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Dlanor A Knox

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Dlanor A. Knox is the Head Inquisitor, known as "Dlanor of the Ten Wedges" or "Death Sentence Dlanor". She possesses two swords, the Red Key and the Blue Key, whose functions are essentially the same as the Red and Blue Truths. Summoned by Erika Furudo during the events of EP5 and EP6 to deny Beatrice and Battler's gameboard.


Health = 1500

+ Long range normals allows Dlanor to pressure opponents with her superior spacing capabilities.
+ High health + Very good ability. + Good damage potential with command grab

- Terrible movement and extremely slow normals.
- Only has one tool to deal with zoners.


Armor Boost - Reduces damage taken by 50%. Command grabs are unaffected by this ability.

Move List

Normal Moves

[ Mid | Damage - 66 | Startup - 4 | Active - 3 ]

Dlanor swipes forward with her hand.

  • Whiffs on crouching opponents.
[ Mid | Damage - 69 | Startup - 5 | Active - 5 ]

Dlanor swipes with her gauntlet hand.

[ Mid | Damage - 150 | Startup - 7 | Active - 6 ]

Dlanor stabs forward with her dagger of blue truth.

[ Mid | Damage - 186 | Startup - 11 | Active - 3 ]

Dlanor makes a wide horizontal slash with her longsword.

[ Mid | Damage - 186 | Startup - 8 | Active - 1 ]

Dlanor swings her sword horizontally while crouching, rather low to the ground.

[ Mid | Damage - 210 | Startup - 9 | Active - 5 ]

Dlanor swings her long-sword upwards.

  • Launches opponent into a juggle state if it hits an airborne opponent.

[ Mid | Damage - 315 | Startup - 16 | Active - 4 ]

Dlanor swings her long-sword down on the opponent.

[ Low | Damage - 384 | Startup - 16 | Active - 2 ]

Dlanor makes a slash downwards with her longsword.

  • Cannot be canceled into another normal or special afterwards.
[ Low | Damage - 264 | Startup - 13 | Active - 3 ]

Dlanor sweeps the opponent off their feet with her longsword.

[ High | Damage - 330 | Startup - 25 | Active - 2 ]

Dlanor makes a downward slash with her longsword and dagger simultaneously.

  • Hits overhead

[ High | Damage - 60 | Startup - 5 | Active - 12 ]

Dlanor sticks her dagger out in a down-forward direction.

[ High | Damage - 165 | Startup - 8 | Active - 6 ]

Dlanor jabs her sword upwards.

[ High | Damage - 270 | Startup - 11 | Active - 4 ]

Dlanor swings her longsword horizontally.

[ High | Damage - 150 | Startup - 8 | Active - 6 ]

Dlanor stabs forward with her sword.

[ High | Damage - 294 | Startup - 12 | Active - 5 ]

Dlanor swings her sword downwards.

[ Throw | Damage - 360 | Whiff - 30 ]

Dlanor grabs the opponent and knocks them to the ground, walking all over them.

  • Switches positions with the opponent.

Special Moves

Jungfrau Cornelia (Maiden Cornelia) 「ユングフラウ・コーネリア」 ― 22A/B/C

Dlanor summons Cornelia, who produces a shield for her which negates most projectiles.

  • Does not negate Rosa's shotgun, Virgilia's Gungnir, nor any projectiles that have similar properties.
  • Cornelia stays in the field forever unless she is manually dismissed by repeating the input, Dlanor takes a hit, or Dlanor performs her Meta Super.
  • Dlanor cannot perform 623A+B while Cornelia is present.
  • While Cornelia is out, damage done to Dlanor's Break Limit is reduced by 25%/33%/50% respective to each button.
Kirsch Eisen (Cherry Iron) 「キルシュアイゼン」 ― 623A/B/C

Dlanor charges forward a certain distance, gaining autoguard for a short time at startup.

  • Distance traveled is dependent on button pressed.
  • Dlanor will not stop her forward momentum even if she hits the opponent.
The Knox Decalogue 「ノックス十戒」 ― 63214A/B/C

Dlanor grabs the opponent, jumps in the air, and impales them with her sword. Knocks down.

