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首斬り破沙羅, Kubikiri Basara


After donating not only all of his money, but also his very life to his favorite e-girl Twitch streamer, Basara returned as a ghost to offer her even more bodies in the hopes he'll finally get into her private Discord server.

Basara is supposed to be a tricky zoner with some interesting tools, but his gameplan revolves far more closely around irritating high/low pressure up close. He's got a few tricks up his sleeve, though. He's one of the two characters with the ability to guard cancel, has an amazing 5BC overhead and an equally amazing 2D that gives him access to midscreen fronthit TOD's if you can link it properly. Rounding out his close range mixup is a decent command grab that can also be a great point-blank guard cancel. While he’s not as strong as he is in other games due to the combo heavy nature of Samurai Shodown 3 and a lack of consistent damage outside of his difficult 2D combos, Basara can rush down like a monster and has great rewards for practicing his difficult combo links.

Slash Basara is the more well rounded of the two techniques. Slash has access to the infamous Nue Dama fireball and a moving, disjointed overhead that doubles as his main backhit combo tool. These attacks allow Basara to restrict his opponents movement, shut down projectile zoning, and open up combo routes and knockdowns in numerous situations.

Bust replaces these versatile tools with a teleporting DP that tracks the opponent but is obscenely unsafe, and a gimmicky fakeout. He can no longer control screen space nearly as effectively as in Slash, but he has a few more small tricks up his sleeve when it comes to rushing down thanks to the fakeout, but he gets less reward off of a clean hit. You do you if Bust is the way to go.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Simple, effective, and annoying rushdown gameplan
  • One of the best 2Ds in the game with a TOD combo to boot
  • Overall viability significantly boosted in Upper Grade Only matches
  • Slash has long range pressure and oki tools
  • Bust has a psuedo jump cancel and much more active WFT
  • Cannot be punished off of deflects
  • Has above average movement
  • Key normals have high startup, recovery, or both
  • Lacks combos overall
  • Suffers from Basara specific combos due to hitbox issues
  • Instantly dies to Amakusa's WFT
  • Slash's "good" tools aren't very good versions of them
  • Bust is gimmickier with fakeouts to distract the opponent
  • Bust's DP isn't very useful in normal gameplay, and can lead to him getting backhit


Damage taken Rage rate Rage duration Throw startup Deflect advantage Deflect disadvantage modifier
95% 87.5% 4 sec 14f +25 +8

Normal Moves

Far Slashes

  • (Properties) - Air unblockable.
  • (Description) - Basara stabs his hand forward. Standard jabbing normal.
  • (Properties) -
  • (Description) - Basara tosses his shuriken, going a little bit under halfscreen, hitting 3 times.
  • (Properties) - Air unblockable. Erases projectiles.
  • (Description) - Basara swings his shuriken forward. Doesn't go high enough to be an outstanding anti air, but is still a strong normal that can stun easily. It also keeps its hitbox on the way back.
  • (Properties) - Air unblockable.
  • (Description) - Crouching version of 5A.
  • (Properties) - Hits low.
  • (Description) - Basara swings his shuriken across the floor, hitting low. Shares its range, speed, and damage with 5B.
  • (Properties) - Air unblockable. Erases projectiles.
  • (Description) - Basara quickly swings his shuriken high above his head. Makes for a great anti air due to its quick startup, great range, and air unblockability. Sadly, it suffers from incredibly long recovery, making it a riskier option than 5C.

Near Slashes

  • (Properties) - Air unblockable.
  • (Description) - Close version of 5A.
  • (Properties) - Air unblockable. Cancellable. Deflectable.
  • (Description) - Basara swings the chain of his shuriken forward. A fairly standard normal. Unfortunately, Basara's close normals are faced with an interesting problem; the activation range for n.5B and n.2B is at points longer than the hitbox itself.
  • (Properties) - Air unblockable. Deflectable. Erases projectiles.
  • (Description) - Basara slashes the opponent with his shuriken, hitting twice. Following the pattern with his other C normals, this deals huge stun, making a n.5B or n.2B stun afterwards.
  • (Properties) - Air unblockable.
  • (Description) - Crouching version of n.5A.
  • (Properties) - Air unblockable. Deflectable.
  • (Description) - Crouching version of n.5B. Has the same activation range issue as n.5B.
  • (Properties) - Air unblockable. Erases projectiles.
  • (Description) - Basara swings his shuriken high in the air in front of him. Same application as 2C, and carries the same high stun as his other C normals.


