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Willard H. Wright

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Willard H Wright was introduced in Requiem of the Golden Witch to solve the mystery behind Lion Ushiromiya. He is said to represent the intelligent readers of Umineko no Naku Koro Ni.


Health - 1400.


SP Cancel - Allows special moves to be able to cancel into SP moves of higher priority once (Special > SP > Meta).

Move List

Normal Moves

[ Mid | Damage - 75 | Startup - 10 | Active - 3 ]

Will does a somewhat slow sword slash downwards.

[ Mid | Damage - 54 | Startup - 5 | Active - 4 ]

Will whacks you with his elbow. Whiffs on some crouchers.

[ Low | Damage - 46 | Startup - 4 | Active - 4 ]

Will sticks his foot out.

[ Mid | Damage - 150 | Startup - 8 | Active - 4 ]

Will swings his sword upwards.

[ Mid | Damage - 171 | Startup - 11 | Active - 4 ]

Will hops forward sticking his foot out.

[ Mid | Damage - 162 | Startup - 7 | Active - 4 ]

Will knees the opponent in the gut.

[ Low | Damage - 150 | Startup - 8 | Active - 2 ]

Will swings his sword, slicing at the opponent’s leg.

[ Mid | Damage - 270 | Startup - 14 | Active - 4 ]

Will takes a step forward while swinging his sword.

  • Extremely long range and has an extremely long recovery animation.
[ Mid | Damage - 270 | Startup - 20 | Active - 5 ]

Will steps forward, swinging his sword upwards. Launches the opponent into a air in a juggle state.

  • Untechable launch.
  • Cannot be chained from 5C.
[ Mid | Damage - 270 | Startup - 12 | Active - 2 ]

Will does a strong overhead strike.

[ Low | Damage - 210 | Startup - 12 | Active - 5 ]

Will makes a wide sweep with his sword forward. Does not knockdown.

[ Low | Damage - 195 | Startup - 18 | Active - 12 ]

Will slides forward a good distance.

  • Cannot be canceled into other normals, but can be canceled into a special.
[ High | Damage - 60 | Startup - 6 | Active - 9 ]

Will quickly swipes downwards with his sword.

[ High | Damage - 150 | Startup - 8 | Active - 4 ]

Will makes a wide sweep with his sword.

  • Can be used as a crossup.
[ High | Damage - 255 | Startup - 13 | Active - 3 ]

Will makes a sweep upwards with his sword.

[ High | Damage - 60 | Startup - 6 | Active - 6 ]

Will sticks his foot out.

[ High | Damage - 150 | Startup - 6 | Active - 5 ]

Will kicks upwards. Whiffs on crouching.

[ High | Damage - 255 | Startup - 10 | Active - 3 ]

Will does a horizontal slash.

[ High | Damage - 330 | Startup - 18 | Active - Indefinite ]

Will swings downwards with his sword.

  • Extremely long active frames, and extremely high hitstun/blockstun, with somewhat slow startup.
  • Indefinite = Active until Will lands.
[ Throw | Damage - 300 | Whiff - 34 ]

Willard's throw. He grabs the opponent and tosses them to the other side.

  • Can relaunch a lying opponent with a 236A+B.

Special Moves

Forbidden Blade 「禁ずる刃」 ― 214A/B/C

Will's Iai style sword strike. Button determines whether you strike above, below or low. Button can be held to increase range and add hard knockdown.

C version has techable knockdown uncharged. A version is useful for extending juggles. B version forces airtech, possible reset potential.

Ashes to Ashes 「灰は灰に」 ― 236A/B/C

Will swings his sword, shooting out a tornado. Input determines distance Will is moved forward, with A leaving him stationary.

Illusions to Illusions 「幻は幻に」 ― 623A/B/C

Will leaps forward into the air, striking the opponent below him.

  • Invincible on startup.

SP Supers

Forbidden Sin 「禁ずる咎」 ― 214AB

A super version of the Iai strikes. Does not juggle. Can be charged, but charging has no benefit. Causes hard knockdown.