  • In addition to being a normal grab on frame 1, it functions as a hitgrab on frame 5. The hitgrab part has more range, but does less damage and is -2 on block.
  • Because part of it has a hit, you can combo into it. Its damage is not reduced by combo count, making it an excellent ender.
  • Despite not having any inv, can be used as a reversal as it grabs on frame 1 and grab checks happen before hit checks.
Turm Träne (Tower Tear) 「トゥルムトレーネ」 ― j.63214A/B/C

Dlanor grabs the opponent in the air, stabs them with her longsword and slams them into the ground.

  • Will never hit or grab grounded opponents.
  • Depending on button pressed, Dlanor will launch herself a very small distance into the air before grabbing.
  • Like the ground throw, its damage is not reduced by combo count, so it's a great ender. It's more damaging than the ground version, but harder to follow up off of if not done in the corner.

SP Supers

Jungfrau Gertrude (Maiden Gertrude) 「ユングフラウ・ガートルード」 ― 22A+B

Dlanor summons Gertrude instead of Cornelia who negates most projectiles.

  • Does not negate Rosa's shotgun, Virgilia's Gungnir, nor any projectiles that have similar properties.
  • Gertrude will disappear after 12 seconds, is manually dismissed by repeating the input, or Dlanor performs her Meta Super.
  • Dlanor cannot perform 623A+B while Gertrude is present.
  • Reduces damage to Dlanor's Break Limit by 75%.
  • Overall fairly fast to fully animate, so you can use it to extend after 2C when you can't meta by canceling into it and linking a 5B or 2B.
Eiserne Jungfrau (Iron Maiden) 「アイゼルネ・ユングフラウ」 ― 623A+B

Dlanor summons both Gertrude and Cornelia, using their shielding to extend her charge distance to almost fully across the screen.

  • Dlanor is fully invincible during the animation.
  • This move cannot be used if either Cornelia or Gertrude are present.
The Knox Decalogue: Original 「ノックス十戒・原典」 ― 63214A+B

Dlanor grabs the opponent, jumps higher into the air, then impales them with her sword. Knocks down.

  • All the utility of the normal version, but the hitgrab part is moved from frame 5 to frame 1, allowing it to catch people out of jump startup and function as a reversal even if the opponent is not in throw range.
  • Still doesn't have any invincible frames, so if used as a reversal against meaty attacks if grab part doesn't hit it will simply trade and you won't transition to the hitgrab part (but they probably won't get a followup either).
  • Very good after sliding into throw range with a dashing meta declare; you can use the meta flash time to visually confirm if the opponent is in jump startup and use this to catch them, or go for the normal version if they aren't and you want to save meter + the extra damage won't kill them.
Maelstrom Träne (Maelstrom Tear) 「メイルシュトロームトレーネ」 ― j.63214A+B

Dlanor does a command grab in the air, impaling the opponent and spinning them around before slamming them to the ground.

  • Will never hit or grab grounded opponents.
  • Like the other grabs, its damage doesn't scale with hitcount. Generally Dlanor's strongest combo ender.
  • Recovers faster than j.63214A/B/C on hit, giving more advantage in the corner (enough to OTG with 2C after it if you want.) Also sends the opponent further away midscreen, though, and the time needed to dash up afterward means you still don't get a setup there.

Level 2 Super

Roter Schlüssel (Red Key) 「ロートシュリュッセル」 ― 236236C

Dlanor jumps forward and slams her sword on the ground knocking back the opponent.

  • Does very high stun damage to the opponent.
  • Can link a 63214x or another SP2 if done in the corner.
  • Can also knock lying opponents off the ground.

Meta Super

Heilig Todesurteil (Holy Death Sentence) 「ヘイリッヒ・トーデスルタイル」 ― 641236C

Dlanor charges forward a short distance. If it lands, a cutscene plays as she does her infamous "Die the Deaths" scene, knocking the opponent back.

  • Can link a 63214x afterwards if done in the corner.

