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Anubis "Doggie" Cruger
SPD Shadow Ranger


Health: 1000
Walk Speed: - forward, - back

Anubis "Doggie" Cruger is the commander of the Earth branch of the Space Patrol Delta. He also acts as the SPD Shadow Ranger and is a very good boy.


Shadow Ranger is an incredibly versatile character. His assist provides for great coverage, tricky setups, and hard to blockables. His normals have standard range and speed, but where he excels the most is with his 5S stance. With the use of his stance and incredible forward dash, Shadow Ranger is a very threatening character. This guide will work under the assumption that the reader has a basic knowledge of both the game and the character. With the use of Doggie’s stance, he has access to a wide range of neutral, pressure, combo, and combo confirmation tools. As well as this, with the use of Zords, Doggie can set up tremendously damaging combos and oppressive pressure strings. Even beyond that, Shadow Ranger is by and large the character that is the most practical to set up and use the plink-infinite. As we continue to explore the options and actions that Shadow Ranger has, we will be able to see how they are used and how one can develop a holistic understanding of the character.

Normal Moves

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
35 Low/Air 7f - - -1 -

Kick to the shin. A standing low. A good, fast normal to use when you're plus and in their face to catch jump-outs.

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
37* High/Low/Air - - - -4 -

Push kick. Knocks down. You rarely want this move to actually come out.

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
35 High/Low/Air 5f - - -8 -

Jab with sword hilt. Not a low. Fastest option to mash out of strings. Also useful in juggles midscreen when 5M is too slow to hit before the opponent falls outside its range. Can be linked into from heavy stance cancels until hitstun deteriorates.

Party starter
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
50 High/Low/Air 9f - - -2 -

Basic slash. Pretty average hitbox for a medium, but leads to scary pressure and damaging combos. Dash 5M is a decent approach/whiff punish.

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
50 High/Low/Air - - - -1 -

Turning slash. +3 after Stance Cancel. A second hitbox that you can put out after 5M, used in juggles a lot.

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
50 High/Low/Air - - - -5 -

Crossing slash. Restands/Staggers on hit. Sideswaps on hit/block. Good tool to combo from super with if you have enough juggle limit left. Punishable on block, so the side swap property there is mostly only useful if you have an assist covering you and/or are swapping characters.

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
50 Low/Air 8f - - -13 -

Low kick. Slower than 5A but big range and is a low. Cancelable into 5H and 4H. 5M/5MM tend to be better options in combos, but the ability to chain into 4H is very useful when juggle limit is full. In neutral, the low hurtbox and its range make this a very key move.

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
60 High/Low/Air 11 - - -1 -

Force slash. +4 after Stance Cancel. Mostly a bigger, slower version of 5M.

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
60 High/Low/Air - - - -23 -

Slash through that knocks the opponent away. Lots of recovery as you'd expect on an auto combo. Can cancel into super but nothing else. Useful for when you confirm a 5H late and aren't in a position where 2H is a great idea.

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
30 Low/Air 16f - - -18 -

Pretty standard sword sweep. +3 after Stance Cancel. Causes a spinning knockdown and is limited to 2 in combos (a third 2H will cause flip out). Stance canceling this move is Doggie's primary way to start juggles from a standing hit, as the high launch from a juggled hit is helpful to correct for accidentally delaying juggles.

Saber Upper
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
70 High/Low 8f - - -26 -

Backward slash. Air-unblockable launcher and anti-air. Pretty fast, jump-cancelable and special-cancelable, thus leading into Stance stuff. In the corner 4H>4S works. Moves Doggie backwards, which can be helpful for Anti-airing, but also makes it a little hard to use in pressure. Cannot kara-cancel into throw for some reason.

BFTG DOG j.L.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
40 High/Air 6f - - - -

A normal jump-in, which makes it weird for Doggie.

BFTG DOG j.M.png
BFTG DOG j.M (2).png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
50 High/Air 10f - - - -

Drop kick. On hit/block, Doggie will jump back, which can make conversions awkward, but also allows for weird double cross-ups.

