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Basic Movement

7 8 9     A B
4 5 6     C D
1 2 3     

This is the standard layout for the game, with numbers representing directions (think of the number pad on your keyboard) and a four-button layout.

Letters preceding some numbers mean the following:

  • j.A - Jump A
  • n.5A - Close standing A
  • u.5A - Disarmed standing A

Universal Mechanics

This list assumes the player is starting on the P1 side. All multi-button presses (A+B, B+C, etc) require that all buttons be pressed on the same frame.


66 - Forward Dash

44 - Backdash


S - Button to refer to any slash

A - Light Slash
B - Medium Slash
C - Heavy Slash

K - Kick


5/6C+D - Forwards Throw (Guard Break)

4C+D - Backwards Throw (Guard Break)

B+C - Universal Overhead


4/6 on wakeup - Tech Rolling

4 just before attack lands - Just Defense

A+B during just defense - Stance Break

A+B - Dodge

236A+B - Deflect


u.5A - Weapon Pickup

u.236A+B - Weapon Catch

Meter / Other

5A+B+C - Rage Explosion

5A+B+C during Rage Explosion - Lighting Blade (Issen)

236B+C with max Rage Meter or during Rage Explosion - Weapon Flipping Technique (WFT)

641236C+D - Super Special Move (SSM)

2B+C+D - Weapon Drop / Disarm

Samurai Shodown

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