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Phantom Breaker: Omnia/System

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Burst Meter

PBO BurstGuage.png

PBO Super Meter where players gain access to mechanics like EX Specials, Overdrive, or Emergency mode. Players can have Up to 2 stocks of the burst meter, the exception to this is Omnia style which can have up to 4. The Burst meter builds up when

  • Advancing by walking or dashing
  • Attacks connecting
  • Gaurding
  • Taking damage
  • Clashing.

During Tension mode or when a player's life is at 30%, the Burst meter will build gradually on its own. The Burst meter is disabled during Overheat, where the player can't build any Burst meter or use Burst mechanics (EX-Specials, overdrives, phantom breakers). Action that causes overheat include Set Burst, Overdrive, Phantom Breaker, or Emergency Mode.

Note- Quick style action build more meter than other styles. For example, Ria's Gatling slash gains 17% burst in hard style while in quick it gains 22%.

Tension Meter

PBO TensionGuage.png

The Tension meter is a special meter that increases attack power during the course of a match. Should the players fill the tension meter to the max value, the tension meter turns to a 7-second countdown called tension mode. During Tension mode, the burst meter will build up to 1 stock. Tension can be built by

  • Walking or Dashing Forward
  • Clashing
  • Charging Counter Burst
  • Guard Crashing
  • Performing Evasion

The damage increase from tension only becomes substantial in tension mode and hard style has a better damage buff.

Ending a round during tension reset the Tension Counter into the next round, basically, tension mode starts over.

Red life

PBO Redlife.png

The red tail on a life bar that has taken damage can be recovered over time like Grey Life from Street Fighter series. Should a Player experience a Gaurd break, or use emergency mode, they lose all potential red life. Using Overdrive speed-up the red life recovery.

Guard Gauge

PBO GuardGuage1.png PBO GuardGuage2.png PBO GuardGuage3.png

The Guard Gauge is mostly invisible until the character guards an attack - while guarding, a force field will appear around the defending character, indicating the gauge's current state. The force field is mostly transparent with a white edge when the Guard Gauge is healthy and will slowly turn more red and opaque as it takes damage. When the Guard Gauge is at its weakest, a Warning message will appear at a corner of the screen, signaling that the next attack will be a Guard Crash.

Note- While Omnia style can guard crush, its actual ability to weaken guard is none existent. Meaning opponents need to wear down their gauge before Omnia can induce guard crash.


Ground Guarding

PBO has an auto-guard mechanic in place, where if the players remain neutral, they'll guard any mid- and overhead attacks. In order to guard low attacks, players have to crouch. Players can still guard manually with back and down-back directions like other traditional fighters. This auto-guard feature is disabled when a character has their back turned, which then requires manual blocking inputs. If players guard an attack after a Warning signal has appeared, they'll experience a Guard Crush.

Air Guard

Similar to guarding, air guarding can be performed by pressing any direction other than 6 during a jump. Air guard is susceptible to low attacks, 2L+SP, EX Specials, and Phantom Breakers. Furthermore, attacks that hit right under the character cannot be air guarded. Air guard stun appears to be universal.

Guard Cancel

Guard canceling allows players to cancel their guard stun animation. Guard canceling gives players some invincibility frames upon activation. A player can cancel out of guard stun with:

  • Counter Burst
  • Specials (Omnia style)
  • EX Special
  • Phantom Breaker/ All-range attack
  • Hi-jump/dashes (Quick/Omnia)

 Note: Block string that leaves no gaps to prevent guard cancel. For example, Kurisu's Ex 4C+SP special does 9 hits of guard stun and can only be guard canceled after the 9th hit.


An alternate guarding technique that can potentially mitigate the drawbacks of guarding. To use Evasive action, Players must press 6 as the attack connects. Players can use Evasive while Neutral or guarding. Special properties of Evasive include:

  • Decreases Guard Gauge damage
  • Negates chip damage
  • Reducing guard stun significantly.
  • Increasing Tension meter by 0.25
  • Increase Burst Meter by 5%

Evasive Types

There are two types of Evasive action, Slipshift Dodge for PBO QuickStyle Icon.png & PBO OmniaStyle Icon.png. While Protection is for PBO HardStyle Icon.png

Slipshift Dodge

PBO QuickStyle Icon.pngPBO OmniaStyle Icon.png

PBO Slipshift.png

The character using it will perform a sway and dodge the opponent's oncoming attack. Additionally, Slip-shift's slowdown mechanic will be activated. Player cannot cancel the recovery of Slipshift dodge but remaining still retain the portion of the iframes. However Slipshift dodge cannot tech grabs, furthermore, it's only accessible on the ground.


PBO HardStyle Icon.png

PBO Protection.png

The user performs a guard animation that is highlighted blue on successful activation, it's also accompanied by a slight Hitstop freeze that halts the opponent animation. Protection negates any push block and if used in the air, the user retains their air momentum. While the user can act out of Protection, the frame advantage is minimal and the opponent can still cancel their attack that has been Protected. How ever protection can be used in the air to Avoid AUB. On the Downside Protection property are limited by projectiles.