Frame Data

      KD = Knockdown
                              |          Frames             |  Frame Advantage |
              Attack  | Damage|Startup*| Active  | Recovery |On Hit | On Block | Notes
               Throw  ------------------------------------------------------------------
                 B+C  |  360  |  0-1   |    ?    |    ?     |  UKD  |          |Switches Sides; 30 Duration on Whiff
             Normals  ------------------------------------------------------------------
                  5A  |   66  |    4   |    3    |    5     |  +2   |   +2     |
                  2A  |   69  |    6   |    5    |    5     |  +0   |   +0     |
                c.5B  |  150  |    7   |    6    |    8     |  +2   |   +0     |
                f.5B  |  186  |   11   |    3    |   13     |  +0   |   -2     |
                  2B  |  186  |    8   |    1    |   17     |  -2   |   -4     |
                c.5C  |  315  |   16   |    4    |   18[16] |  +3   |   +5     |See Note L
                f.5C  |  384  |   16   |    2    |   21[17] |  UKD  |   +4     |See Note L
                  2C  |  264  |   13   |    3    |   19     |  UKD  |   +0     |
                j.5A  |   60  |    5   |   12    |    6     |       |          |
               j8.5B  |  165  |    8   |    6    |   10     |       |          |
               j8.5C  |  270  |   11   |    4    |   12     |       |          |
           j(7/9).5B  |  150  |    8   |    6    |    6     |       |          |
           j(7/9).5C  |  294  |   12   |    5    |   11     |       |          |
     Command Normals  ------------------------------------------------------------------
                  6B  |  210  |    9   |    5    |   17     |  -6   |   -8     |
                  6C  |  330  |   25   |    2    |   12     |   WS  |   +8     |
            Specials  ------------------------------------------------------------------
                623A  |   99  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |   ?   |     ?    |
                623B  |  123  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |   ?   |     ?    |
                623C  |  147  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |   ?   |     ?    |
            j.63214A  |  562  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    --    |
            j.63214B  |  562  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    --    |
            j.63214C  |  562  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    --    |
              63214A  |600/495|    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |     ?    |
              63214B  |600/495|    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |     ?    |
              63214C  |600/495|    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |     ?    |
                 22A  |   --  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    --    |
                 22B  |   --  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    --    |
                 22C  |   --  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    --    |
       SPs and Meta  ------------------------------------------------------------------
              623A+B  |  198  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |     ?    |
          j.63214A+B  |  855  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    --    |
            63214A+B  |810/720|    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |     ?    |
               22A+B  |   --  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    --    |
              236x2C  |  762  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |     ?    |
             641236C  |  634  |    ?   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |     ?    |

      Note L: Has a different recovery animation on block, which plays on the first frame after block.
       This changes the move's recovery. Recovery duration on block is listed in brackets.

General Strategy

Dlanor is a grappler whose gameplan revolves around her 63214X command throws, which are fast, deal very high unscaled damage, function as threatening reversal options and lead to effective okizeme even midscreen.

Dlanor has slow movement speed and a low jump arc. However, she has large buttons and access to several strong specialised tools with which she can assert herself in neutral;

