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Rosa Ushiromiya


Rosa Ushiromiya is Kinzo Ushiromiya's fourth and youngest child. She is ranked the fifth of all family members, but first in terms of parental strength.


Rosa is one of those characters that requires a charge to be used effectively, just like Jessica with her Enchant. While her normals may be underwhelming, she's blessed with many reversal options for most situations, assuming that she has meter to spare. She also has a pseudo-Meta Declare in her 236sp and holds one of the best abilities in the game, Detachment. It renders the opponent unable to do anything that involves their Touch gauge for 10 seconds. Basically, partner her up with a character with fast guard break potential/high pressure and your opponent will be unable to prevent themselves from being guard broken.

Health = 1500


If the opponent is hit whilst this ability is active, their Touch gauge will be disabled for 10 seconds. Single use ability.

Rosa's ability is arguably one of, if not the strongest in the game. Being able to effectively shut down your most of your opponent's defensive options (Guard and Damage Touches) and prevent them from using the SP they've built on their partner make it so that maintaining momentum with Rosa on the team becomes much simpler. Landing a Guard Crush on your opponent near the end of the duration of Detachment's effect with further increase how long they're left helpless to your offense, and possibly force them to become affected by Detachment yet again.

The fact that it disables Damage Touch also allows for your characters to perform unburstable combos. As a prime example, Jessica can do her strongest combos without fear of the opponent Damage Touching out of them.

Move List

Normal Moves

[ Mid | Damage - 48 | Startup - 4 | Active - 4 ]

Rosa elbows the opponent.

  • Whiffs on crouchers.

[ Low | Damage - 66 | Startup - 10 | Active - 4 ]

Rosa lifts her leg and kicks forward, moving her forward as she does.

  • Good poke since it has some forward momentum along with the fact that it hits low.

[ Low | Damage - 66 | Startup - 7 | Active - 3 ]

Rosa sticks her foot out.

  • Slow for a 2A.

[ Mid | Damage - 138 | Startup - 8 | Active - 3 ]

Rosa swings her rifle at the opponent.

  • Does not have much range, but still usable in a combo.

[ Mid | Damage - 120 | Startup - 8 | Active - 3 ]

Rosa whacks the enemy with the butt of her rifle.

[ Low | Damage - 138 | Startup - 6 | Active - 6 ]

Rosa sticks her foot out, significantly further than 2A.

  • Comes out faster than her 2A, but recovers slower.
  • Great move as a combo starter due to its relative quickness.

[ Mid | Damage - 120 | Startup - 6 | Active - 6 ]

Rosa swings her rifle upwards. Slides forward.

  • Launches airborne opponents.
  • Good as an anti-air.

[ Mid | Damage - 240 | Startup - 12 | Active - 3 ]

Rosa headbutts the opponent. Moves Rosa slightly forward.

  • Whiffs on some crouching opponents for some reason.

[ Mid | Damage - 120, 150 | Startup - 8 | Active - 3(12)4 ]

Rosa does two forward standing kicks, moving herself forward as she does.

  • First hit does not combo into attack touch.
  • Button can be held after first hit to delay the second hit.

[ Low | Damage - 210 | Startup - 6 | Active - 2 ]

Rosa swings her rifle at the opponent's feet.

  • Has small range and cannot combo in 3C.
  • Comes out extremely fast and has large blockstun.
  • Hitstun lasts long enough for Rosa to link a 5B/2B or even another 2C afterwards.

[ High | Damage - 210 | Startup - 24 | Active - 2 ]

Rosa swings the barrel of her rifle downwards.

  • Overhead
  • Can combo 236A+B, Meta, or attack touch after it.
  • Good move to use in mixups or oki.

[ Low | Damage - 270 | Startup - 13 | Active - 9 ]

Rosa throws herself forward, attempting sweep the opponent's legs. Knocks down.

  • Rosa is considered airborne during this attack.

[ High | Damage - 57 | Startup - 6 | Active - 12 ]

Rosa sticks her knee out.

