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What is Ring of Destruction like?

seven⸸hchasm Today at 2:05 PM
I'm kind of interested in ringdest but have no idea where to start
makyurial's choice Today at 2:08 PM
by playing ringdest i imagine

Ring of Destruction, or RingDest for short, is an obscure old Capcom CPS2 fighting game themed around pro wrestling. Befitting this theme, everyone is a grappler and the whole game is super ugly. RingDest was released months after Super Street Fighter II Turbo, but included a bunch of innovations that would be popularized by other games. These include normal chains, teching, and run-canceling.

Despite being a Capcom game, this shares much more with SNK games, especially the King of Fighters series. You can combo into grabs, and your running jump is akin to a hyper hop. Naturally, you can expect a very fast-paced neutral game where players constantly move to secure a knockdown.

This game also features awesome art by Tetsuo Hara, most notable as the artist behind Fist of the North Star, or Hokuto no Ken. The music is also really good and memorable.

Unfortunately, Ring of Destruction remains one of Capcom's lesser known titles. It hasn't recieved any ports, though it's at least been acknowledged in SF3:2I and even SFV. This is because it takes place in the same shared universe as Street Fighter and Final Fight -- localization changes it from pre-Final Fight in Japan to post-Final Fight in the US.

Are there any communities for this game?

There unfortunately isn't much of a community for the game yet. Join our discord, the Ring of Discord, and give the game a go with your friends!

Why are there two names listed on the characters' pages?

Capcom USA, as they do, changed far more than they really needed to when localizing the game, and changed the name of every single character in the game except Rip Saber, Victor Ortega and The Wraith. Being an english-based (but obviously welcome to anybody) wiki, the USA names are preferred but both are perfectly fine.

The japanese, non-localized lore (character bios, timeframe, etc) is considered canon to the timeline of both the game and the 3-way shared universe of Final Fight /Slam Masters /Street Fighter.

Are there any visual references for the setups/combos?

There are a handful of combo videos, but no convenient place where they're sorted by character. Like the rest of this thing, we're working on it.

You can find one such example here, but it's a bit old and low-quality.

Another good combo video here, this one's a much easier watch.


What are the controls like?

Ring of Destruction has 5 buttons, with 4 normals - Light Punch, Heavy Punch, Light Kick, Heavy Kick; There is also a dedicated Grab button. You can dash towards or away from opponents by tapping 66 or 44, meaning there's no backdashing in a traditional sense.

Buttons are shortened to LP, HP, LK, HK, and G. In emulators, they're mapped as follows:
Button 1: G Button 2: LP Button 3: HP
Button 4: N/A Button 5: LK Button 6: HK

This game also has stun/dizzy (it's an old Capcom fighter), taunting (performed with LP+LK or HP+HK), and rage. The latter two increase your damage, and stack with each other.

How do you throw/tech throws?

After you press G and your grab connects, you have to press G again to throw the opponent sooner. You can also hold G for a more damaging, but slower and easier-to-tech throw.
Despite being called Super Slams, you don't have any meter you need to fill to use supers. This means you can go crazy and use supers as often as you can input them.

Each character has two basic throws, one used on standing opponents and one used on crouching opponents.
They also have one super, which works by the same rules -- input quickly to give them less time to tech, or hold for more damage.
Everyone can also perform an Irish Whip, which pushes the opponent to run into the ropes, by pressing any non-grab button.

Is there a tier list for this game?

There aren't currently agreed upon tiers, and putting a concise tier list together is difficult due to the extremely high damage, fast paced nature of the game and everyone in the roster being fairly competitively viable. The current, most common conception is of the top tier, ordered;

  • Rip Saber, Ortega, Haggar

... While everything below them is rather ambiguous, and varies from player to player. Generally speaking, pick whoever you like!


Is there training mode for this game?

Training mode is fairly easy to set up with either FBA or MAME. To make things as simple as possible though, we have a zip file already set up.
Download mame-rr-slammasters here.

Installation & Setup
  1. Download and unzip the "mame-rr-slammasters", put it somewhere you'll remember.
  2. Get a copy of "ringdest.zip" and place it in the "roms" folder located in folder you extracted "mame-rr-slammasters" to.
  3. Plug in your controller of choice now, as it will not register if you plug it in after you launch MAME.
  4. Launch "mame-rr.exe" and load "Ring of Destruction: Slammasters II (Euro 940902)"
  5. When the game starts, press the "Tab" key and navigate to "Input (this Game)" and bind your controls.
  6. To use cheats, press "Tab" and navigate to "Cheat".
  7. To view hitboxes or display inputs, press "Ctrl + L", in the next window select "Browse...", and select either "cps2-hitboxes.lua" or "input-display.lua".

Biff Slamkovich
The Great Oni
El Stingray
Alexander the Grater
Black Widow
Rip Saber
Jumbo Flapjack
Titanic Tim
Mike Haggar
King Rasta Mon
Victor Ortega
The Wraith
The Scorpion