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Battler Ushiromiya


Ushiromiya Battler, the protagonist of Umineko no Naku Koro ni. He seeks to prove that the Rokkenjima murders from October 1986 were committed by human means, in opposition to the Golden Witch Beatrice. His role in Ougon Musou Kyoku's story changes depending on who he's teamed up with, whether it's reclaiming Beatrice's title as the Golden Witch, forming his own harem as the Game Master, or finally putting an end to Beatrice's game.


Being the protagonist of the series, Battler has similar tools to your basic main character "shoto" archetype, having DP, fireball and basic neutral heavy gameplan. True to this, Battler offers very good neutral game, which allows him to play either passively with good pokes, or more aggressively with his good low poke and fast dash speed. This coupled with his ability of regenerating HP makes him fit on every possible team as solid character. However, shoto archetype also gives negatives of lacking dangerous pressure game, mixups and damage, meaning he has to rely on his partner to open people up on oki.


  • Really good neutral: Battler is very hard to contest there due to his good jump button of tie (j.5C) which covers alot of screen and gives combo on hit. His 3B and 5B are great fast pokes too, which work well with his fast dash speed.
  • Versatile DP: His EX DP especially is a good reversal, being almost impossible to punish and does good amount of guard damage, forcing guard breaks.
  • Versatile fireball: His fireball works decently for zoning, even when not as his main tool, and works well as meaty on oki against many characters.
  • Fits to many teams: His versatile neutral and ability makes him very good main character on any team to start pressure with to control neutral once that is done, and helps to cover his weaknesses.


  • Not the highest damage: Battler's damage is just ok, and he often cannot stun people fast for this reason, and again needs his partner to do this.
  • Pressure ends pretty fast Battler's buttons aren't advantageous enough to often continue pressure for very long time, and pressure goes back to neutral quite fast.


Gradually restores your health for a brief period of time.

Battler's ability is as simple as it gets - you heal over time. That's all there is to it, no drawbacks whatsoever. The sheer simplicity and effectiveness of this ability is what makes it great, since whoever he's teamed up with will automatically benefit from it activating. As such, entering the Meta World often is a viable tactic with Battler on the team.

The amount healed isn't massive, at 45 per second up to a maximum of 405 for the entirety of its duration, but multiple activations of it will stack incredibly well.

Move List

Normal Moves


[ Mid | Damage - 69 | Startup - 4 | Active - 5 ]

Battler punches the opponent in the gut.

[ Mid | Damage - 54 | Startup - 4 | Active - 5 ]

Battler punches with a straight jab.

  • Whiffs on crouchers
  • Can be used as a preemptive anti-air if you can predict enemy jumps well. It can also be a pure anti-air if used right.

[ Mid | Damage - 54 | Startup - 4 | Active - 5 ]

Battler crouches and punches with a cross straight.

[ Mid | Damage - 150 | Startup - 4 | Active - 7 ]

Battler performs a high kick.

  • Can be used as an anti-air, but not reliable.

[ Mid | Damage - 135 | Startup - 8 | Active - 4 ]

Battler performs a roundhouse kick.

  • Excellent poking tool.

[ Low | Damage - 150 | Startup - 5 | Active - 6 ]

A simple low kick.

[ Mid | Damage - 150 | Startup - 16 | Active - 4 ]

Battler steps forward and performs a reverse roundhouse kick.

  • Moves Battler forward and has high range, for a nice poke. The move is not safe however, and has slow startup.

[ Low | Damage - 150 | Startup - 6 | Active - 10 ]

A sliding low kick.

  • Much more useful in combos than 2B, although the startup is somewhat slower and is subject to whiff punishes. The low hitbox and long active frames, however, make this the most important combo starter in Battler's arsenal.

[ Mid | Damage - 270 | Startup - 4 | Active - 12 ]

Battler punches with an uppercut.

  • Can be used as an anti-air if predicted well.
  • Stagger is extremely long, allowing you plenty of time to decide and look for bursts.

[ Mid | Damage - 240 | Startup - 13 | Active - 5 ]

Battler punches with a hook.

