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  • Are any new characters going to be released for Ougon?
Not likely, as there haven't been any updates since the new six characters.
  • Will there be a port of Ougon to other platforms?
A port of Ougon to the Xbox 360 was released in October 2011, and in addition to having the full functionality of the PC game, it contained three new characters: George, Rosa, and Jessica.


  • What do I press to start the game?
If you cannot read Japanese, please use the English Launcher for Ougon, or the English Launcher for CROSS.
  • The game lags.
Turning display settings to "Simple" will most likely alleviate this issue. See the Menus page for instructions. If this does not solve the issue, running the game fullscreen at a low resolution may help as well.
  • Windowed mode is too small.
Turning your mouse's scroll wheel will change the size of the window. Note that this may produce visible scaling artifacts. If display size is an issue, fullscreen mode will serve better than a resized window.
  • A+B+C does not work.
Keyboards without n-Key rollover are susceptible to fail at recognizing certain combinations of simultaneous key inputs. Use KeyScan to test whether or not your keyboard is capable of recognizing the specific key combination. If not, either use KeyMapper to rebind A/B/C to a group of keys that is recognized when simultaneously pressed, or purchase another keyboard.
  • Netplay doesn't work.
Make sure you have the latest version of the game (check the Main Page for the latest patch), and ensure that port 7700 (or whatever port you set the game to host on) is forwarded.
  • Netplay freezes constantly and has bad framerate.
The input delay for Ougon netplay must be set correctly for the game to properly run. The further apart the two players are, the higher the delay must be for the game to run smoothly. Generally, the rule of thumb is 1 delay for every 32ms of ping, plus 1 more.
Playing on a wired connection, both players if possible, is HIGHLY advised. (This applies to every fighting game).


  • How do I exit Ougon?
Either select "EXIT" at the main menu, or press the Esc key at any point.
  • How do I pause?
The default "pause" key is W. This will bring up the pause menu in most situations, or exit to the prior screen.
  • I accidentally chose the wrong character. How do I unselect him/her?
You cannot; for some reason, 07th-Expansion neglected to allow players to deselect characters during Character Select. You must finish a game or restart the netplay session to reach character select again.
  • How do I change the voiceovers for menu options?
A total of twenty-six voiceover options exist in Ougon Musou Kyoku (forty in CROSS), but most need to be unlocked through Arcade play. See the Menus page for the list of available voice sets under "System Voice".
  • I cannot touch out even though my touch gauge is full.
Guard Touch, Damage Touch, and Assault Touch all require partner SP to be performed. If your partner has insufficient SP, the touch will fail. Only Normal Touch and Attack Touch may be performed without an SP cost.
  • How do I spectate ongoing matches?
You cannot; there is no spectating option as of yet.