Ashes to Ashes! 「灰は灰に還る」 ― 236AB

Will lets out a much bigger version of the tornado from before. Relaunches, even off on a lying opponent, or an airborne opponent in a situation where you couldn't hit them.

Illusions to Illusions! 「幻は幻に還る」 ― 623AB

Time stops as Will does a bigger version of Illusions to Illusions. Causes knockdown.

Level 2 Supers

I won't let this delusion without love persist! 「愛なき妄想を禁ず」 ― 236236C

Will dashes forward, slicing through the enemy. Can be charged for no apparent advantage.

Earth to Earth! 「土は土に還る」 ― 22AB

Will stops time and dodges through the opponent.

  • Invincible during the move and can be used as a combo extender.

Meta Super

I won't let this illusion without love persist! 「愛なき幻想を禁ず」 ― 641236C

Will charges up for a moment before dashing forward, turning into a projectile and bouncing around the screen. If it hits the opponent, launches them into the air and repeatedly slashes them as they fall down.

  • Can be charged.
  • Able to link a 236A+B as the opponent is falling down, or on the ground.

Frame Data

  KD = Knockdown
                              |          Frames             |  Frame Advantage |
              Attack  | Damage|Startup*| Active  | Recovery |On Hit | On Block | Notes
               Throw  ------------------------------------------------------------------
                 B+C  |  300  |  0-1   |    ?    |    ?     |  UKD  |          |Switches Sides; 34 Duration on Whiff
             Normals  ------------------------------------------------------------------
                c.5A  |   54  |    5   |    4    |    4     |  +2   |   +2     |
                f.5A  |   75  |   10   |    3    |   20     |  -8   |   -8     |
                  2A  |   48  |    4   |    4    |    9     |  -3   |   -3     |
                c.5B  |  162  |    7   |    4    |   13     |  -1   |   -3     |
                f.5B  |  150  |    8   |    4    |   30     | -13   |  -15     |
                  2B  |  150  |    8   |    2    |   28     | -14   |  -16     |
                c.5C  |  270  |   12   |    2    |   43     | -14   |  -17     |
                f.5C  |  270  |   14   |    4    |   39     | -13   |  -16     |
                  2C  |  210  |   12   |    5    |   25     |  -5   |   -8     |
               j8.5A  |   60  |    6   |    6    |    4     |       |          |
               j8.5B  |  150  |    6   |    5    |    7     |       |          |
               j8.5C  |  255  |   10   |    3    |   17     |       |          |
           j(7/9).5A  |   60  |    6   |    9    |   10     |       |          |
           j(7/9).5B  |  150  |    8   |    4    |   18     |       |          |
           j(7/9).5C  |  255  |   13   |    3    |   20     |       |          |
     Command Normals  ------------------------------------------------------------------
                  6B  |  171  |   11   |    4    |   11     |  +1   |   -1     |
                  6C  |  270  |   20   |    5    |   31     | launch|   -9     |
                  3B  |  195  |   18   |   12    |    6     | -2/+9 |  -4/+7   |
                j.2C  |  330  |   18   |    4*   |    0     |       |          |See Note M

  Note M: *Animation-wise; it is active until Willard lands.


Feel free to edit this part of the wiki with your tips/strats on how to use Will and his strategy vs specific characters. Remember I'm watching you.

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Team Building

Feel free to edit this part of the wiki with your tips/strats what partners are best for Will to use. Remember I'm watching you.


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  Black Battler 

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The general strategy with Will is to eventually chain into 6C for extended juggles, and/or eventually end in a knockdown so he can extend with 236AB. Almost every knockdown leaves him capable of relaunching with 236AB, so go nuts. Furthermore, it is easy to go into his meta super multiple times in one meta due to the ease of canceling into it.
Willard's general lack of attacks and non-meter supers that knock down may seem like a disadvantage, but it does give him very high-damage attack strings to lead into meta and dash cancels for repetition or chaining into other combos.


