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Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II/Controls

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7 8 9
         G LP HP  
4 5 6
         _ LK HK
1 2 3  

This direction system is commonly called Numpad Notation, with 7 8 9 being up-back, up, and up-forward, 4 5 6 being back, neutral, and forward, and 1 2 3 being down-back, down, and down-forward.
The main reason is to easily describe nonstandard motions, like on Super Slams. Some common motions are 236 (qcf/quarter circle forward), 41236 (hcf/half circle forward), and 623 (dp/shoryuken motion)


  • 5LP - Standing light punch
  • 2HP - Crouching heavy punch
  • n.5LK - Near (aka Close) standing light kick
  • 28HK - Down, Up heavy kick
  • 5LP > - Indicates a chain cancel.
  • 5LP >> - Indicates a link.
  • 5LP xx - Indicates a special cancel.
  • 874G - Biff/Gunloc Super Slam, Sunset Splash. Supers have unique motions.

Universal Commands

  • Dashes
66 - Run towards, holdable
44 - Run away, holdable
  • Normal Moves
LP - Light punch
HP - Heavy punch
LK - Light kick
HK - Heavy kick
  • Other
P - Refers to either punch
K - Refers to either kick
PP - Refers to both punches
KK - Refers to both kicks
LP+LK/HP+HK - Taunt
  • Grabs/Throws
G - Grab (always the same regardless of direction)
236G - Running Grab
G, P/K - Irish Whip

Biff Slamkovich
The Great Oni
El Stingray
Alexander the Grater
Black Widow
Rip Saber
Jumbo Flapjack
Titanic Tim
Mike Haggar
King Rasta Mon
Victor Ortega
The Wraith
The Scorpion