[ Low | Damage - 210 | Startup - 9 | Active - 5 ]

Battler performs a reverse low kick. Knocks down.

[ High | Damage - 300 | Startup - 27 | Active - 3 ]

Battler uses his jacket to beat down his opponent. Knocks down. Hits overhead.

  • The slowest overhead in the game, use this if you know you're going to hit it, since it's not safe.

[ High | Damage - 60 | Startup - 6 | Active - 12 ]

Battler performs a midair chop.

  • Active frames last the entire time he's in the air.

[ High | Damage - 150 | Startup - 7 | Active - 9 ]

Battler does a straight kick in midair.

  • Great anti-air since it has long horizontal reach, may not be recommended to hit crouchers with however.

Battler-J8C 1.png
Battler-J8C 2.png
[ High | Damage - 252 | Startup - 14 | Active - 5 ]

Battler uses his tie to beat down the opponent.

  • His best move period. High hitstun along with high priority makes this the premiere attack to use with Battler. Except to see this normal used a lot.
  • Can cross up.

[ High | Damage - 60 | Startup - 5 | Active - 10 ]

A midair elbow drop.

[ High | Damage - 150 | Startup - 9 | Active - 9 ]

Battler punches with a cross straight in midair.

[ High | Damage - 252 | Startup - 12 | Active - 6 ]

Battler does a midair axe kick.

[ High | Damage - 240 | Startup - 12 | Active - 6 ]

Battler swings his hands down like a hammer. Knocks down grounded opponents.

[ Throw | Damage - 360 | Whiff - 31 ]

Battler holds the opponent up by the collar and punches them in the face. Opponents can air tech.

Special Moves

【Blue Truth 「青き真実」 ― 236A/B/C】

Battler shoots a blue projectile a short distance forward.

  • A Version has the fastest startup with the least damage.
  • B Version has a slower startup with more damage.
  • C Version has the slowest startup with the most damage.
  • All versions of the projectile travel almost exactly the same distance.

【Blue Blow 「青き一撃」 ― 623A/B/C】

Battler does an upwards diagonal strike.

  • Mainly used as an anti-air.
  • A, B, and C versions are identical.

【Sommelier Finger 「ソムリエフィンガー」 ― 214A/B/C】

Battler charges forward and knocks the opponent upwards with his palms. Can penetrate Ronove's Barrier. The opponent can air-tech if they get hit.

  • A Version - Has the fastest startup and the shortest reach.
  • B version - Has slower startup and longer reach.
  • C version - Has the slowest startup and the longest reach.

【Blue Raid 「青き急襲」 ― j.214A/B/C】

Battler does a downwards kick in mid-air.

  • A Version - Shortest distance and slightly shorter landing recovery.
  • B Version - Medium distance and medium landing recovery.
  • C Version - Longest distance and slightly longer landing recovery.

SP Supers

【Sharp Blue Truth 「青き鋭き真実」 ― 236A+B】

Battler shoots a blue projectile laser.

  • Hits fullscreen, and is faster than his non-SP 236 series.

【Absolute Blue Blow 「青き絶対の一撃」 ― 623A+B】

Battler does a stronger upwards diagonal strike. Hits mid.

  • Invulnerable on startup.
  • Deals 25% guard damage.

【Rapturous Sommelier Time 「満悦のソムリエタイム」 ― 214A+B】

Battler charges forward with his palms outstretched and, if it hits, repeatedly "attacks" the opponent for a period of time. Hits mid.

Battler-J214A+B 2.png
【Elegant Blue Raid 「青き優雅なる急襲」 ― j.214A+B】

Battler does a downwards kick in mid-air, followed by a high backwards somersault kick. Hits high.

  • Invulnerable on startup.
  • Puts the opponent in a juggle state, allowing for further follow-ups.

Level 2 Super

【Checkmate by Melee Logic 「打撃的推理によるチェックメイト」 ― 236236C】

Battler rushes forward and performs an 8-hit melee combo on hit. Knocks down on hit. Hits mid.

