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After declaring the Metaworld, not only does the background change dramatically but you can also use your most powerful techniques free of cost, your Meta Supers. Not only that, but you and your partner's abilities activate to power you up. Also, it can be used as a cancel in order to extend combos. Getting used to how to use the metaworld for attacking and defense is a major theme in Ougon Musou Kyoku.

However, two people cannot use this high-powered mechanism at the same time. The first person to declare wins, but you can try to prevent your opponent from entering the Metaworld.

Meta Battles

Declare Metaworld

You can enter the Metaworld at any time your Metaworld gauge blinks red with A+B+C for the cost of one 1 SP. While in the Metaworld, you can use your Meta Super for free as many times as you want. You will also receive both the effects of your own ability and your partner's. You can also enter it in the middle of a combo, allowing combo extensions for greater damage. Metaworld lasts for 8 seconds.

Meta Reversal

You can reject your opponents declaration by pressing A+B+C as soon as they enter the Metaworld for the cost of 2 SP.

Meta Re-expansion

You can reestablish the Metaworld after a Meta Reversal for a cost of 2 SP. This will force the Metaworld into action over your opponents rejection, but for only 75% of its normal duration (6 seconds).

Meta Re-objection

After a re-expansion, you can shut down your opponent's Metaworld again for 2 SP. (In version 1, this used to cost 3 SP, but ever since CROSS, it was reduced to cost only 2 SP.)

Forced Meta Expansion

This is the final say. Using this will force activation of the Metaworld for 2 more SP, but for only 50% of its normal duration (4 seconds).

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