(5A/2A)>5B>2B>2C>f.5C - 792 Damage

This standard combo does not knock the opponent down, but deals enormous damage considering. Follow this up with a dash cancel, meta cancel or 22AB to either repeat it once more or chain into another combo. This is particularly effective if you want to use a combo that only works in the corner and you wish to push them into it. All SP1 Supers and his SP2 can also end this combo. If you are choosing to repeat this more than once, remember to use your 22AB/Meta cancel first, as a dash cancel prorates. Be wary if the opponent has enough SP on his partner to assault touch, try and predict the assault touch if possible to extend your combo, if you cannot, it is probably best not to attempt looping this. Remember, the 5A/2A actually prorates to the point that your combo deals more damage without it. Use of this combo Dash/Meta/22AB cancelled into itself will be referred to as a BNB > Cancel from here on.

(5A/2A)>5B>2B>2C>6C > ... 

This is your standard way of setting up a slightly more extravagant combo, as the 6C Launches, there are several useful follow ups: Remember, the 5A/2A actually prorates to the point that your combo deals more damage without it. All damage calculations will ignore the 5A/2A. Followups are listed in ascending damage order.

...>623BC - 1032 Damage

Decent damage and extremely easy to pull off. Unfortunately this is techable and quite unsafe, but does place you on the opposite side of your enemy.

...>214A (Held) - 1152 Damage

Strict timing on cancelling the 6C into the 214 and just as strict timing on the release. Because of knockdown, this can be extended with an 236AB.

...>j.5b>j.5C - ~1197 damage

More difficult than the above two followups, but a great deal easier than the other meterless one below. This CAN be followed up with a 236AB if timed properly.

...>623AB (Delayed) - 1242 Damage

Only does a teensy bit more damage than any of the meterless alternatives, but when used mid-screen, it does land you on the opposite side of the opponent.

...>236236C (Delayed or Held) - 1442 Damage

An easy link with practice. Very Decent Damage. Your 236236 has fantastic damage scaling, and works wonders after a long, prorating combo.

...>f.5C>j.5B>j. 5C - 1455 Damage

Extremely strict timing on the f.5C, but your best bang-for-buck meterless attack.

...>641236C - 1557 damage

Requires meta world to be active, of course. A very easy link, but has strict timing, so try not to miss the window.

Advanced Comboing

Willard's 236AB is unique in the sense that is basically an all-purpose combo extender, as it acts as a launch on even otg opponents. As a rule, a 236AB can be followed up with any of the above 6C followups, except for 214A, 623BC. Even another 236AB if you so desire. 236AB also allows you to get in a few more thwacks before your opponent enters stun.

Willard is particularly capable of scoring stuns entirely on his own, but requires several BNB > cancel loops. As a general rule, BNB > Cancel * 2 > Launch Combo >(f.5c>)j.5b>j.5c will guarantee a stun, but this does require your touch meter to be full, meta available or 2SP and will not allow meta followup. If you want to have a stun and use a different followup such as your Meta Super, try to land another hit or two before launching into the combo, but really, that is still a very improbable situation in an actual game.

Linking Meta Supers
Willard's ability to create enormous amounts of damage for low meter can be accounted to his ability to link several meta supers together. This is accomplished mostly through his amazing 236AB. In fact, that maximum amount of possible meta supers to pack into a single meta is 3. When operating under lag, conserving SP or if you simply cannot perform the other link, it is extremely easy to perform an OTG 236AB after a meta super and SP Cancel it into another meta. In general, this should be done after almost any meta super. It costs only 1 SP for hilarious amounts of damage that, most uniquely, isn't canceled by the opponent entering stun like other characters extended combos can be. Remember that an enemy can only be struck by a single non-super attack whilst in the air after entering stun, these supers don't care about that and can keep on comboing. The other link is a 236AB on an 'airborne opponent after a meta super hits followed by a 6C canceled into a meta super.