  • Long active frames.

[ High | Damage - 141 | Startup - 6 | Active - 10 ]

Rosa kicks upwards.

  • Whiffs on crouching opponents.
  • Good as an air to air, especially if opponent is higher than you.

[ High | Damage - 252 | Startup - 11 | Active - 6 ]

Rosa swings her rifle downwards.

[ High | Damage - 60 | Startup - 4 | Active - 6 ]

Rosa sticks her right foot out at a slight angle.

[ High | Damage - 141 | Startup - 7 | Active - 10 ]

Rosa sticks her left foot out at a better angle than j.A.

[ High | Damage - 252 | Startup - 5 | Active - 9 ]

Rosa swings her rifle horizontally.

  • Good as an air to air attack.

[ Throw | Damage - 375 | Whiff - 32 ]

Rosa grabs the opponent, bringing them to their knees and stabs them in the eye with a pen.

  • Rosa and opponent switches positions during this move.
  • Great setup for Detachment by attacking them with 2B after they hit the ground.

Special Moves

【Back Roll 「ローリングシープ」 ― 214A/B/C】

A backroll.

  • A Version has roll backwards a small distance, C rolls back the largest distance, and B is somewhere in between.
  • Can potentially dodge blockstrings or fake out reversals if used properly.
  • Loaded rifle is not required to use this move.

【Reload 「リロード」 ― 236a/b/c (when rifle is empty)】

Rosa reloads her rifle.

  • Can be used in the air, but can't perform any actions until she lands.

【Sawed-off Rifle 「ソードオフライフル」 ― 236A/B/C (when rifle is loaded)】

Rosa fires off her rifle. Button determines which angle she shoots at. This move can also be used in the air.

  • Rifle needs to be loaded in order to use this move. Also empties the rifle upon use.
  • A Version shoots in a straight line. Whiffs point blank. Can be held for a delayed shot, or a feint if held long enough. Knocks opponent backwards.
  • B Version shoots upwards diagonally. Good against jump-ins although the angle isn't generous enough for it to be able to AA high jumpers. Knocks opponent backwards.
  • C Version shoots straight up. Usable in combos since it's the only version that launches. Launches opponent up.
  • Jump A Version shoots in a straight line, great as an air to air move. Knocks opponent backwards.
  • Jump B Version shoots downwards diagonally. Great as a sudden attack on the opponent as it punishes attempted jumps and dash startups. Knocks opponent backwards.
  • Jump C Version shoots straight down. Rosa gets pushed upwards as she shoots. Can still attack after the animation. Trips the opponent.

SP Supers

【Golden Dream 「ゴールデンドリーム」 ― 214A+B】

Rosa catches a giant golden ingot and swings it around, until she throws it forward like a projectile fullscreen.

  • Rifle does not have to be loaded in order to use this move.
  • Gives Rosa autoguard during most of the animation.
  • Does about 50% guard damage.
  • Unsafe, and can be thrown at any point during the animation.

【Quick Reload 「クイックリロード」 ― 236a+b (when rifle is empty)】

Rosa quickly reloads her rifle as time stops. Can be used in the air.

  • Essentially a pseudo-metaDeclare. It is perfect for extending combos and blockstrings and to assess the situation before committing to an action.
  • When used in the air, she can take actions after the animation allowing for potentially extended combos after 3C.
  • Loads the rifle.

【Wolf Hunting 「ウルフハンティング」 ― 236A+B (when rifle is loaded)】

Rosa fires off a fullscreen version of her normal rifle shots. Can be used in the air.

  • Rifle is required to be loaded in order to use this move.
  • Longer startup than her normal shots. Good as a fullscreen punish, but due to the slowness of this move, you will need to time the punish correctly.
  • Shoots in a straight line on the ground (236A), and diagonally downwards in the air (j.236B).

