Ougon Musou Kyoku/Controls

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A: Weak attack
B: Medium attack
C: Strong attack
D: Touch
E: Appeal

A+B: SP Attack
B+C: Throw
A+B+C: Metaworld

66: Dash
44: Backdash
27/8/9: High jump


Attacks - A, B and C attacks often vary in start up, recovery, strength and reach. A attacks are usually quick but have poor reach and damage. C attacks have more reach and strength, but slow recovery and start up.

Touch - D is for the Touch mechanism. Touch revolves around switching places with your partner. There are various types of Touch that you can use in a match.

Appeal - E will cause your character to do a special taunt. During Appeal, you will recover a little bit of health.


SP Super - If you use A+B along with a special motion for your character, they will do a powered version of it for 1 stock from their SP Gauge.

Throw - B+C will let you throw your opponent when you are near them.

Metaworld - A+B+C will create the Metaworld. During Metaworld, both of your character's abilities will take effect on your active character and you can activate a special move that you can only use during this period of time.

Special Commands

Throw Tech - If you press the throw button, B+C, before being thrown with the correct timing you can perform a Throw Tech. This will allow you to escape being thrown.

Tech - When blown away by your opponent, you can Tech by pressing any attack button before hitting the ground. This will allow you to recover without being knocked down.

Dash Cancel - You can Dash Cancel most strong attacks (ones performed with the C button) with 66 on hit. Doing this will use up the Touch Gauge. Note that not all strong attacks can be Dash Canceled.

Control Types

Nomalmode on.jpg

  • Standard control type for the game. Grants access to all normal and special attacks; special attacks are performed by inputting a motion followed by a respective attack button.

Prencessmode on.jpg

Alternative "easy" mode control type. Allows the player to perform combos by repeatedly pressing a single attack button, and special moves to be performed with a single button plus a direction.

  • This mode severely limits what your character can do: You only get acces to a single standing normal attack outside combos, 3 command normals accessed by holding a direction before pressing the attack button (4A, 3A and j.2A), combos are very restricted and only certain special moves are available, with only certain versions also restricted to.
  • Furthermore, the conditions for certain versions of special moves to be performed are very unintuitive (eg. EVA-Beatrice's 214A/B/C are performed with the same simple commands as her Jelly move, so you need to summon a jelly onscreen first to have access to all versions of her 214A/B/C, at least until the jelly dissappears), or locked into the autocombos (eg. Lucifer's rekka is only available as her default autcombo ender, but the ability to attack touch or end in the EX version are disabled)