This link is very difficult to perform, as the 236AB must hit the opponent whilst they are still quite airborne and haven't yet struck the ground. This is extremely hard mostly because the attack will whiff against enemies higher in the air, directly after the meta super. If the attack connects properly, the opponent will be juggled noticeably differently than they would if struck OTG and they will be struck by a 6C with ease. This 6C should be your only attack against the stunned opponent, so as not to invalidate the combo. Unfortunately, this link cannot be performed twice in a 3 meta super combo, as you will run out of meta before the 3rd meta super can be triggered.

The Standard Combos

(j.5b>j.5C>)5B>2B>2C>5C>Meta Cancel>Dash>5B>2B>2C>5C>Dash Cancel>5B>2B>2C>6C>641236C>236AB>SP Cancel>641236C>236AB>236236C
38 Hits, 3925 Damage without Jump in

This is your "best case scenario" combo. Its simple to use and can be modified based on the situation. This combo is a guaranteed stun should you land the jump in but remember you are probably not going to land this in a real game. For that reason, you must modify this combo based on your situation, omitting Dash Cancel if you lack the touch meter for it or are unwilling to risk a Damage Touch and also omitting the final 236AB>236236C if you lack the meter. Your main enemy with this combo is Damage Touch, if you can predict it, that would be amazing, but is still unlikely. When an enemy counters your meta declaration, you will probably have to omit the final 236AB>236236C or replace the 236236C with a different 236AB followup (see above).

Alternatively, there is a more difficult variant based on three Meta Supers.

(j.9B>j.9C>)5B>2B>2C>5C>Dash Cancel>5B>2B>2C>6C>Meta Declaration>641236C>236AB>6C>641236C>236AB>SP Cancel>641236C
44 Hits, 3527 Damage without Jump in

This combo is even better than the above one, but much harder in lag due to the difficult 236AB>6C Link. But you may be thinking "pfft, this combo doesn't deal as much damage as the other!" that may be so, but this combo leaves you with 2 Spare SP to use to either relaunch the enemy for additional followup or to just keep hold of. If you burn the 2 SP on followup, the combo's damage does indeed tip into the 4000s.

6C loop
A often overlooked way to extend Will's insane damage even further most useful in the corner, Basically after a Meta Declaration you can 6C up to 3 times in the corner and twice midscreen. If you play Lucifer or George it's pretty much the same thing, but with Will's 6C.

Comboing With a Partner

Because of the way Willard's ability functions and the fact that he has high damage, high stun and supers that have highly effective scaling, Willard is simply a combo beast, both for him and his partners. This section details the possibilities regarding his partners and comboing with him, or just with SP Cancel.

Short Duration Ability Users

Characters with short duration abilities, such as Eva Beatrice, Ange and Ronove, invalidate the above combos, below are numbers, followups and workarounds.


Ange's ability is extremely useful to Willard, allowing him to land stuns where he normally wouldn't. Standard Combo #1 will guaranteed a 100% of the time because of stun boost triggering for the BNB loops, the only exception being if the opponent very recently was stunned. Unfortunately, her short duration ability Invalidates the standard combos as seen above. Within the meta world, abilities will both expire at the exact same time, with their duration being equal to that of the shorter ability. Meaning that when Stun Boost expires, so will SP Cancel. There is a simple workaround that unfortunately lowers the damage of these combos slightly. Simply use your dash cancel > BNB BEFORE you Meta Cancel> BNB. This will give you a greater amount of time in the meta world to use SP Cancel,a s you will be performing one less BNB loop within the meta world. Combo is as follows.

(j.5b>j.5C>)5B>2B>2C>5C>Dash Cancel>5B>2B>2C>5C>Meta Cancel>Dash>5B>2B>2C>6C>641236C>236AB>SP Cancel>641236C>236AB>236236C
38 Hits, 3781 Damage without Jump in

The lower damage of this combo is because Dash Cancels prorate a rather large amount, and reduce the damage of the remainder of the combo, thus reducing the damage of the following BNB loop that would have been reserved for beforehand.

