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Setsuna is a pure zoner with a litany of high performance projectiles and status affecting PSY moves that cause abnormalities such as life and PSY drain, as well as locking the opponent out of PSY charge completely. In addition his projectile game is one of the best among the cast, allowing him to easily deal roughly 50% of a health bar if certain moves connect. Setsuna shines at the medium to long range, and can easily deal with opponents at a distance.

On the other hand, Setsuna lacking any meaningful close range tools is a tremendous weakness because it means he can just get bullied if an opponent gets in. His PSY moves also have a ton of startup, so one good read from the opponent and they'll just get in and stuff whatever you're doing. He also doesn't really have a way of opening up a defensive opponent outside of just forcing them into certain options.

As a result of the above weaknesses a Setsuna player is going to have to work hard to make up for the deficiencies in his game, but if you can get going the options can be extremely rewarding.

Weight Class: Middleweight
Strengths Weaknesses
  • Best projectile kit in the game, just dominates in terms of zoning
  • Can do a ton of damage
  • Fastest Barrier Break in the game and one of the best in terms of range as well
  • Shady Cloud (466+L) constantly tracks the opponent and drains their PSY meter, made even stronger if you can connect a throw or mirror coffin when it is nearby
  • The Darkness (466+S) locks the opponent out of charging (except in Setsuna mirrors) allowing you to easily bully an opponent who is low on meter
  • Black Sun (180°+S) can be held to increase size and damage and can be aimed when released, erasing every projectile in its path on the way to the opponent
  • Can drain life with his Negative Drain command throw (66+L)
  • Mirror Coffin (46+S) tracks the opponent wherever they are for a ton of damage, so the opponent has to constantly be aware of it

  • His close up game is quite frankly, a joke
  • His normals are terrible
  • Lacks a BnB
  • All it takes is one good Quick Dash from the opponent to just get in and pressure him
  • In addition to the above, he has a hard time getting the opponent off him
  • Requires a lot of attention and awareness to properly implement his gameplan
  • Mirror Coffin can be easily countered with a single quick dash
  • Not much he can do to open the opponent up if they just commit to blocking

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