BFTG DOG j.H.png
BFTG DOG j.H (2).png
BFTG DOG j.H (3).png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
65 High/Air 12f - - - -

A pretty normal heavy sword slash, except that it causes a huge amount of landing recovery as Doggie rolls and strikes a cool pose. The end of the pose is cancelable so it's not as awful as it looks, but it's enough to make whiffing a j.H extremely bad. Causes a groundbounce on air hit.

Special Moves

Shadow Form

BFTG DOG 5S (Cancel).png

Stance Cancel


Mist Finer

BFTG DOG 5SM (2).png


BFTG DOG 5SH (2).png
BFTG DOG 5SH (3).png

"For Isinia!"

BFTG DOG 5S664S.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
Stance 0 - 9f - - - -

Doggie enters his Stance. There's some startup before Stance Moves can be done, but not a lot. 53f total recovery if you just let it be.

Shadow Slash
65 High/Low/Air 14f - - -30 -

Long-ranged slash. Can immediately cancel into a second slash by pressing L again. Wallbounces on air hit. If you're far from the corner, you can get 2 before the opponent hits the wall and bounces off. The recovery can be partially canceled by pressing S and going back into Stance. This can let you slash a third time to pick up after the wall bounce. If a slash connects on an airborne opponent after Doggie has used his wallbounce, it'll cause a hard knockdown.

Shadow Upper
20, 50 High/Low/Air 15f - - -26 -

Dash into an uppercut. An advancing launcher which can be jump-canceled or canceled back into Stance by pressing S. Because you can go straight back into Stance, this lets Doggie chain 2 launchers back to back and/or launch into 5S~L into 5S~H or stance cancel and do whatever.

For Isinia
10x6, 20x2, 50 High/Low/Air 23f - - -14 -

Doggie channels the power of his wife, Isinia, and uses it to do a fullscreen energy slash. Connects after a hard knockdown, which makes it a common ender. It also does a good bit of chip and takes up a ton of space if you can manage to get it out in neutral. The hitbox is the light blade and becomes active as soon as that animation starts. If you catch an opponent behind you and get all the hits to connect it'll build roughly a half a stock of meter, which makes this a staple in combos. Ends with a wall bounce or hard knockdown if Doggie has already used his wallbounce. Because the active frames begin behind Doggie, this move is something more like 30f when done point blank.

Shadow Cancel
0 - 9f - - - -

Cancels the Stance. While not instant, it's very fast. You can't buffer the input for stance cancel, so the advantage you get for stance canceling can be a little variable unless your execution is exact.

0 - - - - - -

Stance forward dash. Can also be performed with L+M. Has a followup executed by inputting 4S.

Guard Breaker
70 High/Air 21f - - -16 -

Overhead slash. Has OTG properties. Though an actual overhead, it isn't really necessary for mixup; if you want, you can just dash forward and then leave Stance and go low or throw or whatever. The overhead doesn't chain into any normals, but it does cancel back into Stance and will combo into 5S~L or 5S~M. Useful for when your opponent is scared of frame traps and wants to try and block it all out.

9x2, 70 High/Low/Air - - - - -

Uppercut slash. Followup to 5S~66~4S.

Shadow Strike
BFTG DOG 4S (2).png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
Shadow Strike
80 High/Air 30f - - - -

Teleport drop. Groundbounces and has OTG properties. Acts as the start of a rekka. Doesn't track like the assist version does, but hits overhead unlike the assist. Realistically, the overhead isn't a very good mix-up solo, but you can swap out to an assist and make it scarier, or cover the screen up with a bunch of explosions or something. If you've already used your groundbounce, this move will knockdown and the rekka followups won't connect. Because Doggie comes in from such a high point, this move will likely not hit with its initial active frames, especially against crouching opponents. The exact timing of when it'll hit depends on the character's height. Height will also affect the exact disadvantage, but it will always be punishable, with -30 being the general ballpark.

Guard Breaker
- High/Air - - - -16 -

Overhead slash. Identical to 5S~66~4S. The timing for this is weirdly specific after Doggie has landed from the teleport, but if you delay too much it'll whiff. Against a grounded opponent you can just mash it out, but on airborne opponents, you may need to delay a bit. Can cancel into Stance and connect 5S~L.