Her Short Duration ability also invalidates the second combo, but the fix is far simpler and does not affect damage. Simply perform the 236AB > SP Cancel > 641236C link before the 236AB > 6C > 641236C link. This is more difficult, though, as it leaves you less opportunity to gauge how much time in the meta world you have left to perform the link, but does not affect the damage.

Ange herself does not benefit from SP Cancel in the slightest, unless you want to perform some more silly combos involving SP Sakutarou cancelled into meta super.


Evatrice also as a short duration ability and thus suffers from the same limitations as Ange does, forcing him to use the above combos instead. Fortunately, Evatrice's ability, Berserk compensates, making these combos, in fact, superior to the regular one.

(j.5b>j.5C>)5B>2B>2C>5C>Dash Cancel>5B>2B>2C>5C>Meta Cancel>Dash>5B>2B>2C>6C>641236C>236AB>SP Cancel>641236C>236AB>236236C
38 Hits, 3946 Damage (Berserk not active before meta declaration) OR 4286 Damage (Berserk active before meta declaration) without Jump in
(j.9B>j.9C>)5B>2B>2C>5C>Dash Cancel>5B>2B>2C>6C>Meta Declaration>641236C>236AB>SP Cancel>641236C>236AB>6C>641236C
44 Hits, 3549 Damage (Berserk not active before meta declaration) OR 3846 Damage (Berserk active before meta declaration) Without Jump in

Eva, unlike Ange, DOES benefit from SP Cancel, although possibly the most useful one for a combo followup would be 214AB(3 Hits)>SP Cancel>641236C. This link also helps considering 214AB's startup invincibility and use as a reversal, allowing her to link uses of it as a reversal into her meta super within the meta world. Standard combo #1 with a followup involving this link gives us the following.

(j.5b>j.5C>)5B>2B>2C>5C>Dash Cancel>5B>2B>2C>5C>Meta Cancel>Dash>5B>2B>2C>6C>641236C>236AB>SP Cancel>641236C>236AB>236236C>Jump Over Enemy and Touch
>5A>5B>2B>f.5C>Meta Declaration>Dash>5A>5B>2B>f.5C>214AB(3 Hits)>SP Cancel>641236C - Followup
55 Hits, 4286 Damage (Berserk active before meta declaration)


Ronove also has a short duration ability, and uses the above alterations too. Like Eva, Ronove also has a combo damage booster to compensate, but unlike Eva, it isn't as reliable. In the strange situations in which these combos begin with a boosted counter hit, the following are the results.

(j.5b>j.5C>)5B>2B>2C>5C>Dash Cancel>5B>2B>2C>5C>Meta Cancel>Dash>5B>2B>2C>6C>641236C>236AB>SP Cancel>641236C>236AB>236236C
38 Hits, 4914 Damage without Jump in
(j.9B>j.9C>)5B>2B>2C>5C>Dash Cancel>5B>2B>2C>6C>Meta Declaration>641236C>236AB>SP Cancel>641236C>236AB>6C>641236C
44 Hits, 4615 Damage without Jump in

Additionally, due to these counter hits hitting like trucks, a stun is all but guaranteed off these and fortunately, following up stuns with hilariously well scaling damage is Ronove and his Meta Super's specialty, the effect of a very simple Ronove followup is the following.

(j.5b>j.5C>)5B>2B>2C>5C>Dash Cancel>5B>2B>2C>5C>Meta Cancel>Dash>5B>2B>2C>6C>641236C>236AB>SP Cancel>641236C>236AB>236236C>Jump Over Enemy and Touch
>5A>2B>2C>6C>Meta Declare>641236C - Followup
53 Hits, 5689 Damage

Ronove himself gets very few fun new tools to play with from SP Cancel, but there are a few links her can perform.