  • Does not travel the full screen.

Meta Super

【All-Piercing Blue Truth 「全てを穿つ青き真実」 ― 641236C】

Battler shoots a giant blue laser from his hand.

  • Knocks the enemy all the way to the wall.
  • Slightly long startup time and extremely long recovery time. Generally not safe to use it point blank.
  • Generates high amounts of meter for both players.

Frame Data

  KD = Knockdown
                              |          Frames             |  Frame Advantage |
              Attack  | Damage|Startup*| Active  | Recovery |On Hit | On Block | Notes
               Throw  ------------------------------------------------------------------
                 B+C  |  360  |  0-1   |    ?    |    ?     |  TKD  |          |31 Duration on Whiff
             Normals  ------------------------------------------------------------------
                c.5A  |   69  |    4   |    6    |    6     |  -2   |   -2     |
                f.5A  |   54  |    4   |    5    |    3     |  +2   |   +2     |
                  2A  |   54  |    4   |    5    |    5     |  +0   |   +0     |
                c.5B  |  150  |    4   |    7    |   16     |  -7   |   -9     |
                f.5B  |  135  |    8   |    4    |   12     |  +0   |   +2     |
                  2B  |  150  |    5   |    6    |   11     |  -1   |   -3     |
                c.5C  |  270  |    4   |   12    |   16     |  -3   |   -6     |
                f.5C  |  240  |   13   |    5    |   27     |  -7   |  -10     |
                  2C  |  210  |    9   |    5    |   30     |  UKD  |  -13     |
               j8.5A  |   60  |    6   |   12    |    0     |       |          |
               j8.5B  |  150  |    7   |    9    |    5     |       |          |
               j8.5C  |  252  |   14   |    5    |    6     |       |          |
           j(7/9).5A  |   60  |    5   |   10    |    5     |       |          |
           j(7/9).5B  |  150  |    9   |    9    |    3     |       |          |
           j(7/9).5C  |  252  |   12   |    6    |    4     |       |          |
     Command Normals  ------------------------------------------------------------------
                  6B  |  150  |   16   |    4    |   18     |  -5   |   -8     |
                  6C  |  300  |   27   |    3    |   24     |  UKD  |   -5     |
                  3B  |  150  |    6   |   10    |   16     |-10/-1 | -12/-3   |
                j.2C  |  240  |   12   |    6    |   12     |  UKD  |          |See Note A
            Specials  ------------------------------------------------------------------
                236A  |  300  |   28   |    ?    |    ?     | +10   |    +7    |
                236B  |  330  |   36   |    ?    |    ?     | +10   |    +7    |
                236C  |  360  |   42   |    ?    |    ?     | +10   |    +7    |
              j.214A  |  360  |   25   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    -1    |
              j.214B  |  360  |   25   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    -2    |
              j.214C  |  360  |   25   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    -6    |
                623A  |  360  |   14   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    -8    |
                623B  |  360  |   14   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    -8    |
                623C  |  360  |   14   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    -8    |
                214A  |  300  |   13   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |   -16    |
                214B  |  330  |   15   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |   -24    |
                214C  |  360  |   17   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |   -32    |
       SPs and Meta  ------------------------------------------------------------------
              236A+B  |  492  |   25   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    -7    |
              623A+B  |  600  |   14   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    -7    |
            j.214A+B  |  540  |   25   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |   -15    |
              214A+B  |  540  |   15   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |   -36    |
              236x2C  |  630  |   12   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    -6    |
             641236C  |  815  |   29   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |   -56    |
  Note A: Knockdown only occurs on grounded opponents.

General Strategy

Feel free to edit this part of the wiki with your tips/strats on how to best use Battler.

Neutral Game
Battler has an excellent neutral game. With tools like j8.C, j8.B, 3B, f.5B, and 236X, he can do a pretty good job of spacing out the opponent, waiting for them to make a mistake in order to punish them with a 3B.