Guard Crash

PBO GuardCrash.jpg

When The Guard gauge has been exhausted, players will experience a Guard Crash. A Guard Crash leaves the player vulnerable for several seconds. When an air-born Opponent is a guard crash, they float in the air in a hard knockdown state, enabling unique juggles. A Guard crush increases the Tension gauge.

Besides guarding an attack, there are other actions that can also weaken the guard gauge.

  • Hi-jumping and Dashing
  • Using Guard Cancels
  • Using Evasive Action
  • Attack getting Reflected

Each Style has different base Guard Gauge values, with Extra having the most and Quick having the least.


PBO Stun.png

Your Stun level increases as you take attacks. If a player's Stun Level reaches maximum after taking several consecutive attacks, a yellow effect will surround the player character as they fall down. After they stand up, they'll be left in a stunned state for a brief time. Player can reduce stun time by mashing attack buttons. be careful to not activate emergency mode prematurely.

Note: Any attack on stun opponent is a guaranteed counter hit. So this is the best time to use your best counter-hit starter.


Air Recovery

Any attack that makes contact on a character in the air will leave said vulnerable to juggles. A button icon will appear above the vulnerable player's burst meter, signaling that air recovery is possible. Performing an air recovery will have characters glow green and be immune to any further attacks until they land on their feet. It’s possible to cancel air recovery frames before landing, but doing so ends the invincibility. A character that falls to the ground without air recovery will do instant recovery automatically.’’

Note that air stun is much shorter when characters are cornered. Thus it’s possible to air recover faster than usual.

Instant Recovery

In the event that air recovery isn’t possible, due to attacks causing soft knockdown or blowback attacks, players can only use instant recovery, which is identical to air recovery but near the ground.

Both air and instant recovery treat characters as airborne and possess landing recovery, which is thrown punishable.

Get-Up/Tech roll

Hard knockdowns disable air and instant recovery and force characters to the ground; to avoid further damage, player can use Get-up or tech roll. Get-up has characters rise to one knee, while tech roll has characters sliding away from their opponents. During a knock down, opponents can attempt to hit the defending character OTG, which will result in a counter hit. Furthermore, certain OTGs can force instant recovery instead of Get-up/tech roll.

Get-up and tech roll are susceptible to OTG, but the player can throw tech as long they were not crossed up. Unlike the other recovery, this does not auto-correct.

Emergency Mode

PBO Emergency.jpg

An emergency is a recovery option out of hitstun or Guard Crash that uses the Burst meter. Players can use Emergency Mode by pressing SP while having at least 100% or more of the Burst meter. Characters will have a golden circle as they cancel out their stun. There are two types of Emergency Mode activation:

Ground has a faster recovery with the potential for combos, Air has a longer recovery with invincibility frames.

using emergency mode reset characters accumulated stun.


PBO Clashing.png

In Phantom Breaker Omnia when two attacks collide at the same time, a clash occurs. During Clash both player burst gauges will increase in accordance with the attack level strength, The tension gauge will also increase after a clash. When attacks have clashed, players can normally free cancel into anything action besides walking or guarding. This allows cancel that normally wouldn't be possible such as canceling 6C into a jump. However certain actions can't be free canceled even when clashed (counter burst and specials). Note that projectile and dash can clash as well.


Reflection is a unique clash that only occurs from Counter burst. The trigger for reflection is to use a Counter Burst just before an opponent's attack lands. If the opponent used a Normal attack on Reflection, they are stunned and left vulnerable for a few seconds. If they had used a special attack, then they'll suffer an increase in pushback. Note that being reflected also reduces the attacker's guard gauge, and can even force a guard crash in some instances. Reflection does have damage scaling on the next attack.

Note-Reflection can only be done from Raw Counter burst and not from Counter burst that has been canceled into. In other words, Reflection can only be done while idle.


PBO Overdrive.jpg

When players have 100%, they can activate Overdrive. Overdrive is a versatile tool with many offensive and defensive applications. Overdrive Startup activation provides invincibility and time freeze, similar to UNIST's Chain Shift. Once activated, players will enter a power-up state that regenerates red life faster and all attacks are considered special attacks, giving them properties such as chip damage or the ability to OTG relaunch. The duration of Overdrive is based on the current value of the Burst meter upon activation. Overdrive gives players:

  • Invincibility on startup
  • Faster red life recovery.
  • All attacks are considered special attacks
  • Can be canceled into, as a pseudo-Roman Cancel.
  • Can be canceled into from select recovery options (I.E. landing recovery)
  • Is Grab and command grab invul for several frames after activation.

Furthermore, Overdrive will have certain features base on the style chosen.

Overclock is Quick’s Overdrive, which drastically slows down on-screen action for everything but the user character. Additionally, Overclock allows the user to cancel any option into anything else, essentially acting like Street Fighter’s various Custom Combo systems.
Solid Amour is Hard’s Overdrive and grants the user limited resistance against successful enemy attacks by preventing any hit stun. This state also dramatically increases damage output for the user.

The trade-off for such a strong tool is that the user cannot guard during Overdrive and being grabbed or teching grabs will end Overdrive immediately.

Omnia style does not have access to Overdrive.