...623A>SP Cancel>623AB...
Notes: This is an extremely easy combo extender that can be performed quite easily and allows a 2C followup into whatever combo you want.

Notes: An alternate, higher damage way of leading into a meta super than the standard 2C>6C Route in the corner, can be combo'd into with a 5C.


Poor Lambdadelta, she just plain ruins Willard's combo game. Lambda's ability lasts 3 seconds this is not enough time for you to perform a 236AB>SP Cancel>641236C after a meta super, even if the first meta is triggered off a 6C>Meta Declaration. Thus, with Lambdadelta, the maximum amount of Meta Supers per meta world is 2.

  • NOTE: As of patch 2.30, Lambdadelta's ability has been adjusted to be a one time use, longer duration ability, meaning that she is no longer a terrible partner for Willard.

Modified combos are as follows.

(j.5b>j.5C>)5B>2B>2C>5C>Dash Cancel>5B>2B>2C>5C>Meta Cancel>Dash>5B>2B>2C>6C>641236C>236AB>6C>641236C>236AB>236236C
38 Hits, 4035 Damage without Jump in

Yes, this combo does deal slightly more damage than the standard one, but the timing is so hilariously, unbeleivably strict that you will most likely never be able to pull it off with net play delay, but feel free to try. The second standard combo is simply a worse version of this one if you omit a meta super, so I won't bother putting it here.

This is unfortunate, though, considering how useful Lambda's zoning rushdown game helps Willard pull off his combos. Lambda herself also gains little benefit from SP Cancel.

Everyone Else


Good god do Beatrice and Willard go well together. Access to Infinity SP makes Willard's already insane combo ability godlike. For example, should Willard have access to Infinity SP before beginning a combo, he can add an additional BNB loop with a free 22AB and because of Infinity SP, he is left with an additional SP to burn at the end of the combo. He can perform this with either 4 SP, or use the additional SP for a measly 100 bonus damage.

(j.5b>j.5C>)5B>2B>2C>5C>22AB>5B>2B>2C>5C>Meta Cancel>Dash>5B>2B>2C>5C>Dash Cancel>5B>2B>2C>6C>641236C>236AB>SP Cancel>641236C>236AB>(j.5B>236AB>)236236C
42 Hits, 4315 Damage without Jump in,  Stuns Guaranteed without Jump in
44 Hits, 4412 Damage with optional extra launch.

In the above combo, the standard j.5B>j.5C cannot be performed due to stun setting in and preventing the 5C from connecting. In the second standard combo, the damage is farm more brutal, as the 236AB>236236C combo finisher can be used thanks to the presence of Infinity SP leaving you with 3 SP instead of 2.

(j.9B>j.9C>)5B>2B>2C>5C>22AB>5B>2B>2C>5C>Dash Cancel>5B>2B>2C>6C>Meta Declaration>641236C>236AB>6C>641236C>236AB>SP Cancel>641236C>236AB>236236C
51 Hits, 4670 Damage without Jump in. Stuns Guaranteed without Jump in

These guaranteed stuns will also not work if the opponent was recently stunned, but will outside of that. Beatrice herself makes a rather decent combo followup due to her infinite loops. Because these combos stun, she has no fear of a stun ruining one of her loops as they tend to do.

With SP Cancel, Beatrice can abuse it in one of two ways.

1) Guard Breaking

Within the meta world, Beatrice is already hilariously good at guard breaking using her towers, but her blocks trings are even more hilarious with SP Cancel. Use of things such as the following can rack up over 90% Guard Break.

Knockdown>Meta Declaration>641236C(Summon)>641236C(Fire)>Random attacks during fire to wrack up block>623C>SP Cancel>641236C(Fire)>Either More Random attacks OR 641236B

This alone should essentially guarantee a guard break. Stop the string immediately once you break and launch into the combo of your choice.