  • 9j.C j.B
A strong approach tool which will beat out a surprising number of options and has solid reward on hit. Less effective vs some characters whose pokes incidentally anti-air such as Will 2C. Note that j.B will tend to whiff on crouching opponents, besides on tall characters such as Beatrice, Virgilia, Ronove, Will and EVA-Beatrice.
  • 6B
A 9f anti-air which covers an enormous space in front of and above Dlanor. Because of how high it launches on air hit, it is possible to convert even after committing to a string like 6B > 2B. All of these factors make 6B an extremely powerful poke and pre-emptive anti-air in general.
This button becomes even more powerful in meta world, where 6B > MetaSuper provides all the benefits of 6B > 2B and 6B > 623A cancels while also being extremely plus on block.
  • 22X (Jungfrau Cornelia)
A projectile shield which floats in front of Dlanor. Though it is ineffective vs some projectiles such as Virgilia’s Gungnir (41236X) or Rosa’s rifle shots (236X), it will negate most other projectiles entirely, allowing Dlanor to move forwards through them. Importantly, however, the shield moves a little slower than Dlanor’s dash speed - so dashing for too long will cause her to move in front of it and become vulnerable to projectiles again. In addition, 22X will absorb some reversals such as Beatrice 623X if spaced correctly.
  • 623X
Forward moving attack with one hit of armor. Though it can be difficult to time, it can potentially allow Dlanor to push through opponent pokes or projectiles like Virgilia’s Gungnir if used correctly.
The SP version is even more powerful, and can be used on reaction to many projectiles at up to 3/4 screen length away to charge through and push the opponent into the corner. Even lasers with a lot of active frames such as Battler 236SP and meta super will lose consistently to this; however, it cannot be used if 22X or 22SP is active.
  • Meta Declare
Dlanor’s meta declare has no unique properties of its own compared to other characters, but is nonetheless a particularly powerful tool for her in neutral (as well as in pressure and defense). By declaring mid-dash, she will slide forwards during the declare freeze, putting her closer to the opponent – if close enough, her 63214X is guaranteed to hit if the opponent wasn’t already jumping, with no counterplay possible for the opponent. If the opponent is already airborne, declare freeze gives you plenty of time to visually confirm the situation and choose an appropriate option, from 5A and 6B to 63214SP or even tk.63214X/SP depending on their height, spacing and current action.

Additionally, it is important to keep in mind normal touch and assault touch as neutral options. Both will activate Dlanor’s Armor Boost and bring in her partner, who will ideally be able to cover for the matchups and neutral situations that Dlanor struggles in. Armor Boost aids in this, skewing risk/reward in the favour of Dlanor’s partner for a full 15 seconds and enabling them to take greater risks to land a hit and attack touch Dlanor back in later.

Tag Partners

Dlanor's ability to end combos in unscaled throw enders even vs airborne enemies makes her a good partner for almost anyone, and her Armor Boost ability is an incredible passive for twisting risk/reward in your favor. Anyone whose combos are on the weaker side or who like to play a bit gutsy when getting in will get particular benefit from pairing with Dlanor. But even so, there's a few characters where the synergy goes above and beyond.

