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Wendy Ryan


Wendy is the hit and run pixie of PF2012. She easily has the fastest movement of the entire cast and can generally go wherever she wants, whenever she wants not only thanks to her innate mobility but her Mirage Step teleport dash (180°+L) which lets her just get in or out, or even set up mixups or bait out moves. Her already phenomenal movement is only made stronger with Silpheed Dance (466+L) an install that makes her mobility downright oppressive. Adding to this speed are the fastest Light and Strong normal in the game which can be made even faster when used off a Quick Dash. Wendy also benefits off some great damage on her PSY moves, all of which cover each other quite nicely and can be easily confirmed into off of far wall combos.

Unfortunately Wendy has little in the way of guaranteed damage up close. Those same fast normals have the shortest range in the entire game as well. She also lacks a BnB or any real confirm up close. That said when played properly and creatively Wendy can dance around the opponent, getting in or out as necessary and punishing mistakes on a dime. If you want a nearly unrestricted movement game and like to play fast and furious, Wendy is your girl.

Weight Class: Lightweight
Strengths Weaknesses
  • The absolute queen of movement
  • Mirage Step (180°+L) makes her movement much trickier on both offense and defense
  • Fastest Light and Strong normals in the game (12f and 16f in neutral, 8f and 12f during a Quick Dash)
  • Great damage on her PSY moves
  • Good options for far wall combos
  • Vortex Stream (66+L) has a huge and active hitbox, can be aimed, does a ton of damage and is completely safe on block
  • One of the best installs with Silpheed Dance (466+L) which makes her already phenomenal mobility even faster
  • Very tricky and variable projectile game
  • Can greatly stifle an opponent's movement with Earth Gale (466+S)
  • Lacks a BnB or any guaranteed combos up close
  • Her normals have the worst range of the entire cast
  • Has to rely more on big hits off reads rather than confirms for damage
  • Very PSY meter dependent
  • Significant start up time on a number of her PSY moves

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