  • (Properties) - Hits high.
  • (Description) - Moneymaker #1. The best 5BC overhead in the entire game, bar none. Goes fast, goes far, will hop over lows, irritatingly safe, and has a wonky hurtbox letting you slip through some situations. Absolutely abuse this.
  • (Properties) - Hits high.
  • (Description) - The same move as armed 5BC. Still amazing.


  • (Properties) -
  • (Description) - Not a very good move. You would think you could use it as an anti air, but it can be air blocked and will not hit grounded opponents. The only notable usage of this move is if it either hits or is blocked, you can cancel into j.236S as soon as you are about to land. It's a minor gimmick, but a gimmick nonetheless.
  • (Properties) - Air unblockable.
  • (Description) - What looks like a nifty overhead kick is, in reality, a completely useless normal. It actually does not hit overhead, and is too slow otherwise to be used for anything else. Avoid if possible.
  • (Properties) - Hits low.
  • (Description) - Moneymaker #2. The second best 2D in the game, this is one of the bigger reasons you play this character. Comes out lightning fast, has huge range for what it is, and opens up TOD's and mixups. Never stop abusing this.
  • (Properties) - Hits low. Cancellable.
  • (Description) - A fairly standard sweep, notable for its long range and active period. Used in the main 2D TOD setup as well as setting up for 421C oki as it can be special cancelled. Bust gets a different form of utility by cancelling into either 6464B or 6464D to bait punish attempts and possibly get another hit in. The special cancel window is too late to form an airtight command grab blockstring, sadly.

Jumping Normals

  • (Properties) - Hits high.
  • (Description) - Basara slices in front of himself with his shuriken. Outclassed as a jump in and air to air by j.C and j.D respectively.
  • (Properties) - Hits high.
  • (Description) - An aerial version of n.5B. Again, outclassed by j.C and j.D in both ways you could use it.
  • (Properties) - Hits high. Erases projectiles.
  • (Description) - Basara performs a larger, stronger version of j.A. Your best jump in due to its huge hitbox, fast startup, and damage. Sadly does not share the insane stun build of his other C normals.
  • (Properties) - Hits high.
  • (Description) - A standard aerial kick. Your best air to air thanks to its fast startup and horizontal range. Only other notable application is usage in the 2D TOD.

Dashing Normals

  • (Properties) - Air unblockable. Cancellable. Deflectable.
  • (Description) - Essentially just 5A and n.5B chained together. Only cancellable on the second hit.
  • (Properties) - Air unblockable. Deflectable.
  • (Description) - Basara shoulder bashes the opponent, knocking them across the screen.
  • (Properties) - Unblockable. Knocks down.
  • (Description) - Standard universal unblockable. Slash might find some use for this when combined with Nue Dama.
  • (Properties) - Deflectable.
  • (Description) - Probably one of the worst moves in the game. Despite swinging his leg super high into the air, the hitbox is only directly in front of him and even on hit you still fly backwards, making it unsafe no matter what. Never ever use this.

Unarmed Normals

  • (Properties) - Air unblockable.
  • (Description) - Just 5A.
  • (Properties) - Air unblockable.
  • (Description) - Just 2A.
  • (Properties) - Hits high.
  • (Description) - Basara swipes downward with his hand, similar to the j.C animation.
  • (Properties) - Air unblockable. Deflectable.
  • (Description) - Just 66B. Yes, an unarmed attack that can be deflected. It's not like you'll ever get punished if you get deflected as Basara anyways.

Command Moves

- 「Sankaku Tobi」 - j.3/6/9 near wall
  • (Description) - Basara jumps off the wall behind him, can be good for escaping the corner. You've got your big dumb j.C and air shuriken toss, so swing away.
- 「Sashi Ashi」 - j.2D (can be used unarmed)
  • (Properties) - Hits high.
  • (Description) - Basara summons a little puffball at his feet and bounces off of the opponent on hit, after which he can attack again. Holding left or right determines the direction Basara bounces in. Must be done at the apex or later of your jump, or after airblocking.
- 「Toukotsu Wari」 - j.1/3D (can be used unarmed)
  • (Properties) - Hits high.
  • (Description) - Basara does an aerial version of his 5BC, which knocks down on hit. Generally exists to come out when you try to do Sashi Ashi before the apex of your jump.

