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Black Battler

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The Battler who was sent to Rokkenjima by the theatergoers to fulfill his role as the story's culprit. He is the embodiment of all Battler culprit theories.


Black Battler is essentially the "Akuma" or "Evil Ryu" of Battler. He has extremely low health, the lowest in the game but makes up for it with some changes. His fireball now can reach full screen, his SP2 is completely changed, and he has a new ability.

Health = 1000/1400* *Princess Mode


Patch 2.31
+Health values have been raised from 800 to 1000 for normal mode.

Patch 2.30
+ The health absorption rate of Massacre has been adjusted.
http://puu.sh/qrHr Massacre now has the potential to heal roughly 2.2-2.4 more health than Resurrection does per meta, in theory.

Patch 2.10
+ The health absorption rate of Massacre has been adjusted.


Massacre - Gains health upon dealing damage.

Differences from Normal Battler

The differences between Battler and Black Battler are surprisingly few. Their health, 236, 623, SP2, ability and throw are honestly the only changes.

His 236 series changes to a fullscreen, delayed 'bomb'. This bomb whiffs on many crouchers and on all dashing characters, but is useful for fullscreen punishes.

While his 214 series appear to be different in some way, unfortunately, they literally have -no difference- from Battler's 214 series.

His 623 series is basically the same as Battler's, except they now have invincibility. This INCLUDES whiffing on crouching opponents outside of 623SP, which is silly.

His SP2 is his main attraction, a VERY good combo extender, and one of the only truly useful SP2s in the game.

B. Battler's throw allows for air tech much sooner afterwards.(?)

Finally, his ability only gives health back on damage rather than passively.

General Strategy

B. Batter is essentially an Evil Ryu in this game. In other words, it's a gamble to use him. B. Battler has possibly the best SP2 in the game and a good Dragon Punch move, but has an absurd lack of health. Now that B. Battler's ability has been buffed twice, you could potentially gain more health than Battler would from his ability in the meta. Play him like you would with normal Battler. Except that if you make a mistake, you would take more damage than Battler would have, so you must use his advantages wisely. And B. Battler needs more meter than Battler would because of his SP2.

236X may seem like the best projectile in the game, but most characters can either crouch underneath it, or walk/run through it. You can use it in blockstrings, or against people foolish enough to play keepaway, since the move tracks the opponent's location.

B. Battler's main strategy pretty much involves around getting enough meter for SP2, and then going to town with it. While 2.01 made SP2 send the opponent flying away on the last hit, negating its followups, the move is still kinda useful. When you land the move, you have a few seconds to do stuff like multiple jump attacks before the SP2 sends the opponent flying. If you were in Meta World before activating the move, do around 2 or 3 J.Cs, and then use your Meta Super, for the *probable* maximum use of B. Battler's ability. If you weren't, then you can activate it and then do whatever you like. If you don't have the meter, then keep on pummeling the opponent, and use a finisher of your choice (623, 214, etc)


-Bernkastel:http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=AbRFb332oyI This match basically sums up the entirety of the team. While the team can produce absolutely diabolical damage and recover some of its damage taken via extended meta, mistakes cost you very, very dearly. For the first minute, BlacKastel dominates the field, dealing severe damage all day and keeping in decent shape. At exactly 1:08, the match gets turned around entirely, and the weakness of the team shines. Be warned - the team does well when it's on the offensive, but lacks the life to cope defensively.

Eva Beatrice
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