9x2, 70 High/Low/Air - - - - -

Uppercut slash. Identical to 5S~66~4SS. Finishes out the rekka, launching the opponent pretty far. Cancelable into Super when Doggie lands. Going for all rekka hits is good when you're out of juggle limit after a Super but have a groundbounce still.

Justice Defense
BFTG DOG 6S (2).png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
6S 0 - - - - - -
Catch 20, 1, 66 - - - - - -

Counter that will also reflect fireballs. Counter window is very tight, but rewarding because it crumples the opponent. Has some recovery even after a reflect, which can make reflecting projectiles a bad idea if there's multiple on screen. Can reflect any projectile, even Gia's Super. Pressing 6SS transitions back into Stance.

Saber Slash
BFTG DOG j.S.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
j.S 50 High/Low/Air 16f - - - -

Diagonally downwards aerial version of 5S~L. Stops Doggie in the air, which can mess with anti-air attempts.

j.SS 50 High/Low/Air - - - - -

Straight ahead air version of 5S~L. Wallbounces.

EX Attack

Justice Assault
BFTG DOG 5S+L (2).png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
20x3, 50x2, 70 High/Low/Air 9+5f - - -14 -
  • If the first hits are blocked, the rest of the move will not come out.

Upon use, Doggie does a move similar to his 4H. If it connects, he performs an altered version of the final hit of his 4S rekka. Invincible on startup, and cancelable to Super, but it tends to not combo unless it's canceled as soon as he lands.


Forward Throw
Forward Throw
Get put in T H E B O X
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
101 Throw 6 - - - -

Doggie applies the SPD badge on the opponent. As long as the badge is in place, the opponent can't jump, enabling some silly setups.

Back Throw
Back Throw
BFTG DOG BT (2).png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
61 Throw 6 - - - -

Doggie performs a crossing slash. Since it's special-cancelable, Doggie can solo combo off his back throw with either 5S~L, 5S~M, or just straight up Super.


Shadow Saber
BFTG DOG Super.png
"Shadow Saber!"
BFTG DOG Super (2).png
BFTG DOG Super (3).png
BFTG DOG Super (4).png
"Justice is served!"
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
1, 80, 50x3, 100 High/Low/Air 6+7f - - -30 -

Doggie performs a dashing slash slash that, if it hits, transitions into a cinematic sequence. Not invincible but pretty fast. Although it only covers about half screen, its range increases if the opponent is in a hard knockdown state. On a succesful hit, it crumples the opponent, which means Doggie can follow up from this Super. This move always sideswaps, but this can be negated via 5MMM. This Super is incredibly good, especially given Doggie's great meter gain, the fact that he doesn't need launchers/bounces to keep up juggles, and the sheer number of special moves he has which will keep combos alive when juggle limit is up.

Tag Actions

Shadow Strike
BFTG DOG Assist.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
60 High/Low/Air - - - - -

Based on 4S. Unlike the original, this tracks, which makes it a lot more useful. It doesn't hit overhead though.

Swap Strike
Swap Strike
BFTG DOG Swap Strike.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv (Block) Frame Adv (Hit)
70 High/Low/Air 6 - - -4 -

Faster than EX Attack, making it a little more reliable as a reversal, but far less damaging. Forces a character switch on hit; knocks down if only one character remains.

Range and animation based on 5M.

Doggie's combos are very damaging, but also very long. If you have some damage on an assist, they might heal it all back by the time you finish your TOD, so consider snapping sometimes.


Neutral and Pressure Theory

In game, Shadow Ranger has incredible range and coverage all backed up with one of the best forward dashes in the game. He has some of the best punishing moves in his 5S→L as well as a way to quickly recover from blocked attacks by using 5S→S or 5S→44 to cancel in and out of stance. In traversing the stage and playing the neutral game, it is integral to understand how stance cancels work. Not only can you cancel normals into specials, Shadow Ranger has a core mechanic where you can cancel specials into specials. That’s where stance canceling comes into play. All of Doggie’s moves can be canceled into another special except for 5S→M when blocked. With a solid understanding of how each of these specials play into each other, you will excel with the character.