2) Turbo Attack Rawket

Okay, I may have developed my own terminology here, but I'm not exactly sure how to describe the phenomenon. Basically, what you do here is cancel a 214A/B/C into the SP Ability of your choice. At any point during Beatrice shiny golden flight, you can SP Cancel into any SP skill you want, essentially delivering that ability right into their face. This can be used several ways, mostly in mind games though. Most enemies will attempt to punish a bad 214 by simply whacking you out of it when you get in range. SCREW THEM. Simply deliver an SP Red Truth Reversal right into their face and launch into the loop of your choice. If they choose to dash towards you so that they can punish you, immediately cancel into either 236236C or 236AB to punish them. Alternatively, you can cancel into 214AB to continue flying across the battlefield in style.

Additionally, this actually allows you to combo into things from your 214 series, by either cancelling into 214AB or 623AB you can begin the combo loop of your choice.


Rosa can be seen as "combo insurance" to Willard. Her ability, Detachment pretty much guarantees Willard safety from Damage Touches after a meta declare, but outside of that (not that it isn't an absolutely amazing use of her), Willard doesn't get all that much from Rosa.

Rosa, on the other hand, gets some pretty hilarious stuff out of SP Cancel. SP Cancelling a shotgun to the face with a reload instantly cancels the shot and leaves Rosa free to do whatever the hell she wants, including but not limited to a 623AB followup, one of Rosa's brutal shotgun aerial followups, another gunshot or, most hilariously, a meta declare. In fact, try this for fun.

5A>5B>5C>236A/B>SP Cancel>SP Reload>Meta Declare>236A>SP Cancel>SP Reload>j.9B>j.9C>236A/B/AB
8 Hits, 1986 Damage

This is with an absolutely bare bones lead in and aerial followup, this is basically just to prove a point at how much much needed depth Rosa receives to her combos due to SP Cancel.

The damage on this combo is actually pretty damn great, and it damn well should be since it uses SP cancel twice. Breaking the 2000s in damage with a proper lead in to the first shot, which is extremely rare for Rosa but the timing on the second gunshot is quite strict. The fact that you just shot someone in the face 3 times in one combo is just a bonus. Alas, there is no way for Rosa to SP Cancel her Meta Super into a combo and you will still have to rely on stuns. SP Cancel is just plain good on Rosa, it gives her standard Reload all the functions of SP Reload when it comes to 623AB/236236C followups, as they will be cancelled immediately. In fact, Rosa is so very good at SP Cancelling her skills that you can actually cancel a point blank gunshot into SP Reload before the shot actually hits the opponent, allowing some hyper crazy stuff where the shot impacts whilst Rosa has already began attacking again.


Dlanor herself has very little impact on Willard's combos, but she earns a very special mention as an absolutely AMAZING combo finisher due to her supers that have hilariously good scaling. In fact, SP Cancel allows her some very unique links that make for some very decent followups.

A very decent link is one where she can SP Cancel a 22AB so that she can link two meta supers together, the link is difficult, but can be seen in practice below.

(j.5b>j.5C>)5B>2B>2C>5C>Meta Cancel>Dash>5B>2B>2C>5C>Dash Cancel>5B>2B>2C>6C>641236C>236AB>SP Cancel>641236C>236AB>236236C>Jump over enemy and Touch
>5A>2B>2C>Meta Declaration>641236C>22AB>SP Cancel>641236C>63214AB - Followup
98 Hits, 4626 Damage without Jump in

Alternatively, other fantastic links become available to Dlanor, such as the ability to cancel a 236236C into her Meta Super, this can be seen below and can be executed in the extremely unlikely situation that you find yourself touching from Willard into Dlanor within a meta world, with 5 SP. (Obviously this is just an example combo, you will never, ever use it)

5A>2B>2C>236236C>236236C>SP Cancel>641236C>63214AB
31 Hits, 2991 Damage, Stuns
5B>2B>2C>6C>Meta Declaration>641236C>236AB>SP Cancel>641236C - Willard Followup 
57 Hits, 4182 Damage

Other uses for SP cancel mostly revolve around her 623 series, which can be SP Cancelled at any point after the Auto block ends. Common followups would be SP Grab, Meta Super or 623AB if you want to push your opponent full screen.