Ange's Ability, Stun Boost, is the main reason you'd pair the two, but it's a good one. Reliably stunning means you can often do one of Dlanor's damaging throw enders twice in one combo while letting you stun anyone off of midscreen far 2B 2C metaDeclare. Meter management is better than you'd think, too, since grabs only give you meter and not your opponent and both characters like to end their combos in grabs; Dlanor's is a lot more damage, but Ange's lets you get a setup going after it. Ange's bad at finishing Dlanor's plate for her after an attack touch, though, since she mostly works her combos against standing opponents and Dlanor can't combo into a C normal that keeps the opponent standing.
Battler and Dlanor together really accentuate the strength of their abilities. You can declare meta in neutral and just feel safe - With Armor Boost and Resurrection going, you're not only taking half damage, but healing off a lot of the damage you do take. Moveset-wise, they don't offer each other all that much that they don't offer everybody, but there's a lot to be said for playing a team where they have to win neutral so many more times than you do because you just don't die.
Beatrice and Dlanor work beautifully together, filling the holes in each other's gameplan perfectly; Beatrice' difficulty with strong meterless enders are not a problem when you can attack touch to Dlanor, while Dlanor being a bit meter-hungry when trying to threaten the opponent is no problem when Beatrice is feeding her Infinity SP, be it to threaten stun with an SP2 or just to go for an SP command grab instead of a normal one (especially right after a dashing meta declare to slide into throw range, not caring whether they're in jump startup or not). And when it comes to neutral, Beatrice' long range play compliments Dlanor's pressure quite well.
Willard H. Wright
Willard and Dlanor both have large normals and strong combos, letting you play a somewhat similar way regardless of who's on point, with Willard also giving you an option to dump a lot of meter at once to seal a game. SP Cancel gives Dlanor a few more tools, too, turning 623C into an armored combo starter by cancelling to 22SP, and extending combos by cancelling SP2 into meta super before ending in 63214SP (all of which still combos against a stunned opponent, letting you do big damage before even starting the post-stun part of the combo); you can even use SP Cancel's unique feature of setting the opponent into a juggle state to do metaSuper into 22SP SP metaSuper to tack just a bit more on. However, both characters can be quite meter-hungry, and going for SP Cancel tricks doesn't help that. They're also both a bit vulnerable to zoning.
Eva Beatrice
Evatrice is a strong and mobile character who can work her offense even better thanks to Armor Boost, covering Dlanor's weaknesses nicely. Her Berserk ability has a bit of anti-synergy with Dlanor, though, as it doesn't increase damage from command grabs. Still, Dlanor support's Eva's ability to get in to a very notable degree, and once you're in both characters have a lot of threatening pressure and powerful command grabs.
Ronove and Dlanor's abilities together allow you to play even more with risk/reward than Dlanor's normally does; not only are you taking less damage in scramble situations, but they're taking more thanks to Counter Boost, giving your frame trap and footsies game an extra boost. Both characters can also end each other's strings quite well, with Ronove's meta super being an ender along the lines of Dlanor's grabs, but with more meterless damage. When playing from a meter deficit and without meta access, they don't have that much to offer each other, though, as they're both slower characters.
Bernkastel's extreme mobility and transcendent zoning and anti-zoning make up for Dlanor's slow speed well, and Bern can finish Dlanor's combos with an Attack Touch just as well as Dlanor can finish hers. On top of that, the synergy between Armor Boost and Meta Boost is top notch; because both are 15 second abilities, Meta Boost will not only extend your meta duration but fill the gauge back up to let you meta again before either ability ends, letting you chain meta calls to abuse Dlanor's incredible meta pressure while locking your opponent out of meta. Armor Boost lets anyone get away with playing a bit risky, but with Bernkastel, not only are you giving that to the most mobile character in the game, it's active almost all the time. On top of that, Bernkastel isn't a meter-reliant character and Dlanor's command grab enders give your partner meter but not the opponent's, making it fairly easy to get that first meta declare to start the chaos. They just let each other run wild.


Feel free to edit this part of the wiki with your tips/strats on how to use Dlanor. Remember I'm watching you.

Dlanor does not have much variety when it comes to her combos, but they deal very large amounts of damage to make up for it. In particular, her j.63214X air command throws deal enormous unscaled damage, making them very strong combo enders.

Any combo using meta declare will have its SP cost listed assuming the opponent does not counterdeclare. Be aware of opponent meter and the actual cost of meta declaring when using these combos in games.

Notation key:
- 7/8/9sj means a highjump/superjump (performed by inputting 27, 28 or 29 in quick succession)
- > means cancelling the first move into the second.
- , means a link - wait for the first move to finish before inputting the second.

Standard Combos

  • 9j.CB land... (jump-in)
- Damage: 444
The j.9C must be input at the apex of Dlanor's jump arc, otherwise the j.9B will not be able to connect. In neutral, this is an effective counter poke which will beat out a surprising number of options. Not a traditional jump in, however, as the jB will whiff on crouching opponents in most situations.
  • ...2B > 2C (OTG string)
- Damage: 130-200
You might need to omit the 2B if Dlanor is unable to recover in time. The later you use this OTG string in a combo, the less damage it will deal.

All damage totals on the following combos are calculated without the jump-in and OTG string. Adding a 5A/2A starter will reduce the damage output by roughly 10%.