5S→L Shadow Ranger’s best mid range tool. Can be used to punish whiffed moves from an opponent and convert into a combo. Also used to punish players who pushblock with the intent to punish immediately after (like when Lord Zedd players pushblock into their 5H). Note that it whiffs on most crouching characters at mid to long range. Be careful against Ranger Slayer, Tommy, Gia, Eric, Mastodon Sentry, Jen, and Kat as they can crouch underneath the slashes at a closer range where they can easily punish you on whiff. To a lesser extent, Zedd, RJ, and Magna Defender can try and punish your slashes in more unique scenarios, but it is more difficult for them.

5S→H Shadow Ranger’s best long range tool. Can be used to cover space and set up pressure for a character tagging in. Even a good tool to set up pressure for an incoming character when using a tag in. On hit, 5S→H can be converted into a combo if you haven’t yet used a wall bounce or you are close enough to a corner. You can connect into super if you do 5S→H→5S→66 super when you are outside of the corner.

5S→S/44 Used to kill recovery frames by canceling into, then right out of, stance. Doing so, more often than not, will leave you with frame advantage.

jS(S) A powerful midrange tool that comes out incredibly fast. jS can be performed very early on in your jump as well as low to the ground when you are descending. On whiff, it can be easily punished, however you can still land and cancel its recovery into the 5S stance whether it hits or not. Can be confirmed into 5S→L, 5S→M, 5S→H, 5S→66S, and even 5S→441S with varying degrees of difficulty and unique spacings.

6S Your counter and reflector move. The timing to counter physical hits can be tight as only the first handful of frames will successfully counter a strike. Despite this, 6S is a strong reflector against projectiles. You can frequently get a confirm off of a successful reflect as you can cancel 6S into 5S even on whiff. The easiest confirm will be 6S→super, yet at particular ranges you can even confirm 6S→5S→L and even 6S→5S→66. Using this in your neutral game will threaten constant punishes and get the opponent to think twice about how to approach.

Opponents who push block will leave you out of range to pressure with normals, but you can continue by either canceling into 5S→L or 5S→S/44. With a healthy mix of the two, along with the use of assists, grabs, and high/low options, you will keep your opponent on their toes. Using these tools in combination with each other will allow you to develop a diverse and deadly neutral game.

Team Synergy

Tagging out of his assist allows for quick high low mixups. Characters who can poke from full screen make the best use out of this as it sets up relatively save high low mixups from a distance.


Tested in 1.6.2


5MM > 5H > 2H > 5S~S > 5MM > 5H > 2H > 5S~S > 5MM > 5H > 2H > 5S~S > 5MMM > back throw > super > back throw > 5S~M > 5S~M > 5S~L > 5S~H > 4SSS > super

Solo double super corner combo. Does a little over 1.1k which TODs everybody except Trini. Damage is a little variable depending on how the 5S~H hits. Pre-super this builds around 1 bar, post super it builds an extra bar.

5MM > 5H > 2H > 5S~S > 5MM > 5H > 2H > 5S~S > 5MM > 5H > 2H > 5S~S > 5MMM > back throw > 5S~M > 5S~M > 5S~L > 5S~H > super > back throw > 5S~L > 5S~H > 5S~66~4SS

same as above but doing the back throw earlier to build a second bar. Unfortunately the back throw sequence uses up a lot of bounces so the combo post-super isn't as crazy as you'd hope. It does a little over 900 damage although the exact ammount will depend on how many hits of 5S~H you get. Will TOD low health characters and do a good grip on anyone else. This is a solid foundation for a BnB, there's plenty of spots where assists can extend and push the damage up a bit.

Assist combos

Super > filler > call Jen assist > second super > Jen missiles hit

Jen's missiles take long enough that you can call her before super, and then have them hit OTG after for an extension


Anubis Cruger combo video by Star 55 (2020)


Color 1
Color 2

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