  • j8.C
One of Battler's most important moves. Battler whips out a tie and attacks the opponent with it. It has a huge vertical hitbox, making it perfect for air to airs, although its startup is not one to be envied since it takes 14 frames to attack with it. However, this move does an extremely large amount of blockstun, enough so Battler can land and continue the blockstring with 3B. It also does a high amount of hitstun, allowing for easy hitconfirms. Therefore this move is recommended to be used as often as possible, just make sure to be careful about fast punishes.
NOTE: If you, while the opponent is knocked down, decide to 66, then press 8 which has you jump at a very slight forward angle, just over the person and use j8.C preemptively, you can cross up the opponent.
  • j8.B
Due to the relatively slow startup of Battler's j8.C, this move is generally the better air to air move if you must use it in a pinch. Battler extends his foot out horizontally, decreasing his overall hitbox, and the relative quickness will surprise the opponent.
  • 3B
Battler's sliding kick. One of the most dangerous moves in the game, due to the fact that Battler's slide, unlike under slide moves, is relatively quick, and can be easily hitconfirmed with a 6B. It also makes Battler's hitbox smaller which will make highs and some mids completely whiff. The long distance it travels can easily punish careless dashers and bad jump-ins. The recovery frames are relatively average, but they're long enough for someone with a long range normal to punish, so be careful!
  • f.5B
Battler's f.5B is a very good poke, with good range, and a decent vertical hitbox. It's also +2 on block, which makes it ideal to end blockstrings with to get the edge in the next move. So don't just leave Battler stranded with a recovering 3B, end the blockstring with this move! It can also, like f.5A, catch jumps preemptively, making this one of the safer moves to throw out in the game.
  • 236x
Battler's projectile. It doesn't go far, but you can use it to keep the enemy from being too reckless, since the projectile travels slow enough to catch bad jump ins.
  • 214x
Battler's charging move. The hand has a large hitbox, and Battler does charge pretty fast for a good distance. If timed right, you can punish careless dashes from a good distance, or even bad jump-ins, which 3B would otherwise not be able to reach or be fast enough. It is rather unsafe if you use the move too close to the enemy, so make sure to space it well.
  • j.214x
Battler's air kick. You can use it to go for a forward poke to punish careless dashers running after your back jump or if timed right, be used as an air to air. The priority of this move is pretty good, so it'll likely beat out most other moves. You can use this move as a second overhead after hitting or forcing your opponent to block a j8.C or j9.B/C, since the move is fast, and most people would go immediately to blocking low after blocking an aerial.
  • 623A+B
Battler's SP version of his 623 has invincibility frames. Aside from of its obvious use as a reversal, it can also be used to finish guard breaking the opponent. While the opponent's Break Limit is at 80%, you can use this move to finish it off since 623A+B can't be Guard Touched, rendering the opponent unable to Guard Touch you, then send the opponent into a vulnerable state, then start a combo that can't be bursted for 5 seconds.

While the enemy is knocked down, Battler has several options: set up a 236C blockstring, meaty with a 6C overhead, or just throw the opponent.

  • 236C
If you knock the opponent down then hit them OTG with 3B 2C 236C, they'll be forced to stand up and either take the projectile, which may do enough hitstun that Battler can combo after it, or block it, and be forced to block Battler's pressure or get hit in a frame trap. The optimal way to use this oki is to have the opponent with his back to the corner, but this can be used mid-screen, although it's not as effective. You'd be better off going for the j8.C cross-up or just attempt to start a blockstring immediately.
NOTE: If not timed correctly, the opponent has a small window to use a reversal through the projectile and knock away Battler.
  • 6C
You can use this move in mixups or meaty with this move as oki. However, this move takes 27 frames to start up, making it the slowest overhead in the game. It also is extremely telegraphed so it likely wouldn't be much of use outside of a surprise. Against an aware player, they could jab you out of the move, or punish you on block, assuming you don't cover it with an attack touch, or parry guard touch to get a free combo. This move also knocks down on hit, which means you don't get a good reward off of the move like you would with Erika's 6C. However, if you hit the opponent with this move, they are considered airborne for a very short time, which means that if you get a counter hit, you can cancel into a meta, and continue the combo off of a move where otherwise would knock them down. Make sure not to whiff this move.
  • B+C
Battler grabs the enemy, then punches them into the air. Outside of the typical tick throw, mindgames setups, if they tech in the air and try to press a button, you can punish them with c.5B, which gives a counter hit allowing you to continue the air combo into optimally a 623 or, in case they have a really good aerial, 214 or 623 them out of the air. If they do not attack while teching, which will make them invincible to all attacks until they land on the ground, you can punish them with a 3B, since when they land, they have a couple frames where they cannot block. This also counts as a counter hit. You can also punish them with 214, which when well timed can cover for both an air tech or no tech since the active frames last pretty long. Now if they don't tech, you get a free 236C oki, which makes not teching and teching the move a risky option.