  • 5B > 2B > 2C > 623B, 63214X [1]
- Midscreen only.
- Character specific: works on Lucifer, Rosa, Erika, Will, Lambdadelta
- Damage: 1218
Very high damage character specific midscreen combo which deals an enormous amount of damage for very little effort and no meter usage. If using a 9jCB starter, omit 5B and go straight into 2B 2C. Also works on some other characters, but with very specific spacing requirements.
  • 5B > 2B > 2C > 623A, 63214X [2]
- Corner only.
- Character specific: works on Kanon, Lucifer, Ronove, Shannon, George, Jessica, Rosa, Erika, Dlanor, Will, Lambdadelta
- Can also work on Battler, Chiester 410, Black Battler, Bernkastel at further spacings..
- Damage: 1194
Corner variation of the above combo which is significantly stable, working on a majority of the cast. Also works on some characters not listed above, but only at extremely specific spacings. 63214SP ender works on everybody and deals 1419 damage.
  • 5B > 2B > 2C > 63214SP [3]
- Costs 1SP.
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 1320
Even with a simple starter, a basic metered ender makes Dlanor's damage output very high. Only connects at closer spacings.
  • 5B > 2B > 2C > metaDeclare, dash 9j.ABC, dash 63214X/SP [4]
- Costs 1SP (or 2SP with SP ender).
- Requires Meta Gauge.
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 1599/1634
Corner carry combo into 63214X ender for okizeme. Against some thin characters such as Jessica, use j.ACB instead. Somewhat difficult, but very stable and works even from a max range 2C > declare as demonstrated in the linked video.
  • 5B > 2B > 2C > metaDeclare, dash 5B > 9sj.BC > j.63214X/SP [5]
- Costs 1SP (or 2SP with SP ender).
- Requires Meta Gauge.
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 1792/2085
High damage ender sacrificing 63214X oki for damage. If near corner, you can get the best of both worlds by replacing j.63214X/SP with dash 63214X/SP.
  • 5B > 2B > 2C > (metaDeclare,) metaSuper, 63214SP [6]
- Costs 1SP (or 2SP is Meta World is not up).
- Requires active Meta World (or Meta Gauge if Meta World is not up).
- Corner only.
- Damage: 1905
If you run out of SP before the 63214SP at the end, you can instead do 63214X as an ender (damage goes down to 1680). It is, however, much easier to land an SP command grab than it is to land a non-SP one.
This combo can also be performed midscreen; however, depending on the opponent, metaDeclare before metaSuper can be necessary rather than optional, and it will be impossible to land the command grab ender - reducing damage to 1185.
  • 5B > 2B > 2C > metaDeclare, 6C > metaSuper, 63214SP [7]
- Costs 2SP.
- Requires Meta Gauge.
- Corner/near corner only.
- Damage: 2218
Higher damage variation of the above combo in case you have Meta Gauge available. If you run out of SP before the 63214SP at the end, you can instead do 63214X as an ender for 1993 damage, though this is significantly more difficult. With Beatrice as your partner, this route is obsoleted by SP2 routes thanks to Infinity SP.
  • 5B > 2B > 2C > SP2, 63214X/SP [8]
- Costs 2SP (or 3SP with SP ender).
- Corner/near corner only.
- Damage: 1857/2082+
An easy confirm into Dlanor's fantastic SP2. This combo is a guaranteed stun on most characters with a jump-in or if Dlanor comes in with an Attack Touch.
  • 5B > 2B > 2C > SP2, SP2, 63214X/SP [9]
- Costs 4SP (or 5SP wth SP ender).
- Corner/near corner only.
- Damage: 2543/2768 +
Dlanor's SP2 can be linked into itself for massive damage. The second SP2 will connect OTG, relaunching the opponent. Guaranteed stun on all characters.
  • 5B > 2B > 2C > metaDeclare, dash 2B > 6B, SP2, SP2, 63214X [10]
- Costs 5SP (or 3SP with Beatrice partner).
- Near corner only.
- Damage: '3039
A full resource dump to guarantee stun on any character, working from even quite far away from the corner. The dash 2B 6B not only adds a lot of extra corner carry, but adds almost 300 damage to the combo. At further spacings or for an easier combo, omit the 2B and just do dash 6B instead. With all combos using 6B into SP2, be sure to delay the SP2 a little so it doesn't whiff.
  • 6C > metaDeclare, dash 2B > cl.5C > 7sj.BC > j.63214X/SP [11]
- Costs 1SP (or 2SP with SP ender).
- Corner/near corner only.
- Damage: 1837/2130
Standard 6C > meta declare combo. If not quite in corner, use 9sj instead.

Anti Air Combos

When using 6B to anti-air predictively, you can do 6B 2B to continue your string on hit or block if the opponent does not jump. If this anti-airs, 2B will whiff and recover fast enough to still allow some of the followups listed below, depending on the opponent's height and horizontal distance.

