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PBE use 8 way direction movement system similar to other 2d fighting games. This wiki will refer movement by numpad Notation.

  • 66: Foward Dash
  • 44: Back Dash
  • 7/8/9: Jump
  • 1/2/3>7/8/9: Hi-Jump/Super jump
  • j.7/8/9: Double Jump


PBE is a 4 Button Fighter with three primary attack buttons ( A, B, C) and a special button for Phantom Breaker specific mechanics (SP).

Primary Buttons
  • A- Light Attack
  • B- Medium Attack
  • C- Heavy Attack
  • SP- Special Attack

Key Binds
  • A+B- Overdrive
  • B+C- Grab/GrabTech
  • C+SP- Phantom Breakers

Command Normals
  • 6B- Universal Overhead
  • 6C- Unique Heavy

Special Attacks

Using The (SP) with 4,2,6 will do one of three special attacks. Pressing L or H with SP will do Light or Heavy version of a Special attack.

5+SP-Counter Burst.

j.SP- Air Counter Burst

6+SP- Projectile or Rush Special Attack

2+SP- Reversal or Anti-air Special Attack

4+SP Unique Special Attack


Phantom Breaker: Omnia



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