Basically it kinda runs down into crazy combo synergy and Will's insane damage actually getting good use out of B.Battlers passive.

Once Will has 3 meter your opponent is FORCED to burst or always have meter open for metabreak which even then that can hurt.

Start with Will/B.battler do some hitconfirm into dash cancel/tag then slight dash 2B>6B>2C>6C>Meta Declaration    
Opponent doesn't break meta:slight step back 6Cx2-3>metasuper,236A+B>metasuper,236A+B, 6C tag, lv2 super dash 3B>6B>5C>2C>623C,taunt,3B>6B>5B tag slight dash 2B>6B>2C>6C>Meta Declaration,6Cx2>metasuper,236A+B>metasuper  ~around 5k depends on starter
Opponent breaks meta:6C, (5B j.B>C, land 236A+B,6C)xN , tag lv2 super dash 3B>6B>5C>2C>623C,taunt,3B>6B>5B tag slight dash 2B>6B>2C>6C>Meta Declaration,6Cx2>metasuper,236A+B>metasuper  ~around 4k depends on starter
  • The reasoning for a taunt post stun is that the 100 HP you gain is often worth more then the 30-40 extra damage you will deal also it's way more swag and easier.
  • You can only do 3 6C's after meta declaration in the corner.
  • Both of these do over 4k easy and can break 5k in optimal situations.

SP Cancel Gimmicks

Rosa Ushiromiya - 236x into AB Reload, or Reload into 236AB Shot (Yes, seriously).

Ange Ushiromiya - Sakutarou air hit into Meta Super

Battler Ushiromiya - SP2>Meta Super, 623 into Meta Super/623AB, 623 into 236AB causes comboable wallbounce in the corner, recovery frames of Blue Raid are cancellable.

Beatrice - Can cancel 236SP, 623x, and more into tower barrage when in metaworld to extend her blockstring.

Lucifer - J.214AB>SP2, 236 series x2 > SP2 or Meta.

Willard - After his meta super, he can do 236AB OTG then cancel it into another meta super.

Kanon - 214 series into SP2 or Meta, 623AB into Meta, possibly air 236 into 236AB

Shannon - 236 Shield, 22Shield, 623 Capture Shield and more are cancelable into SP1 Seagull, Meta Super, etc. A 641236C > 22ABC > SP Cancel 641236C combo becomes possible for an easy stun.

B. Battler - See Battler.

Eva Beatrice - 214AB series is cancelable into meta super at any time.

Chiester 410 - Likely has some sort of safe setup canceling a super/SP into her metasuper.

Ronove - Roses into SP1 roses or meta super, dodge into 214AB/623AB

Jessica Ushiromiya - 623x into Meta Super

George Ushiromiya - The landing recovery of his 236 series can be canceled with SP cancel.

Erika Furudo - Erika is able to cancel from her j.214AB followup straight into meta super, tacking on an extra 3-500 damage off her bread and butter. She can also do Meta Super, jump and immediately j.214C then cancel it into an another Meta Super. If you have meter after a Meta Super you can do TK j.214AB(whiff)>follow-up and SP cancel it into an another Meta Super (less difficult/more damage than the TK j.214c way).

Dlanor A. Knox - Her 623 series are easily cancellable into SP grab. Her Meta Super can now combo into itself with 641236C > 22AB > SP Cancel 641236C. Only works in the corner. Remember that The meta super removes the 22 Shield.

Lambdadelta -

Bernkastel - After a knockdown, you can do 214x then 214AB with SP Cancel. This forces standing


黄金夢想曲†CROSS 縁寿新コンボ+多キャラコンボムービーのカケラ - Ange's SP Cancel potential
黄金夢想曲†CROSS SPキャンセルによるバースト狩りまとめ - Using SP cancel to bypass Damage Touch

Eva Beatrice
Chiester 410