【Flying Neck Cut「フライングネックカット」/Shooting Justice 「シューティングジャスティス」 ― 623A+B】

Rosa kicks at the opponent's head. Depending on whether her rifle is loaded or not, two things will occur:
If her rifle is not loaded, the kick will knock away the opponent. (Flying Neck Cut)

  • Has invincibility frames on startup and therefore is good to use as a reversal.

If her rifle is loaded, then after she kicks the opponent, Rosa will spin around in the air and shoot the opponent. (Shooting Justice)

  • Wall slams the opponent. Good as a tool to create some distance between Rosa and the opponent.
  • Has invincibility frames on startup and therefore is good to use as a reversal.
  • Shooting Justice empties the rifle upon use.

Level 2 Super

【Goat Hunting 「ゴートハンティング」 ― 236236C】

Rosa charges forward 1/4th of the screen length. On hit, will do several hits on the opponent and knock them back.

  • Rifle does not have to be loaded in order to use this move. However, it does more damage if it is.
  • Rosa passes through the opponent on block.
  • The attack is only active in the first parts of the animation.
  • Move is safe on block.
  • Empties the rifle upon use if it was loaded.

Meta Super

【Let the one of you that wants to eat the bullet Maria chambered for me come forward, uwooooh! 「来いよォオオオォ! 真里亞の込めてくれた銃弾」 ― 641236C】

Maria tosses Rosa a second rifle, which she uses to barrage the opponent with a hail of bullets.

  • Rifle is not necessary in order to use this move.
  • Extremely slow startup.
  • High guard break.
  • If it hits airborne opponents, the opponent will likely fall through the attack, making Rosa unable to hit with all of her bullets.
  • Safe on block.

Frame Data

    KD = Knockdown
              Attack  | Damage|Startup*| Active  | Recovery |On Hit | On Block | Notes
               Throw  ------------------------------------------------------------------
                 B+C  |  375  |  0-1   |    ?    |    ?     |  UKD  |          |Switches Sides; 32 Duration on Whiff
             Normals  ------------------------------------------------------------------
                c.5A  |   48  |    4   |    4    |    6     |  +0   |   +0     |
                f.5A  |   66  |   10   |    4    |    9     |  -3   |   -3     |
                  2A  |   66  |    7   |    3    |    4     |  +3   |   +3     |
                c.5B  |  138  |    8   |    3    |   18     |  -5   |   -7     |
                f.5B  |  120  |    8   |    3    |   18     |  -5   |   -7     |
                  2B  |  138  |    6   |    6    |    9     |  +1   |   -1     |
                c.5C  |  240  |   12   |    3    |   21     |  +1   |   -2     |
                f.5C  |120,150|    8   | 3(12)4  |   19     |  +2   |   -1     |Frame Advantage is for 2nd hit
              f.5[C]  |120,150|    8   | 3(18)4  |   19     |  +2   |   -1     |Frame Advantage is for 2nd hit
                  2C  |  210  |    6   |    2    |   15     |  +8   |   +5     |
               j8.5A  |   57  |    6   |   12    |    4     |       |          |
               j8.5B  |  141  |    6   |   10    |    6     |       |          |
               j8.5C  |  252  |   11   |    6    |   14     |       |          |
           j(7/9).5A  |   60  |    4   |    6    |    3     |       |          |
           j(7/9).5B  |  141  |    7   |   10    |    9     |       |          |
           j(7/9).5C  |  252  |   10   |    5    |    9     |       |          |
     Command Normals  ------------------------------------------------------------------
                  6B  |  120  |    6   |    6    |   18     |  -8   |  -10     |
                  6C  |  210  |   24   |    2    |   18     |  +5   |   +2     |
                  3C  |  270  |   13   |    9    |   18     |  UKD  |  -4/+4   |
            Specials  ------------------------------------------------------------------
                236a  |  --   |   24   |   --    |    8     |  --   |    --    |See Note A
                236b  |  --   |   24   |   --    |    8     |  --   |    --    |See Note A
                236c  |  --   |   24   |   --    |    8     |  --   |    --    |See Note A
                236A  |  405  | 14/30  |    ?    |   ?/2    |  KD   |    -1    |See Note B
                236B  |  405  |   14   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    -8    |
                236C  |  405  |   14   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    --    |
              j.236A  |  405  |   11   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |          |
              j.236B  |  405  |   11   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |          |
              j.236C  |  405  |   19   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |          |
                214A  |  --   |   28   |   --    |    ?     |  --   |    --    |
                214B  |  --   |   28   |   --    |    ?     |  --   |    --    |
                214C  |  --   |   28   |   --    |    ?     |  --   |    --    |
        SPs and Meta  ------------------------------------------------------------------
              236a+b  |  --   |   1    |   --    |    ?     |  --   |    --    |
              236A+B  |  600  |   14   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |   -14    |
              623A+B  |  300  |   6    |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |   -11    |
            j.236A+B  |  600  |   25   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |          |
              214A+B  |  612  |   21   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |   -14    |
              236x2C  |  660  |   12   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    -4    |
             641236C  | 1110  |   68   |    ?    |    ?     |  KD   |    -4    |
       Note A: lower case version of 236x represents Rosa's reload frames, while the uppercase is her shots.
       Note B: Italicized numbers represent Rosa's frames when holding the A button.

