 L 12 - - -

Judo chop sweep. Extremely short reach for it's speed

  • Jump cancellable
NPB Al jA.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
600 HA 7 - - -

Jump kick. Strong horizontally, but not so much vertically

NPB Al jB.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
1100 HA 8 - - -

Downward angled fan-effect attack. Useful in many situations from jumping in to combo filler

NPB Al jC.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
1400 HA 11 - - -

Horizontal sword slash. Extremely long horizontal reach, so it’s one of Al’s main air-to-airs

NPB Al jE.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
1500 HA 12 - - -

Al fires a flash of light downward and hits the opponent to the floor. Al’s momentum halts during the attack, and she can move after

Ground Throw
NPB Al Ground Throw.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
2500 UNB 4 - - -


Air Throw
NPB Al Air Throw.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
2500 UNB 4 - - -



Cthugha & Ithaqua
NPB Al 236A.png
NPB Al 236B.png
NPB Al 236C.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
A 1600 HLA 13 - - -

Shoot fire shot horizontally

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
B 1200 HLA 13 - - -

Al shoots ice shot upwards. After going up, the shot will track the opponent, and also gives a freeze effect on hit, making it very easy to both catch people in the air with it and convert from such

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
C 2150 HLA 7 - - -

Shoot ice shot that tracks to opponent, then quickly follow up with horizontal fire shot

  • Has more recovery than 236A and 236B
Slashing Scimitar of Barzai
623A/B/C / j623A/B/C
NPB Al 623X 1.png
NPB Al 623X 2.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
A 1800
  • 1st: HLA
  • 2nd: HA
11 - - -

Scimitar uppercut followed by a downward, overhead smash. It’s easy to use as a reversal because of its strike invulnerability, but it lacks throw invulnerability so it’s not infallible

  • Invulnerability until a few frames before 1st hit starts
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
B 2000
  • 1st: HLA
  • 2nd: HA
13 - - -
  • Invulnerability lasts until 1st hit is active
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
C 2300
  • 1st: HLA
  • 2nd: HA
20 - - -
  • Invulnerability lasts until after 1st hit, but depletes before 2nd hit
  • Ground bounces
NPB Al 63214X.png
6'0" vs. 5'11"
6'0" vs. 5'11"
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
A 500 UNB 22 - - -

Shoots a thread at the floor, entangling the opponent. Starts up fairly slow, but is an unblockable containment move, so it’s useful both as a mixup and in combos. The hitstun on it both isn't affected by other attacks and negates their pushback. It's also immune to proration and can catch people low to the ground, so you can end with this into sweep to go into 22X mixups. Will not connect while the opponent is in blockstun

  • Shorter capture
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
B 500 UNB 31 - - -
  • Longer capture
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
C 500 UNB 38 - - -
  • Longest capture
Mirror of Nitocris
NPB Al 22X.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
A 0 N/A - (55 in total) - -

Al disguises herself among two clones, moving forward along with them with each in different positions. Can be used as a kind of gimmicky pressure reset, but sees most of it's use post command grab ender for oki

  • Real Al: Running one
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
B 0 N/A - (55 in total) - -
  • Real Al: Middle one jumping above
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
C 0 N/A - (55 in total) - -
  • Real Al: Top one jumping above


Two-Gun Cthugha and Ithaqua
NPB Al 236AB.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
4400 HLA 6 + 12 - - -

Super fireball. Has invincibility on startup. The projectile is huge and moves very quickly, so it’s easy to connect in combos

Throwing Scimitar of Barzai
NPB Al 214AB.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
4500 HLA 6 + 14 - - -

Throws the Scimitar of Balzai forward for a multi-hitting attack that launches. Pushing a button soon afterward will return the scimitar to Al; otherwise, it'll travel off the end of the screen. There's no recovery on the followup, so it's very plus, and the scimitar also has no maximum duration afterwards, so certain movement patterns can prolong it

Floating Scimitar of Barzai
NPB Al j214AB.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
4200 HLA 6 + 22 - - -

Throws the Scimitar of Balzai downward from the air for a multi-hitting attack. Stops moving when it hits the ground, but continues hitting. Very plus. The launch from this is typically how you get restand oki, connecting the command grab from it.

