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I hope this will touch your very Heart and Soul!


Name: Heart Aino (愛乃 はぁと)

Debuted in: Arcana Heart

Voice Actor: Mikako Takahashi (高橋 美佳子)

Introduction: Full of energy. Pure and innocent. Simple-minded. She really believes that there are no bad people in the world. For the sake of love and peace, she runs all throughout Japan with the guidance of the love arcana, Partinias, who was with her ever since her childhood.


Heart is a mobile rushdown-style character who excels at opening opponents up with ambiguous mixups. Her primary tool for this gameplan is her unique aerial homing dash (as taken from the Arcana Heart franchise) which allows her unparalleled flexibility in choosing her approach. She also has decent tools for zoning with her Arcana projectiles, which can also act to cover her homing dash at full screen. On the other hand, her ground game is quite limited, with short-ranged normals and lack of access to her homing dash mixups.

Command List

If you are having trouble reading inputs, check out the Notation section!

NOTE: Frame data is not tested exactly, and may be slightly off.



This is "homing", a.k.a. "homing dash", Heart's unique movement option. If you seen the Arcana Heart (AH) series, you may have an idea of it already. In this game, Heart can only use homing from the air, and it completely replaces her air roll. After homing is initiated, you fly towards the opponent and can somewhat control where you're flying and landing by pressing/holding a direction. Like the air roll it replaces, homing is invulnerable to projectiles for a short period after initiation.

Unlike AH3, canceling a move into homing does not cost anything. In AH3, homing-cancels cost 1 bar, but in Nitroplus Blasterz it's totally free. Also unlike AH3 you cannot speed up your homing by pressing D again, but using a normal after homing startup does give you some more momentum (?).

See this Arcana Heart comic for a quick visual representation.


5A 2A [6A / cl.B] st.B 2B 5C 2C [5E/2E] is basic chain route. Any deviations from that route will be noted as an additional or limited.

5A - 5 frames

Jump cancelable. Doesn't hit crouchers unless they have a taller crouching hitbox, can catch some jump-ins but don't rely on it as an anti-air.

6A - 9 frames

Jump cancelable. Anti air with a good amount of range. Does not hit crouchers. Also used in combos, can be chained into from almost all grounded normals.

c.B - 7 frames

Jump cancelable. Mainly combo material.

f.B - 8 frames

Jump cancelable. One of Heart's longer range moves.

5C - 11 frames

Jump cancelable, good normal for both pressure and combo material. Hits crouching opponents.

5E - 13-37 frames

Not jump cancelable, but still special cancelable. Shoulder rush that's slightly unsafe but the special cancel trait allows for certain frame traps. It's on the slow side, so be careful about over using it. Not bad to use once in awhile, especially if you escape or special-cancel it.

2A - 6 frames

Not jump cancelable. Standard 2A, hits low and combos into itself.

2B - 8 frames

Jump cancelable, similar to 2A but has some more range.

2C - 14 frames

Jump cancelable. Used in combos but also good as an anti-air. In combos on grounded opponents, this move has short horizontal range, so you need to be close. As an anti-air, it will catch things almost on top of you and in front and above. Has some start up so be mindful when using it as an anti-air. Compared to 6A, it lacks the head-invincibility making it harder to use, but has a lot more un-techable time on hit to make up for it.

2E - 15 frames

Not jump cancelable, but still special cancelable. Standard sweep, knocks down. Cancel into a special to do a combo.

j.A - 5 frames

Double jump cancelable. While it lacks range, it's very good an air-to-air or even air-to-ground. The knee and the arm both have hitboxes.

j.B - 7 frames

Double jump cancelable. Standard j.B, can cross up, Really good for air-to-ground.

j.4B - 7 frames

Double jump cancelable. Heart has sticks her arm out at shoulder-level. Your main recommended option for air-to-air normals. Decent start up, combine this with homing and you could easily win most air-to-air situations.

j.C - 10 frames

Not double jump cancelable, but still special cancelable. Has some horizontal range but not much, works well as a air to ground, can cross up but not reliable as a cross up.

j.E - 13 frames

Not double jump cancelable, but still special cancelable. Causes a soft-knockdown.


236+A/B/C - Iron Fist Punch

Heart's lunge punch.

236A - 13 frames - Only knockdowns on airborne opponents, meaning standing or crouching opponents will stay standing. Slightly unsafe but not easily punishable.

236B - 19 frames - Heart winds up a little before hitting the opponent, will knockdown standing and crouching.

236C - 27 frames - Heart winds up even more before the punch. Wallbounces on hit, mainly combo fodder.

623+A/B/C - Heartful Punch

Reversal. Air OK. The heart at the end does have a hitbox. First hit is grounded. Second and third hit is anti-air.

623A - 6 frames - Goes vertical the least, has the least amount of recovery, unsure of amount of invulnerability.

623B - 7 frames - Goes a little bit higher, unsure of amount of invulnerability.