General Strategy

Feel free to edit this part of the wiki with your tips/strats on how to best use Rosa.

Rosa's Pros and Cons
Rosa has one of the fastest projectiles in the game, three reversals, and several long range normals, but she has a poor pressure game, slow movement, and average mix-ups. In addition to this, she relies on meter quite a bit, needing it to access any high damage combos, or to be able to use more than half of her moveset. She does have a fantastic punish game however.

Using her Rifle
Every matchup with Rosa is played similarly, with the golden rule being BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR RIFLE SHOTS. Rosa can punish any forward movement with her rifle if used carefully, as it punishes dashes on reaction and is air unblockable regardless of which version you use. The 236A feint just makes it harder on the opponent, as the feint has little to no recovery. If Rosa does misfire, however, she is left wide open to the opponent's advances. While she can use 6B effectively to stop their jump-ins and her f.5C to keep people from rushing in recklessly, those tools are not reliable enough to keep most opponents out. This forces her to either SP Reload, roll backwards and Reload, Touch out of her situation, or hope the opponent will not punish a jumping/standing Reload so she can regain her bullet. While she does have a multitude of reversals, they all require SP.

Anti Air Options
One feature of Rosa that largely goes ignored is her absurd damage in the air against aerial opponents.
The first thing to note is that Rosa's gun shots are unblockable in the air, no matter where she fires it. This means that you can bait an opponent's jump and punish it with a AA rifle shot for a free Reload and oki. If Rosa's gun is empty and she AAs the opponent with j.B/C, she can SP Reload in the air, which resets her to j.8 then combo into her j.236A/B for a knockdown, Reload, and oki setup.

Tips and tricks
- As Rosa tags in, if you use Reload or SP Reload while you're still in the air, it launches her forwards, since it launches her up slightly while still keeping the momentum of the tag in. Awesome to use as a way to surprise your opponent for a free Reload, and potentially fly away from blockstrings.

Team Building

Feel free to edit this part of the wiki with your tips/strats what partners are best for Rosa to use.

Factors in choosing Rosa for your team
Rosa cannot be thrown into any team setup like Battler or Beatrice would, as she needs to gain a lot of meter and has a lot of weaknesses that need to be covered. These weaknesses are her lack of quick moves with long range and the fact that she requires meter to perform some of her blockstrings and all of her reversals.

Detachment is an extremely strong ability, and itself should be a factor in team building. It is recommended to choose a character who is excellent with blockstrings and has high guard crush potential, so as to easily set it up.


