One Piece: Daikaizoku Colosseum/HUD

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One Piece: Daikaizoku Colosseum Battle HUD


Health Bar

Shows the characters current character health.

Assist Bar

When using assists, it will use this bar depending on how much GP the assist uses. When it's empty, you will not be able to use it until it recharges. Recharges overtime.

Guard Bar

The more you block, the lower this icon will go down. Once this icon depletes, you will be guard broken and wide open to an attack from the opponent. Recharges overtime.

Burst Icon

When your health gets low, this icon will start glowing. This will allow you to use a Counter Edge Burst. Can only use Counter Edge or Burst Soul once per match.

Super Meter

Allows you to do all your meter based attacks. Goes up to 200%. When your health is low, electricity will start to wrap around it allowing you to use Burst Soul.

Bar raises when approaching and attacking, it's best to be offensive to gain lots of meter.


Game Timer