Special Moves


- 「Chisashi」 - 236S
  • (Properties) - Hits high. Air blockable. Knockdown.
  • (Description) - Basara tosses his shuriken at an angle, knocking down on hit before flying back to him. Button strength determines the angle at which its tossed. Sadly, it cannot be used as an anti air due to being air blockable for some reason.
- 「Sorasashi」 - j.236S
  • (Properties) - Hits high. Air blockable. Knockdown.
  • (Description) - Aerial version of Chisashi, thrown at a down/forward diagonal angle. Heavier versions are thrown at a more shallow angle, with light going almost straight down. Like most other air specials, this can only be done at the peak of a jump, or from a backdash, but backdash shurikens won't really hit anyone. You're sent backwards after the shuriken comes back and landing recovery is long, so this can be easily punished on block/whiff. This can't be done near a wall, thanks to the input overlapping with his wall jump. This can mess with Bust's backhit combo.
- 「Kage Sui」 - 214D (can be used unarmed)
  • (Description) - Basara melts into the shadows and can move around underneath the stage, reappearing shortly afterwards. While vulnerable on startup, it has zero vulnerable recovery, making it an interesting movement option.
- 「Tomobiki」 - 41236A
  • (Properties) - Unblockable. Knockdown.
  • (Description) - A standard command grab. Does little damage, and sadly Basara has no guaranteed way to set up an unjumpable command grab, but still useful for mixups or guard cancels. The guard cancel utility of this move is especially good against characters who try to blockstring into command grabs, because the active frame has throw invulnerability. Done as quickly as possible, guard cancelling into Tomobiki can completely win against these sequences.


- 「Kage Nui」 - 63214S
  • (Properties) - Hits high. Air unblockable. Knockdown.
  • (Description) - Basara summons his shuriken at a point on the screen, traveling forwards and hitting overhead. Button strength determines location and speed. This move has an interesting property where if it hits only the front of an opponent while you're behind them, it will stagger instead of knocking down, allowing for combos on back hit.
- 「Nue Dama」 - 421C
  • (Properties) - Air blockable.
  • (Description) - The puffball/Oreo. Basara winds up and tosses a ball of energy that slowly travels and slightly tracks the opponent. Not the oki monster it is in other games thanks to the huge recovery, but can still be useful after a long range knockdown or cancelled into after 3D connects. Will also set up a guaranteed 41236A if they block it, or a guard break with 5C or n.5C if they airblock it.
- WFT「Kage Mai: Mukui」 - 412364AB
  • (Properties) - Air unblockable. Knockdown.
  • (Description) - Basara hops backwards before shooting across the screen and doing a flashy combo on hit. The hitbox extends quite a bit higher than Basara himself, letting you use it for long range punishes, anti airing, and a hard callout vs grabs due to the initial hop making you airborne. He also flies over most projectiles during the travel time. Sadly not an overhead, but fairly good regardless. Expect to die if this gets blocked.


- 「Kage Ide」 - 623S
  • (Properties) - Air unblockable.
  • (Description) - Basara melts into the ground in an animation similar to 214D, and reappears underneath the opponent with a DP style attack. No invincibility to speak of on startup or after coming out of the ground, and button strength only changes the recovery and startup, although the recovery animation of 623C can cross up some characters. Along with all of this, if the opponent moves even slightly forwards, they'll go right past you and get a free back hit combo. Useful for punishing projectile startups from long range and nothing else.
- 「Kage Damashi」 - 6464A/B/C/D
  • (Description) - Basara summons a shadow clone to perform an action and disappear. Completely useless as a real mixup since you can't actually move while any clones are out, and in the one move where Basara himself moves, the camera will follow you and give you away. Best used as a super situational guard cancel to jump out of pressure, cancel his sweep to bait/avoid punishes, or as a part of his sole back hit combo.
  • (A version) - Clone Basara jumps forward.
  • (B version) - Clone Basara neutral jumps.
  • (C version) - Clone Basara walks forward. (Faster than the real one can, even.)
  • (D version) - Real Basara neutral jumps.
- WFT「Kage Mai: Yumebiki」 - 412364BC
  • (Properties) - Air unblockable. Knockdown.
  • (Description) - Similar to Slash's, with a few minor differences. Basara doesn't hop as high in the air, and will go much farther horizontally and stay active the entire time. You can literally fly into the corner, hang there for a little while, and your opponent can still get hit if they try to punish too early. It also looks a whole lot cooler.



