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Is this game for me?

Do not play Samurai Shodown 2019 if...

  • You prefer games with a faster pace.
  • You want to combo and blockstring all day.
  • You like games where there are concrete walls not based around reads.
  • You like tight oki and setplay
  • You dislike having very heavy damage readily available if they read you correctly.
  • You dislike regular throws being strong
  • You dislike slowing down the pace to minimize risk

Do play if...

  • You like strong defensive options
  • You want a fighter without worrying about combos or blockstrings.
  • You get a real kick out of spacing and movement games.
  • You like being able to get huge damage off of a good read.
  • You like a decently sized diverse and varied cast that is well balanced.
  • You want something that's easy to pick up and mess around with.

Is Season Pass One free?

Season pass One was only available for free on PS4 outside Japan for a limited time right before the game's release in the west. Nowadays you'll have to pay for it.

I bought Season Pass Two on PS4 but I cant use Mina

Due to some issue with the PS Store, Season Pass Two had to be delayed so people was only able to acquire the first character (Mina) separately. Later on when the season pass was finally made available, they decided not to include Mina in it while making it cheaper that the first season pass. So you will have to get both Season Pass Two and Mina on PS4 for the full package

How do I find tech on Twitter?

Besides to the general hashtags #SamuraiShodown, #SamSho and #サムライスピリッツ, #サムスピ in Japanese, each character in the game has a specific hashtag which people should aim to use when posting tech for ease of searching. The rule of thumb is to start with #SS_ (for Samurai Spirits / Samurai Shodown) and append the first two letters of a character's name. In case of overlap, a different 2nd letter is picked. For example: Shiki (#SS_SH) and Shizumaru (#SS_SZ), Haohmaru (#SS_HA) and Hanzo (#SS_HZ), or Charlotte (#SS_CH) and Cham Cham (#SS_CC). The current list is as follows:

Character キャラクター Hashtag / ハッシュタグ
Basara Kubikiri 首斬り破沙羅 #SS_BA
Charlotte シャルロット #SS_CH
Cham Cham チャムチャム #SS_CC
Darli Dagger ダーリィ・ダガー #SS_DA
Earthquake アースクェイク #SS_EA
Galford ガルフォード #SS_GA
Genjuro Kibagami 牙神幻十郎 #SS_GE
Gongsun Li 公孫離 #SS_LI
Hanzo Hattori 服部半蔵 #SS_HZ
Haohmaru 覇王丸 #SS_HA
Hibiki Takane 高嶺 響 #SS_HI
Iroha いろは #SS_IR
Jubei Yagyu 柳生十兵衛 #SS_JU
Kazuki Kazama 風間火月 #SS_KA
Kyoshiro Senryo 千両狂死郎 #SS_KY
Mina Majikina 真鏡名ミナ #SS_MI
Nakoruru ナコルル #SS_NA
Rimururu リムルル #SS_RI
Shiki #SS_SH
Shizumaru Hisame 緋雨閑丸 #SS_SZ
Sogetsu Kazama 風間蒼月 #SS_SO
Tam Tam タムタム #SS_TA
Ukyo Tachibana 橘右京 #SS_UK
Wan-Fu 王虎 #SS_WA
Warden ウォーデン #SS_WD
Wu-Ruixiang 呉瑞香 #SS_WU
Yashamaru Kurama 鞍馬夜叉丸 #SS_YA
Yoshitora Tokugawa 徳川慶寅 #SS_YO
Samurai Shodown

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