Variable Rush

All Variable Rushes allow you to do a sequence of attacks depending on if you hit the A, B, or C button. If you press nothing, the VR will end. If your VR is blocked, you have the option to press nothing, or keep attacking. Even if you keep attacking, you could still stop at any time, assuming you don't execute the final attack.

Depending on what combination of buttons you use, you can come up with some useful strings.


Used for combo damage. Does about 7800.

ACACBCA > hold C (release when you start glowing red)

Raw damage route. Does about 8600.

NPB Al CE.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
Varies HLA 1 + 10 - - -

Rushing mid tackle. Al's VR routes only have a low on the A route

  • A route ends with opponent frozen in air from ice shots (highest damage, lowest scaling)
  • B route ends in a launcher
  • C route ends with a large slash

Lethal Blaze

Lemurian Impact
NPB Al 236236BC.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
10000 HLA 1 + 10 - - -

Cinematic attack with a startup animation similar to 5E. Causes anime on hit only. Does huge damage. Doesn’t have much reach horizontally, so stick to using it in combos instead of trying to throw it out in neutral


Please check out the Notation section, for help on understanding how to read and write combos!

Meterless, Midscreen


Barebones, anytime anywhere confirm. You can go into 623C instead if you're close enough for better carry, though you obviously lose out on the knockdown.

(crouching hit)...5C>64321A, 5C>236A.

Crouching confirm. The 236A won't connect on Mora, Saya, Al, Anna, Sonico, or Ein.

...2E>236B, dash 6A>2C>j.B>j.B>j.C>j.E.

If you're close enough to connect with sweep, then you can go into this instead of the more standard routes.


Standard anti-air confirm. An immediate j.D crosses over the opponent unless they're in or close to the corner, so change the timing based on what you want to do.

Airthrow>j.D, j.623C, j.A.j.B>j.B>j.C>j.E>(delay) j.D.

The j.623C will sideswitch outside of the corner, where this is also your go-to route.

Meterless, Corner

5A>5B>5C>623C, 6A>j.A>jB>dj.B[>j.C>623C] or [>j.E>j.D].

Most standard corner route. 623C may whiff or fail to combo if you're string doesn't start fairly close, so be mindful of that.

...5C>236A, 236C.

For when you're too far for the above route. Doesn't knock down, but you're still plus.

6A>j.A>j.C>j.623C, 6A>5E>delay 623C, j.A>j.B>j.A>j.C>j.E.

Not quite Ein anti-air damage, but close enough. Also works from air-to-air strings, the 5E can drop on Ruili from some heights.

Throw>5D, 5B>5E>2D, j.623C, 6A>air combo.

Airthrow>j.D, j.623B, 6A>5E>delay 623C, 6A>air combo.

The 5E here drops on Ruili more frequently than the anti-air combo, so you might want to try something different with her.

Partners and Meter

At most heights and prorations, j.623C can be combo'd into j.214AB while in the corner, which can then be followed up by 63214C, allowing you to chain into sweep into 22X oki. The command grab link can be kind of unforgiving, so you may want to consider whiffing another move during the 214AB launch to time it (even if this makes your followup more obvious), or just go straight into sweep (which will also give you some airdash mixups from the jump cancel) instead. If you have the extra meter, then you can also follow up j.214AB with VR to kill.


Not terribly high damage, but also the least resource intensive way of getting a knockdown from throw midscreen outside of just not converting at all.

...>236A>214AB>folllowup, delay neutral jump, dash under, jump over, air combo.

As stated previously, 214AB does not possess any maximum screen time, meaning that certain movement patterns will prolong it's activity. This route uses that to maximize damage, tailing the scimitar to have it hit the opponent a third time. If you're too close to the opponent, then this route results in the scimitar reaching you before you can bring it to them, but you can do superjump j.D (which, conversely, doesn't work if you're further away) post-super instead to rectify this.

...236A>214AB>delay followup, 236A, dash 63214C, dash string>2E.

Less damage and corner carry than the tailing routes, but worthwhile if it'll corner them because of the oki. The variations in timing you can get might make the command grab link kind of challenging, so experiment in training mode to see what works.