  • 6B, dash 6B > 63214X [12]
- Opponent must be airborne.
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 894
Dlanor's easiest confirm off of an anti-air 6B hit. The dashes after the 6Bs are only necessary midscreen; in the corner, you can simply omit them.
  • 6B, dash cl.5B > cl.5C > 9j.BC j.63214C [13]
- Opponent must be airborne.
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 1637
Highest damage confirm off of an anti-air 6B hit. Hitting with the entire air string is difficult - as such, you can omit the 9j.BC and go straight into the j.63214C ender, lowering the damage output to 1237.
  • 6B, dash 6B > 623A(whiff), 63214X [14]
- Opponent must be airborne.
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 894
Interesting route using a whiffed 623A to gain extra distance. Requires quite specific height and spacing.
  • 6B, dash 6B > 9sj delay j.63214C [15]
- Opponent must be airborne.
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 961
Surprisingly stable route, provided that the second 6B hits close horizontally (regardless of height). Air throw timing depends on opponent height, but is quite easy to visually confirm.
  • 6B, dash 6B > 63214SP [16]
- Costs 1SP.
- Opponent must be airborne.
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 1119
Dlanor's easiest metered confirm off of an anti-air 6B hit. The dashes after the 6Bs are only necessary midscreen; in the corner, you can simply omit them.
  • 6B, dash 5B > cl.5C > 9sj.BC > j.63214C/SP [17]
- Costs 1SP.
- Opponent must be airborne.
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 1681/1974
Highest damage 1SP damage confirm from anti-air 6B. Quite difficult, being hard to connect depending on opponent's character, or the height and distance of the 6B hit.
  • 6B, dash 6B, SP2 [18]
- Costs 2SP (or 3SP with SP ender).
- Opponent must be airborne.
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 1161
Rather high damage off of an anti-air 6B, but that's not what this combo is for. This combo has amazing corner carry - it will almost always push your opponent into the corner, which is exactly where Dlanor wants them.
If you do this combo in the corner or near it and provided that you have the meter, you can further increase the damage dealt with SP2, 63214X/SP (2342/2567).
  • 6B > (metadeclare,) metasuper (whiff), 6B > 9sj delay j.63214C [19]
- Costs 1SP.
- Opponent must be airborne.
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 961
An example of an anti air route from a 6B > metasuper (whiff) starter - all of the above routes will be possible with this sort of starter depending on spacing and opponent height.

Sweep > Attack Touch

All of the combos below are performed off of a sweep → attackTouch starter. The damage numbers shown are those of Dlanor's portion only; actual practical damage values will differ based on the full starter due to damage scaling.

  • ...attackTouch, dash 9j.ABC, dash 63214X/SP [20]
- Works anywhere
- Damage: 1011/1191
Corner carry/okizeme followup, sacrificing some damage compared to j.63214X enders for better 63214X okizeme. On thin characters like Jessica, do 9j.ACB instead. Learning this is highly recommended.
  • ...attackTouch, dash 2B > cl.5C > 9sj.BC > j.63214C/SP [21]
- Universal midscreen, character specific in corner.
- Damage: 1418/1652
Maximum damage 0-1SP midscreen followup. Also works in the corner vs most characters, dropping only on thin characters like Jessica and Lambdadelta. If close to but not quite in corner, end with dash 63214X/SP instead of j63214C/SP for a better knockdown but slightly less damage. Learning this is highly recommended.
  • ...attackTouch, dash 2B > cl.5C > 7sj.BC > j.63214C/SP [22]
- corner only.
- Damage: 1418/1652
Maximum damage 0-1SP corner followup - corner variant of the above combo. Because super jumping forwards in corner causes this to drop on some characters, we super jump backwards instead for a universal corner combo that works on everybody for no damage loss. Like the above two combos, learning this ender is highly recommended.
  • ...attackTouch, cl.5C > 9sj.BC > j.63214X/SP [23]
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 1249/1483
Much easier but still high damage 0SP or 1SP route. Input cl.5C immediately upon landing. As above, use 7sj in corner instead to prevent drops on Jessica, Lambdadelta ETC.
  • ...attackTouch, dash 2B > 6B, SP2, SP2, 63214X, 2C [24]
- Corner/near corner only.
- Damage: 2190
Resource dump into stun. Dash 2B 6B adds a lot of damage and corner carry. For an easier combo, omit dash 2B and go straight into 6B, SP2 after attack touch.
  • attackTouch, dash metaDeclare, 2B > cl.5C > 9sj.BC > j.63214C/SP [25]
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 1418/1652
Sideswap using the slide during meta declare.
  • attackTouch, dash metaDeclare, 2B > 6B, SP2, SP2, 63214X, 2C [26]
- Works only with teammate's back close to corner
- Damage: 2190 (before stun)
Guaranteed stun sideswap combo using the slide during meta declare. Works even at a surprising distance from the corner- if your teammate is roughly 1/3 of the stage away from the corner when attack touch is used, this combo will still work.
  • ...attackTouch, 63214X/SP [27]
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 588/788
Beginner ender for a reasonable amount of damage.
  • ...attackTouch, 6B > 9sj, j.63214X/SP [28]
- Works anywhere.
- Damage: 810/1014
Slightly harder variation of the above, but it deals a fair amount more damage.

