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How come some of the combos and wiki information no longer apply to my character?

This game is still heavily in early access, meaning things may not always stay the same. Moves and techniques have been added, removed, and changed throughout the course of this games' lifespan.

What does early access mean?

Early access is a funding cycle that allows players/consumers to purchase a title through a games development cycles. This means the game can and will change at anytime, as the developers further expand on the concepts they have created. Please keep this in mind when you have questions regarding bugs, moves, and character balance.

For more information check-out the wiki page on Early Access.

How do I find online matches in Punch Planet?

The game currently does not have a matchmaking system, so as of right now we highly recommend joining the Punch Planet Discord, and adding yourself to the @LFG role to be pinged when other players are looking for matches, or to ping the role yourself!

My game doesn't run smoothly, not even on low settings?

Try running the game using DirectX9, the game currently loads using DirectX11. Here's a write up on how to launch it with DX9 through steam, as well as some other performance options. (This fix may fade out with time, please keep that in mind.)

Launch options configuration

Help! I get a black screen when trying to play online, and I can't connect to my opponent?

This is a common issue and the development team is aware of this. There are some work arounds but please keep in mind that due to the game being in early access your results may vary.

Workaround written up by @PP_Willpower

Main reason for connection issues at the moment is the router or possibly anti-virus blocking our p2p connection. If they are behind any external firewall or network then they will probably be blocked, short of routing through a VPN. If you can hook your PC directly into your modem you can see if the router itself is blocking, otherwise something on the PC itself most likely.
Easiest ways to try and fix:
- Forward UDP ports 17000-17008
- Enable any UPnP settings on the router
- Disable (to test) any anti-virus software running
Also: We currently only support IPv4 (not IPv6 unfortunately). 


My controller doesn't seem to work properly on this game?

If you are using an Arcade Stick/Fight pad, try changing the console mode to see if the other driver responds properly on Punch Planet.

I still have further questions!

Join the Punch Planet discord, and head to the #bugs channel for game related questions.