...5C>Henri, dash 2E>63214C, dash string>2E/236A.

Convenient 22X oki off literally any grounded string. Thanks, Henners.

...236A>Henri, dash 63214C, 5C>5D, string>2E/236C.

If they're far enough away when you 236A them, you can catch the opponent on the farther part of Henri's spread and get the above route with more carry.

623B/C(1)>Henri, j.B>j.C, 5[E]>22C, j.B>j.B>j.E>j.D.

Henri also gives you a strong DP combo while still allowing you pressure if they block. Again: Thanks, Henners.

...236A>Amy, dash 6A>5[E]>5D, microdash 5E>2D>j.623C, 6A>j.A>j.B>dj.A>j.C>j.E.

Midscreen only combo that carries really far, and does very high damage for the resources you're using. You can add 1 more 5E>5D rep after the first one if starting from 3/4ths of the screen away.

...236A>Amy, dash under 5A>5[E]>5D, dash 5E>5D, 5E>2D>j.623C, 6A>air combo.

Sideswap variant of the above.

...236A>delay Kaigen, dash 63214C, string>2E/236C.

Kaigen is another assist that affords you sweep oki in a very convenient manner, and at a higher amount of damage, although Henri has more utility.

6A or air-to-air j.A>j.B>dj.B>j.C>j.623A>Kaigen, 63214C, 5C>5D, string>2E/236C.

She's also able to give you the knockdown from air strings, too, which is nice.

(corner).... 623C(2 hits) 214A+B~x 63214C ... finisher time 63214x to come out while they are falling from Scimitar of Barzai. Finisher of choice depends on how much resources you want to spend, assist available, etc.

... 236x Miyuki air combo ... Finisher is assist dependant. Miyuki allows for full screen combo confirms off projectiles.

Extend Blast

...5/2B/C>EB, (dash) 623B>j.D, j.C, dash 5B>5E>623B>j.D, j.C>j.623C, 236C>236236BC.

The most standard EB route. Full screen corner carry, though you'll have to omit the 5E if they're not far enough in by then. Works after both throws (though you'll have to delay the 623B a bit for an aerial one), and can also end with 6A/j.A>air combo>etc. if you don't have 3 bars, which can itself go into with j.623C to Kaigen/Henri (which still allows you to Lethal Blaze after).

Throw>EB, 623B>j.C, dash 5B>5E>22B, j.B>j.B>j.C>j.623C, 236C>236236BC.

You may have to resort to this route from throw over the standard one if you're in the corner when you land it. Also works from airthrow, and the same alternate enders still apply.

j.A>j.B>EB, j.623B>j.D, j.C, dash 5B>623B>j.D, j.C, dash 5B>5E>236C>236236BC.

Air-to-air confirm that, as with the ground route, carries completely to the corner. If you're close enough, the first j.D will cross over them, in which case, assuming they're now near the corner, you can instead go into 623C, 5B>5E etc. after the j.C to still convert.

j.B/2A>5B>5C>EB, dash 5B>5C>236A>5D, 5B>236A>Amy>j.B(Amy hits), 6A>j.B>j.C>j.623C, 6A>j.A>j.B>j.623B, 6A>j.A>j.B>j.623B>Henri, 236C>236236BC.

Corner Blast combo with 3 meter and Amy/Henri assist. Doesn't work on small characters like Ruili and Mora.

(j.B/2A)>5B>5C>EB, dash 5B>5C>623B>j.D, j.C, 5E>5D, 236B>5D, 5E>63214C, 5B>5C>Henri, 236C>Variable/236236BC.

Alternate corner route using Henri. You want the opponent to be as high as possible for the first 5E so that you cross under them with the second roll, so it's best to delay the j.C a bit.

(Air) Throw>EB, (dash) 5B(B)>623B>j.D, j.C dash j.A>j.B>j.623B(1)>j.D>j.B>j.623B>Henri, > (land) 5B 5C 236A CE/236236BC. Slightly more consistent but less damaging throw route using Henri.