623C - 9 frames - Reaches for the stars, unsure of amount of invulnerability.

j.623A - 6 frames - Same as the grounded A version, but in the air.

j.623B - 8 frames - Same as the grounded B version, but in the air.

j.623C - 10 frames - Same as the grounded C version, but in the air.

421+A/B/C - Ribbon Beam

Heart hops forward and fires a close-range heart projectile. Hits mid, and can avoid lows.

421A - 17 frames - Shortest and fastest movement.

421B - 22 frames - Medium movement and slightly slower.

421C - 30 frames - Furthest movement, can cross over at certain distances and whiff completely at close range.

22+A/B/C - Arcana Special

The projectiles used from the Love Arcana of Arcana Heart.

22A - 19 frames - Heart produces a single love ball. Has tracking properties.

22B - 21 frames - Heart produces a laser that hits full-screen.

22C - 33 frames - Heart produces three love balls this time. Has more start up than just one love ball.

j.214+A/B/C - Special kick

A dive kick. Hits overhead. Air-stalls for a bit before diving. Can be useful for creating a double-overhead with the same timing as an overhead-into-low jump-in.

j.214A - 21 frames - The version that stays in place before kicking.

j.214B - 21 frames - Version that moves forward about half of Heart's character width before kicking.

j.214C - 21 frames - Version that moves forward about Heart's character width before kicking.


236+AB - Iron Fist Punch of Love - ? frames

Super version of Iron Fist Punch. Wallbounces on hit and can be picked up after it lands.

623+AB (Air OK) - Amazing Heartful Punch - ? frames

Super version of Amazing Heartful Punch. Still a reversal.

j.214+AB - Special Kick of Love - ? frames

Super version of Special Kick. If the move whiffs, it produces a shockwave which hits low.

222+AB - Elpis Tóxo - ? frames

Heart shoots a bunch of love lasers. Equivalent to the Love Arcana eclipse from Arcana Heart. Likewise, it is a good combo tool.

Variable Rush

CE - 10 frames

All Variable Rushes allow you to do a sequence of attacks depending on if you hit the A, B, or C button. If you press nothing, the VR will end. If your VR is blocked, you have the option to press nothing, or keep attacking. Even if you keep attacking, you could still stop at any time, assuming you don't execute the final attack.

Depending on what combination of buttons you use, you can come up with some useful strings.

Lethal Blaze

236236+BC - Perfect Superduper Amazing Iron Fist Punch of Love - 8 frames

Heart winds up and punches diagonally upwards. There are two versions, the double Iron Fist Punch version and the Arcana-infused version. The latter does more damage and requires you to spin the stick during the initial windup animation for it to take place. There seems to be no difference frame-wise between the two versions, aside from the Arcana-infused version giving the opponent more time to think about how they will punish you if it gets blocked, so you should probably always be spinning the stick.


Please check out the Notation section, for help on understanding how to read and write combos!


throw 6D 5B jC jD jC land 6A jBE214x

5E 22B

5A (anti air) jC jD jCE 214x

Metered Extensions

starter 236x 236A+B dash jAB djc JBE 214x (mid screen to corner carry)

starter 236A+B 623A+B near corner side switch after 236AB

22A+B 22A+B 22A+B

5B>5C Blast> 2C 421C 236B 6D 5B 236A 6D 5B jB jC jD jB jC land 236236B+C

Assist Extensions

2A 2B 2E 236A Amy 236B 236C dash 6A JC JD JCE

5B 5C 236B Amy dash JC jD jC land 6A JbE

starter 623AB Alushia 623AB

5B 5C 236B Kaigen Finish

Blast Extensions



On a close knockdown, start a homing dash and begin the mixup games. If the opponent is knocked down at a distance, you may want to fire a 22A projectile instead, and wait to see what the opponent does.

Recommended Assists

Yoishi (jump sealing) - Heart's strongest tool is her approach mixups against a grounded opponent. This assist, which prevents the opponent from jumping even when blocked, will allow Heart a decent amount of time to open the opponent up.

Alushia (vertical bouncing strikes) - This assist can easily combo after Heart's 623XX super, allowing for more high-damage burst-safe combo extensions.

Henri or Franco (lockdown gunners) - These assists can be used in a more direct way than Yoishi, locking down the opponent while Heart initiates a homing mixup. They are also a useful combo extension tool.


JP: Heart page on the Japanese seesaawiki wiki

Archived NPBlasterz-Wiki page from Jan-2017, which should be on version 1.09?

Heart v1.09 combo examples + bonus, with Alushia/Franco assists

Heart v1.09 blast combo video, with Alushia/Franco assists

Heart v1.02 combo collection, with Alushia/Amy assists

(2019-03-19) Heart v1.09 tournament footage of pet (#1 ranked Heart at recording), with Alushia/Yoishi assists

Heart trial combo collection


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