Team Building

Feel free to edit this part of the wiki with your tips/strats what partners are best for Battler to use.

Factors in choosing Battler for your team

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With Kanon as a partner, Battler gets a whole new set of options with Silent Attack. Battler's Meta Super would normally give both his partner Kanon and his opponent a full meter, but with Kanon's ability, his opponent would gain a slim amount of meter while still giving Kanon the same amount. This makes repeatedly using the Meta Super from the other side of the screen a viable strategy against characters that don't have a quick gap closer, repeatedly stacking up meter for Kanon while barely giving any to the opponent. Kanon himself also covers Battler's flaws of not having a true blockstring about of f.5B, and Kanon is compensated for his lackluster health by Battler's Resurrection ability, while Battler gets the obvious benefits of Silent Attack, making this team a force to be reckoned with.


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B.Battler, having almost the exact same moveset as Battler, would make a very good team for a player that knows Battler inside and out. They are played almost the exact same way, and with the mixup/oki/blockstring Battler has, this would make them a very tough team to deal with. B.Battler's unique moves can also cover for Battler's weaknesses. One of Battler's weakness is his lack of options to punish or deal with zoners, especially those that do it from fullscreen. B.Battler's 236X covers that weakness since, unlike Battler's 236X, B.Battler's instantly locks in on the opponent anywhere on the screen, keeping them from fully utilizing their zoning tools. Another weakness of normal Battler is his lack of a meterless reversal, something which B.Battler has access to with his 623X, making him more capable of stopping rushdown. B.Battler does not however possess the 236C oki that Battler can use. The most important benefit to having them both be on the same team is the combination of Resurrection, which heals health over time, and Massacre, which recovers health as you damage the enemy. You can potentially recover a massive 50% of one health bar, 16% of your total health assuming you play with 3 bars in one combo! The slight disadvantage to this team is B.Battler's abysmal health of 1000. It is largely compensated for by the combination of these two abilities, assuming you can get a hit in.

Eva Beatrice

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Feel free to edit this part of the wiki with other combos to use, ranging from BnBs to optimized.

Normal Combos

  • 3B 6B c.5C 2C 623X
Battler's staple BnB.
- Omit c.5C if enemy is too far away from Battler.
- On Beatrice and Eva Beatrice slightly delay the 2C after c.5C, otherwise it will whiff.
  • 3B c.5C 2C 623X
Optimal Battler combo for crouchers.
- Works on every character except Erika.
- Requires a small delay between 3B and c.5C, and has to be extremely close.

Metered Combos

  • 2A 3B 6B c.5C metaDeclare xx j.C j.B land 2A 3B 6B c.5C 2C 623X/623SP/metaSuper
Battler's Meta World BnB.
Small delays between the metaDeclare, j.C and j.B are required for the combo to hit.
  • 3B 6B c.5C 2C metaDeclare xx tk.j.214SP metaSuper
Very flashy combo that can be done if you feel confident.
  • [j.214SP]xN
Strange combo that is extremely flashy, but in no way practical.
  • (...) metaDeclare 2B 6B c.5C 2C SP2 xx metaSuper
Another flashy combo. This one is slightly more practical, but is mainly just there for looks.
- Only works midscreen.


Early artwork of Battler Ushiromiya.

Eva Beatrice
Chiester 410