Yoishi Oki

While this potentially isn't worth spending an assist slot on, if the opponent is near the corner then it's possible for Al to cancel a ground string into Yoishi, combo into another one ending with 236A, and have the cloud meaty the opponent. If they're cornered, then you can dash into command grab with them being unable to move away. This is beatable by Vanishing the cloud and backdashing/dashing up/calling assists, or through a horizontal reversal, but those options are either quite punishable or beaten by you dashing up and 2A'ing (unless they have an assist that can interrupt that), so this is still quite in your favour.

Projectile counter-measures for each character

Each character has a way to deal with your 236X, so it's not always safe to just repeatedly fire it.

  • Most common techniques are listed here
  • Every character can use Variable Rush to overcome Al’s projectile, especially if they are fishing for the punish


She can low profile your shots with 2C, 623C, and 623AB


Can become invincible and punish your shots with 236AB


The recovery frames of 2E low profile. She is projectile invincible during 236AB and 214AB.


2B low profiles, but only during its startup. 2C, 2E, and 214C also low profile and are easier to use for this. 236AB has projectile invincibility.


2E, 623/421X teleports, and 236AB invalidate projectiles.


2E low profiles and 63214X eats the projectile, then throws Anna’s projectiles at you.


[4]6C and 646AB will go through your projectiles.


j.236AB, and 236236BC have projectile invincibility.


2E low profiles, 236C’s startup and 236AB avoid projectiles.


Strike Air (236AB), j.214AB, and 236236BC invalidate projectiles.


The active frames of 5E and 2E low profile projectiles (you can shoot her during the startup, however) and 236AB will eat Al’s projectile.


421AB will eat projectiles.


22X, 236AB, and 222AB eat projectiles.


421AB has projectile invincibility.

Partner Recommendation (5 level evaluation from A to E)

Natsumi [E]

You can’t really setplay or use a high damage combo with her, so you probably can’t get much use out of her. If you use her, you can do something like A > B > C > 236A > Natsumi > dash up 6263A > sj.E

Henri [C]

The primary use of this partner is to extend combos that would knock down, as she will keep the opponent above the ground so you can continue comboing them. Although she keeps the opponent restrained for a long time while they block her, Al still doesn’t really have good enough guard breaking to take advantage of this.

A > B > C > Henri > 5C > link 63214X

A > B > C > Henri > 236A > 5C > 63214C

Kaigen [A]

Combos very well with Al. Basically any combo of yours will allow you to cancel into Kaigen. When using 236X, you need to delay Kaigen slightly to make sure the hit connects properly. After the hit, the opponent will fall to their knees and you can combo into 63214C.

A > B > C > 236A > delayed Kaigen > 63214C

Air combo > j.623X > Kaigen > 63214C

6A or air hit > j.B > jc > dj.B > dj.C > 623A (activate Kaigen here) > wait for ground bounce > 5C (5D cancel) > 5BB > 5C > 236AB

A > B > C > 236AB > Kaigen > 236AB > Another Blood > 236AB


~623C > Kaigen > Dragon ~

~5C > 623C > Combo Blast > 2C > j.C > j.B > j.C > 623C > j.D > descending j.C > 236AB > 5D > j.A > j.B > djc > dj.B > dj.C > 623B > Kaigen > wait for ground bounce > 63214C > 5C > 5D > cl.B > f.B > 2C > 236B > 236AB > Another Blood > 236AB

If you don’t 5D after the first 236AB early, your blast will run out before you can do the rest of the combo.

Dragon [A]

Leads to big combo damage. Can do something like starting a combo, calling Dragon, then shooting a projectile to keep them locked into place until Dragon’s breath makes contact with them. On the ground, the basic combo structure is Dragon > 236X > 236AB. The air combo structure is air hit (j.A/j.B/et cetera) > Dragon > j.623C.

A > B > C > 236A > Dragon > 623C > 236AB

Air combo > Dragon > j.623C

~623B/C > Combo Blast > land > microdash > 6A > 2C > jc > j.B > j.C > j.D > j.C > 623C > land > 236B > Dragon > Dashing Jump > j.B > j.C > 623C > land > delayed Althea > 5C > 2E > 236236BC

Another Blood [D]

Provides combo damage that is easy to confirm into from 236C. However it is not good for comboing into your Lethal Blaze.