PROS: Stun Boost. Rosa can use Ange's ability for a guaranteed stun combo on the opponent, where she can raw Touch to Ange and grab for the detachment. Ange also has excellent jumping, reasonably long ranged normals, and projectile specials to help in the keepaway game since Rosa without meter has no such options.
Explanation: If Rosa stuns an enemy, she can Normal Touch to her partner, and have the partner grab the opponent, then hit them while they're on the ground in Meta. Hitting them in stun does not proc Detachment but the opponent on the ground after the grab is considered not stunned, allowing the ability to work.
CONS: As said above, hitting an enemy with a Detachment proc while they're stunned does not activate its effect, completely crushing any chance Ange has in taking advantage of the ability.


PROS: Battler is an extremely versatile character, whose partnering with Rosa has almost no weaknesses. Battler can make good use of Detachment to continue blockstrings and prevent any interruption of his ability. Battler covers Rosa's lack of range with his high range attacks. Their abilities have good synergy also, with Rosa's ability length lasting long enough to maximize Battler's Resurrection. However, this explanation can be said for any character with similar flaws, since Battler's ability and moveset work with just about everyone.


PROS: Beatrice's ability allows Rosa one free SP move, a blessing to her moveset. All of Rosa's reversals require meter, making Beatrice's ability a wonderful boon. The general benefits of Beatrice's ability are there too. Beatrice can also use Rosa's ability to its maximum potential. Beatrice relies on her Meta for pressure in the Meta World, making Detachment useful in preventing the enemy from escaping the blockstring, and eventually, Normal Touching into Rosa for another free SP move.
CONS: Both characters are extremely reliant on meter, which makes the starting minute of every match a huge hill to climb for whatever character you put on point. That is, until one of the characters gains meter.


PROS: Lucifer has a ridiculous set of moves that all seems to scream blockstrings and Guard Touch. Therefore, Rosa's Detachment would be a huge benefit to preventing the opponent from escaping until Lucifer inevitably breaks the enemy's guard, or overheads them. General Lucifer's ability benefits also apply.
CONS: Lucifer has lower health than most characters.


PROS: Virgilia's ability, Brimful, will give Rosa nearly a full bar of meter, allowing her to use Reversals. Rosa's Detachment will allow Virgilia to setup and continue high guard crush blockstrings.
CONS: Both characters have terrible movement, making chasing down fast characters like Kanon a huge challenge in and of itself. They also both have terrible defenses without meter, which means some matchups can walk all over them. They are both also extremely reliant on meter, and while Virgilia's ability can remedy this to an extent, the two will likely be starved of SP and would likely only gain meter from getting hit by the opponent.


PROS: Willard earns a very special mention here for actually giving Rosa some much needed depth to her combos. Rosa seems like a person who wouldn't benefit much from SP Cancel but she can SP Reload after a rifle shot - due to the fact that all of her rifle shots allow juggling afterwards, it allows you a full air combo in the corner, and another gun shot for that extra little damage. Willard benefits from Detachment since he can execute his long ground loops several times without fear of Damage Touch, especially if he metaDeclares halfway through. Willard's high attack range also makes up for Rosa's lack thereof, making him an excellent partner. Willard is also one of the best users of Rosa's Stun/Raw/Grab Detachment trick, since his grab is untechable.


PROS: Kanon has high range, fast movement, and good blockstrings, allowing him to compensate for Rosa's flaws and thus be a good partner. Detachment also helps him pressure the opponent, and Silent Attack makes sure that the opponent's partner is getting much less meter than they should, knowing they can't tag in.
CONS: Kanon has lower health than most characters.


Coming Soon

Black Battler

Coming Soon


PROS: Once more, another pairing worth mentioning due to the usefulness of Detachment. Eva Beatrice can build up Break Limit extremely fast with jellies and Rosa can wall slam opponents to the corner with 623SP, exactly where Eva Beatrice wants them to be so she can set up jelly pressure.
CONS: Eva's ability length is very short, meaning you have less time to proc Detachment should you activate your MetaDeclare raw. Eva, despite her weapon, has less range than most characters.