Counter Burst

PBO CounterBurst.png

This is a counterattack that every character can perform.

Ground Counter Bursts can guard against and Clash with attacks to your upper body, stopping them and allowing you to counterattack. You can hold the Counter Burst button for a longer Ground Counter Burst window. If you stop an opponent's attack immediately after activating Counter Burst, it will reflect their attack back at them. The reflected attack is unblockable! Aerial Counter Bursts cannot be extended by holding the button, but they make you invincible to strikes and throws for a set period of time.

Normal Attacks


Normal Attacks in PBO function like most other fighters, but PBO also has the Chain system, where pressing the same button results in a sequence of attacks. These unique attacks differ from each other and can only be done by performing the attack chains.

  • Attacks chains up to three times
  • Attack chain can only be done from standing (*) exception light normals
  • Chains do not auto-correct
  • Can be done on whiff
  • Hard style only has Heavy chains


Normal attacks have varying properties depending on the strength of the button used

  • Certain normals have jump cancel properties on hit but not on block.
  • Light and Medium can be canceled into Heavy normals
  • Some Crouching normal are AuB. (Mikoco 2C)

Light Normals

Light normals are the quickest attack in the category, they're short-range and do small damage but their speed makes them strong pressure tools with minimal risk

  • Crouching Light can start Light attack chains
  • Air light normals have active frames up until the end of the jumping animation. (*) Exception: Sophia, Ende,
  • Guarding against light attacks does not reward any meter for the defender.

Medium Normal

Medium normals are balanced between light and heavy. They have average range, speed, and damage. Notably, Medium chains have a lot of mix-up potential.

  • Medium chains usually have overheads or low attack in their chains (exception: Ende, Itsuki, Waka, Artifactor)
  • 6B are universal overhead attacks (Exception: Ende, Ren, Artifactor)
  • in lieu of hardstyle medium losing chains, they instead gain unique normal in 4B.

Heavy Normals

Heavy normal do considerable damage and are easy to combo from. Most Heavy Normal also cover a huge part of the screen, but in turn, they are very slow

  • 6C is a universal long-range normal (*) Exception: Fin, Shizuka
  • 2C causes hard knockdown (*)Exception: Sophia, Ende, Reimi)

Dashing Normals

Dashing normals are unique, as they operate more like special attacks, which means they can be canceled into from standard normal. But one of their defining traits is that players can jump cancel them on hit, making them ideal for juggles. A player can buffer dashing normals by holding the button then input the dashing command.

Phantom Breaker/ All-Range

PBO PhantomBreaker.jpg

Phantom Breakers are usually a character's Strongest attack, needing 200% of Burst gauge in order to access them.

PBO Allrange Attack.jpg

All-Range replaces Phantom breaker in Omnia style, activating it sends a barrage of homing Projectiles at the opponent. 400% of the burst gauge is needed to activate All-Range.

Activating Phantom Breaker or All-Range will put the Burst gauge in an overheat state.



PBO QuickStyle Icon.png

  • Longest dash length
  • Double Jump
  • Slip-shift cancel: Can use Dash, Back Dash, and High jump from Guard or Counter Burst
  • 1.5 Burst meter modifier: Quick style gains additional Burst meter from standard actions.
  • 1.5x Guard Gauge damage modifier: Opponent's Guard Gauge will take additional damage from Quick Style characters.
  • Expanded chain cancel system: can cancel certain chain strings into other strings or additional normals that would otherwise be impossible.
(*) Example A>A>A>B>B>B>C>C>C>6C.
  • Can air back dash as a Guard cancel
  • Direction Influence after a double jump
  • Average damage output
  • Weakest guard meter value
  • Certain attack lockout Quick’s guard cancel option and Slip-shift Dodge (Nullify attack)
  • Longest Overheat state from Overdrive and Phantom Breaker
  • Shortest Overdrive state
  • 2C will not cause a hard knockdown on a crouching opponent


PBO HardStyle Icon.png

  • Defensive Emergency Mode state: the user is not susceptible to Guard Crash, regardless of their Guard Gauge value
  • Overdrive state stall: Quick’s Overdrive will extend Hard’s Overdrive due to its slow down effect.
  • Moderate Guard Gauge
  • Can perform Protection in the Air.
  • Hard Style has the harshest combo scaling without tension.
  • Counter Burst has a slower startup
  • Restricted Chain system: Only has Heavy attack chains
  • Lowest Burst gauge modifier
  • No double jump or air back dash.
  • Solid Armor (Over-Drive) loses properties when the user is airborne.


PBO OmniaStyle Icon.png

  • Set Burst has the most amount of amour.
  • Burst gauge stacks to 400%
  • No Phantom Breaker But instead has All-Rang-Attack
  • Burst Guage restocks at 200% during Tension Mode as oppose to other styles restocking at 100%
  • Can Gaurd cancel into special
  • Can do 2M > 6M
  • Can't use Overdrive
  • Can't Use Emergency Mode
  • Can't use Slipshift cancel
  • Can't use air back dash.
  • can never force a guard crash on its own.
  • Doesn't have reflection on Counter burst
Phantom Breaker: Omnia

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