Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II/Mechanics

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Game mechanics


The majority of light normals can be chained into other normals, regardless of whether they're punches or kicks. You can also run cancel any normal that you can chain. There's a window for chains that's move-specific, generally right after the active frames, so they're not as generous as other games. You can also special cancel some normals, and any special cancel will allow you to grab for a combo.
One notable input quirk: You can’t perform 46 or 28 specials by holding 4 or 2 first, respectively. Generally it’s easiest to start from 5 but you can also just mash 4646… or 2828… to get them out.

Grabs and Throws

Standing grabs have differing startup and recovery, but all have only 1 active frame. A running grab is also available, with 236G for a short version and 41236G for a long version, but has less effective range.

After your grab connects, press G again to throw, or do your super motion, then press G again.

Throw Tech

This was the first Capcom game to have throw techs - press G after being grabbed and you'll escape without taking damage. The tech window is at least 12 frames, but can be longer if the attacker presses G later. The tradeoff here is more damage for a delayed throw. However, you can't tech supers. Supers can be started as soon as a grab connects by buffering the motion, so they can become impossible to tech.


You can also tech the knockdown from a throw by pressing down just as you land (called "rebound" to avoid confusion). This will make your character flip back into the air, where they're invincible either until they land or press a jumping button; pressing any normal on the way down will immediately end your invincibility, so use with caution. It's not possible to rebound from throws that deal multiple hits based on mashing.


Pressing 66 will cause you to run towards the opponent, and 44 will make you run away. While running, you can attack, or stop by inputting the opposite direction or G. Stopping your run takes 8 frames, during which you can't do anything. Inputting 2 or 3 while running with 66 will keep running, and inputting 7/8/9 will make you jump forward.
While running, you have a set of running attacks, of which heavies always knock down, and none are cancelable. Characters may also have unique running jump normals (notated as 66j.X). Running into the ropes gives the player a brief invulnerability period and allows them to continuously run in the other direction after bouncing off.


Taunt by pressing LP+LK or HP+HK, increasing your damage for a bit. Your super slam gets a larger boost, and causes SUPER to flash on-screen. This SUPER buff will go away after landing certain attacks, or by getting hit or blocking. For example, Biff can combo 2LK xx G, 874G and get the taunt boost, but 2LK 2LK xx G, 874G will lose the boost.


It wouldn't feel like a Capcom game without stun. If you take enough hits quickly, you'll be dizzy for a few seconds and open to a punish. Stun is generally hard to come by unless you're really being rolled, but super throws feel like they deal a lot of it. However, you will be stunned instantly if hit out of a taunt. You can't tech out of grabs landed during stun.


Like stun, you gain this for being hit, but it carries over between matches. While in rage, your character will turn red and deal more damage. For each character, a special move will have its heavy version enhanced. These are listed on each character's page, and generally mean more hits and damage. Some characters even have stun combos relying on a rage move.


Every character’s prejump is 5 frames long, and throwable. When landing from an empty jump, you can block, move, or attack on the first frame. When landing from an air normal, there's 1 frame where you can't act. You can take advantage of this by putting out a good hitbox, like a sweep.

Character Stats

Not yet available. Characters do have different health/defense values and stun thresholds.

Biff Slamkovich
The Great Oni
El Stingray
Alexander the Grater
Black Widow
Rip Saber
Jumbo Flapjack
Titanic Tim
Mike Haggar
King Rasta Mon
Victor Ortega
The Wraith
The Scorpion