Filler > 236C > Another Blood

Franco Nero [B]

Compared to other partners, her synergy with Al is not that high, but if you haven’t found one you really like yet, she is definitely usable.

A > B > C > Franco > 5C > 63214C

Spica [A]

Works very well with Al since she has a fast startup, good damage, and recovery. The damage is not that high, but you can combo into a projectile with her.

Sakura [B]

If you call Sakura, you can safely set up your 63214X, but it is difficult to use for setups since she will send the opponent flying if they actually it her. If you’re struggling with using Franco, Sakura is a good partner to use with her.

Carol [B]

Since this partner’s attack locks the opponent in place to some extent, you can easily get more damage off of it.

~5C > 623C > Combo Blast > land > microdash 2C > j.C > j.B > j.C > 623C > D > descending j.C > Carol > land > j.A > j.B > j.C > 623C > Kaigen > wait for ground bounce > 63214C > 5C > 5D > 5B > 5C > 236A > 236AB > Locusts hit > 236AB x2

Works near the corner, can corner carry a bit by running after Kaigen hits and the opponent enters the crumple state. The spacing for the blast can be somewhat strict.

2B > 5C > 236AB > Combo Blast > 623C > Carol > j.A > j.B > djc > dj.B > dj.C > 623B > Kaigen > wait for ground bounce > 63214C > 5C > D > cl.B > f.B > Locusts hit > Charged 5E > 5C > 236236BC

Miyuki [C]

Has a fast startup, so you can use it to punish many things from a distance, then easily combo into 236AB after she hits.

Aoi [B]

Both 236AB and 236236BC are very damaging, so you can increase the amount of damage you do by increasing your meter with Aoi, then comboing into one of those moves after the cancel. Since it can only be used about once per round, neutral will be more difficult from that point on, so this partner is mostly recommended for experienced players. Can be combined with Kaigen for even bigger damage.

Althea [D]

Not highly recommended since you can just use 236C to lower opponents in the air, the main thing Althea is good for.

2B > 2C > 623A (1 hit) > Althea

air combo > j.B > j.C > 623A (1 hit) > Althea > land > immediate 5C > 63214C

2A > 2B > 5C > 623C > Combo Blast > land > microdash 2C > jc > j.B > j.C > 623C > D > descending j.C > landing > j.A > j.B > djc > dj.B > dj.C > 623C > Althea > 5C > 5D > 5C > 236B > Dragon > microdash 2C > 236B > 2C > 236236BC Works if you are backed in the corner.

Yoishi [D]

Even if the opponent can no longer jump, this isn’t that great because it doesn’t help with neutral or opening the opponent up that much. This is an interesting partner to work with, however, so you can experiment with it if you want.

Mugen [E]

Incredibly niche pick, no reason to use since she can also damage you.

Angela [C]

You can picked up the opponent after the ground bounce this partner causes with 63214X, so the synergy is not bad. However, depending on the timing, both 236AB and 63214X may miss. This partner has a high startup, but with Al, there are plenty of ways to incorporate Angela into a combo, so it is worth using for high damage if you desire.

Amy [B]

Often used to keep the opponent in check or in setplay. Can be used in a combo with projectiles. Amy’s attack doesn’t do much damage, so if you aren’t used to comboing with her, it is hard to get real value out of it.

A > B > C > 236A > Amy > dash up cl.B > Amy hits > 5E > 22B >j.B > j.B > j.c > j.D > j.A > j. 623C > 6A > j.A > j.B > j.A > j.C > j.E > j.623B

Can also use charged 5E

A > B > C > 236A > Amy > dash up cl.B > Amy hits > 5E > 2D > j.623B > 6A > 5E > delayed 623C > j.A > j.B > j.A > j.C > j.E > j.623B

Corner variant of the above combo

Akane [B]

Paralyzer shot (fired when the opponent is not in red health state) Good compatibility with 236x and 63214X. Eliminator (fired when the opponent is in red health state) Allows you to combo into your Variable Rush.

Sonico [E]

Effectively no reason to pick this.

Yuki [E]

Effectively no reason to pick this.


JP: Al page on the Japanese NPB wiki

Al trial combo collection


Click the pictures to see the full resolution.


Al Azif
Another Blood