PROS: 410's ability to increase guard damage combined with Rosa's Detachment allows for excellent pressure, with 410's keepaway prowess, excellent movement and good range making up for Rosa's flaws. Rosa benefits from 410's ability since she can easily guard crush the opponent, allowing for Detachment procs.
CONS: Be careful about how you use Detachment with this team, since a guard crush resets the opponent's waiting time to a shorter length than Detachment's. Therefore, try to guard crush first if you're already in a blockstring or intend to start one.


Coming Soon


PROS: Lambda's ability to completely empty her guard gauge is a blessing to Rosa, who has terrible meterless defenses. Lambda has good movement along with awesome zoning options, making up for Rosa's lack thereof. Rosa's general Detachment benefits also apply. Rosa is no slouch in zoning either, making the combined duo a very annoying team to guard crush or rushdown.
CONS: Lambda's only reversal option costs meter, making it tough to break out of strings while both are meterless. Lambda has lower health than most characters.


PROS: Jessica is one of those characters who would gain a huge benefit from Rosa's ability. Jessica has extremely good guard crush potential, and her single-character combos do extremely high damage with high amounts of stun. Detachment makes it so the opponent cannot guard touch out of her blockstrings nor can they burst out of her high damaging combos.
CONS: Jessica's ability Shave Boost, however, does not give as much a benefit to Rosa. There isn't much tech that Rosa can use except her Meta. Jessica, like Rosa, also suffers from lack of range aside from her f.5B, so characters with longer range will be a problem for this team.


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PROS: Bernkastel's ability has excellent synergy with Detachment allowing for, if used well, a permanent lockdown of the opponent's ability to Touch or even Meta Declare. Bern's ability keeps the Meta World going while Rosa's Detachment keeps the opponent from Touching, and can be activated by Bern's kakera moves, which are very fast and hard to avoid. Bern's air mobility allows flying away from blockstrings, giving Rosa some breathing space when she tags in.
CONS: Bern has very small attack range, making it hard for Rosa to Attack Touch in, and vice versa. Bern also has lower health than most characters.


Feel free to edit this part of the wiki with other combos to use, ranging from BnBs to optimized.

Rosa is known for being bad at chaining combos if she isn't in point blank range. Keep this in mind.

Normal Combos

Empty Gun

  • 2B 5B 5C 3C 236x
Extremely basic Reload setup. 800 damage.
  • 2B 2C xx 2B f.5C 3C 236x
Another setup for Reload using a link from 2C to 2B for extra damage. Hard to do but it looks cool and gives you more damage.
  • AA 6B 236x xx j.9A j.9B j.236A/B
Basic anti-air combo.

Loaded Gun

  • 2B 5B 5C 3C 236B
A basic combo involving Rosa's rifle. Allows for Reload and can be followed up with oki in the corner.
3C may be omitted if the opponent is too far away. In that case, use 236A instead.
  • AA 6B xx c.5B c.5C 236C xx c.5C sj.9B j.9C j.236sp xx j.B j.236A
Advanced anti-air combo.
Can also be started from someone else's sweep → attackTouch.

Metered Combos

Most of these combos will involve Rosa's 236sp, and assume that her rifle is empty; if her rifle is already loaded, refer to the strings after her SP Reload.

Extended anti-air combo.
Costs 3 SP but guarantees stun against most characters.
  • 2B 5B f.5C(1st hit)/c.5C 3C 236sp xx delayed j.C land 5A/5B 236C xx 5B j.8B j.8C 236sp j.B j236A
Corner only. Any chain leading into the 3C will work.
  • 2B 5B 2C 5C 236sp xx dash 5B 5C 3C 236B
1SP BnB. Another Reload setup.
  • AA 6B 236x xx 5B [5C 236C 5C 236sp]xN
Corner-only rifle loop. Extremely damaging.
Can also be started from someone else's sweep → attackTouch.

Eva Beatrice
Chiester 410