SP Cancel

Willard's Ability, SP Cancel, is very useful for Dlanor, making her 623X moves much easier to combo after they hit with and enabling her to connect with two metaSupers in the corner.

  • ...metaSuper, 22SP > (SPCancel)metaSuper [29]
- Costs 1SP.
- Requires active Meta World (obviously).
- Corner only.
- Damage: ~800
Due to the way damage scaling works in this game (combos that last longer than 15 hits start to scale heavily), the second metaSuper will not actually increase the damage output exponentially - the initial hit actually hits the opponent OTG (halving the damage dealt), and by the time it actually deals its damage, even without a lead-in the combo counter is already at 46. Still, it can be useful to add just a bit more in.
  • ...623C > (SPCancel)63214SP [30]
- Costs 1SP.
- Works anywhere
- Damage: 754
There is no reason to use 623A or 623B when you have access to SP Cancel. 623C deals the most damage of all three, so it is highly recommended you use it over the others.
  • ... 2C > metaDeclare, dash 2B > 2C > j.8B > j.8C land 623A (whiff) instant (SPCancel)metaSuper, 63214SP
- Costs 2SP.
- Corner only.
- Damage: ~2472
- In practical terms, this combo is a major reason why you'd consider Willard. Whiffing 623A to proc SP Cancel puts them in a juggle state at a time you could normally only get a throw; adding a free meta super before that throw means a massive damage increase over your damage without SP Cancel, without spending any more meter than you normally would in this situation. As a bonus, it tends to stun off of better starters; A full combo from a jump-in will stun anyone. You need to input 623A and cancel out of it very quickly so they don't land, though, and make sure not to superjump.
  • ... 2C > metaDeclare, 6C > 623C > delay (SPCancel)metaSuper, 63214SP
- Costs 2SP.
- Works 35% from the corner and closer.
- Damage: ~2046
- This route offers a fairly significant increase in the damage you can get while pressing to the corner. If slightly further from the corner, it can still work by whiff cancelling 623C to metaSuper to pick up OTG; this lowers the damage to ~1915.
  • ... 2C > 623SP (whiff), dash up sliding metaDeclare, 22SP > (SPCancel)metaSuper, 63214SP
- Costs 4SP.
- Works 50% to 85% from the corner.
- Damage: ~1783
- Not more damage, but much more range, allowing you to corner carry from almost anywhere even when touch is down. Pretty meter-heavy, but very flashy.
  • 623C > (SPCancel)22SP, dash 5A > 2B > 2C > attackTouch or metaDeclare
- Costs 1SP or 2SP.
- Works anywhere
- Damage: 663 to start
With SP Cancel ready, 623C turns into a reasonable grounded poke, being a forward-moving armored move that you can link from and which gives pressure if blocked.

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