When you pick Basara, you might be tempted to play him the way he was meant to be played; as a zoner. This is actually a terrible idea. His buttons are too slow to recover and way too risky to toss on a guess in neutral, especially at close-mid range where they would all comfortably land. What you want to do is rush down. Go in, get in, and don't stop going in.

To help you with this task, you've got the best BC overhead and the 2nd best 2D in the game. This, combined with 41236A is your mixup. All 3 of these options are lightning fast and set up for the other one to hit next. Just hit them with 5BC? Now you're in range for 41236A. Hit them with 41236A? If they roll into you or back into the corner you start pressuring with 2D. They get hit OR block 2D? Do 5BC again. I think you see where this is going.

On top of this, Basara is 1 of the 2 characters with access to guard cancels. Sadly, a lot of your options aren't the best. 41236A, 214D, and WFT are generally your best options for this. 41236A in particular will help get out of a lot of command throw blockstrings, thanks to featuring throw invulnerability on its active frame.

Getting Deflected

Basara doesn't have a lot of deflectable slashes, but he's still got that nasty +8 deflect disadvantage modifier. To counteract that, Basara straight up has no hurtboxes in his animation when getting deflected. This means he is completely unpunishable even if he gets deflected. Lucky you.

The Weakest Defense in Zansam

Looking at his defense value on paper, you think Basara's doing fine for himself in this game. But a major problem with him is that he takes extra hits in specific situations. He's vulnerable to unique juggles, especially from back hits when he's disarmed. This results in such occurrences as Amakusa's WFT potentially killing him in one hit, or taking an extra hit from Slash Hanzo's WFT from behind. Slash Gaira can stun just by using n.5B xx 623C, because the 623C hits twice on its final swing against Basara.


Slash thankfully got the long end of the stick. 63214S and 421C are both great tools for him. 63214S can be a tricky overhead you can use to snuff zoning and opens up combo routes. 421C can help you get in by providing not only a way to cover a risky option, but also activates proximity guard as long as its on the screen. This means their only options are forward into the 5BC/2D/41236A blender, or to jump and block it letting you get a free guard break with 5C. And if they block it on the ground, you get a free 41236A.


Bust, however, certainly got the short end. Both of his unique specials are pretty terrible. 6464S is practically useless for actually mixing up. It instead functions as a situational guard cancel and psuedo jump cancel mixup. This "jump cancel" is mostly limited to trying to avoid punishes on your blocked 3D, since your combos on front hit consist purely of of 2D reps into 3D. 623S has situational use for punishing projectile startup from fullscreen, but due to it's long startup, you've got to do it pretty early. On top of that, if they walk forward even a little bit, you miss them completely and they get a free back hit combo. Thankfully, he does have one advantage over Slash. His WFT, on top of looking much cooler, will also stay active longer and travels lower to the ground, making it more consistent vs close opponents. If you pick Bust, just stick to 5BC/2D/41236A pressure. You're essentially worse Slash as is.



Corner front hit ToD: 5BC 2Dx5 3D [stun] jC 2Dx7
This combo takes advantage of a character specific link against crouching Rimururu and crouching Basara (lol). You need to get the link timing for 2D 3D, space your jC as low to the ground as you can, as well as nail the timing for rapid fire 2D links in order to make good on this.


Back hit BnB: n.5B xx 63214A
Not in the corner? Land a back hit? This is all you get.
Corner back hit ToD: n.5B xx 63214B [microwalk] n.5B [stun] [circle step] j.C WFT
If you circle step as they get knocked down, they aren’t able to mash out of stun in time and will get by j.C no matter what. If you don’t have rage, do j.C 63214A. Can be done reliably off of a back throw into the corner as well. Note that Amakusa's hurtbox is weird and makes 63214S knock down so he can't be hit by this combo.
Midscreen front hit ToD: 2Dx6 3D [stun] 421C j.D 2Dx9 3D
The 3D in the first sequence knocks the enemy back near the corner where 421C will hit them just before they get hit by j.D. the 2D and 3D sequences are all very tight links and require a lot of practice. Here's a video of the combo in action.


Back hit BnB: n.5B xx 6464D j.236C
Doesn't work if Basara's back is to the corner thanks to his wall jump overlapping with the shuriken toss command. At least it looks cool.

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