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① Life Bar
Characters that cooperate with each other in Ougon Musou Kyoku share a common fate. For you, this means that they share the same life bar.
If one character is knocked out, so is the other one.
② Break Limit
This gauge will gradually increase every time you block an attack from your opponent.
When it is completely full, a Guard Break will occur. You will be vulnerable for a long period of time when it occurs. You can tag out with your partner to help lower the gauge and prevent Guard Breaks from happening.
J gauge.png
③ SP Gauge
This will display the SP of the character that you are currently controlling.
You can use your SP to power your special moves for SP Supers and Metaworld.
④ Time Limit
This displays the time left in the game. Matches start with 120, 180 or Infinite, depending on your game's settings.
The player with the most health wins when time runs out.
Meta gauge.png
⑤ Meta Gauge
This gauge tells you when your character can enter the Metaworld.
When you can, the border around your HP gauge will glow red. After entering the Metaworld, the gauge will display how much you have left.
⑥ Touch Gauge
When this meter is full, you can use any kind of "Touch" out.
After using it, it will recharge in a couple of seconds.
A gauge.png
⑦ Partner SP Gauge
This shows much SP your partner currently has.
The longer your current character fights, the more this gauge will increase (for a max of 5).
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