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首切り 破沙羅, Kubikiri Basara


The youkai out for revenge for his murdered wife. OYASUMIIIIII will never be the same.

As a character, Basara is all about strange movement mixups, keeping his opponent at specific ranges due to his weapon being on a chain, abusing the hell out of his 236c puff move and command throw, and generally bouncing around like a goon. He is one of the few characters in the game with a walljump. Unfortunately, the moderate damage and movement options also mean he takes increased damage from everything in the game, 130%.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Normals have great reach.
  • THE PUFF combined with command grab can be very stifling for opponents to get out of.
  • Fast and tricky movement.
  • All manner of fakeouts to make the opponent react poorly.
  • Surprisingly high damage.
  • Zoning is nontraditional but can be quite powerful.
  • Great mixups after you get the opponent to respect your options.
  • He dies if he gets hit. He straight up dies.
  • Reversal options are largely telegraphed and unsafe.
  • Fakeouts have noticeable tells if the opponent is looking for them.
  • Most of his normals aren't good for up close defense outside of mashing.
  • His defense is just really not that great.
  • Requires a lot of hard work and perfect play to get the most out of his tools.
  • His overheads are a lot more threatening than his lows.
  • It bears repeating that he takes a LOT of damage.


  • Damage taken: 130%
  • Rage duration: 20 seconds
  • Amount to rage: 16
  • Walk speed: 480
  • Backwalk speed: 416
  • Dash speed: 880(1792) (Basara's dash starts slow then accelerates)
  • Dash strike invuln frames: 6-23, 33-50
  • Backdash: 32 frames total, 25-32 grounded, 2 frames startup invuln
  • Jump duration: 45 frames
  • Width: 24
  • Throw range: 12
  • Throw recovery: 42 frames
  • Tier placing: B


Far Slashes

Ss5sp basara 5A.png
Damage Guard Cancel Invul Property Level
3 Mid 1~2(2) - - Weak
Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Backhit Adv Block Adv
5 2 8 0 0 -5

Quick short range jab tool. One of Basara's fastest normals and one of the few normals he has that does not have a disjointed hurtbox.

Ss5sp basara 5B.png
Damage Guard Cancel Invul Property Level
5,5,5 Mid 1~8(8) - - Medium
Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Backhit Adv Block Adv
12 1 - +1 +9 -11

Basara throws his weapon horitontally at arm-level. Reaches about halfscreen and hits three times along the way. Has high recovery for a medium and you can suffer immensely for throwing this out at the wrong time. High risk, low reward, and generally not even as useful as the crouching variant.

Ss5sp basara 5AB.png
Damage Guard Cancel Invul Property Level
26 Mid 1~5(5) - - Heavy
Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Backhit Adv Block Adv
16 24 19 -3 +7 -34

Good range heavy, but still quite punishable by most on block. Has some use in mixups. Destroys most projectiles, for what it's worth.

Ss5sp basara 2A.png
Damage Guard Cancel Invul Property Level
3 Mid 1~2(2) - - Weak
Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Backhit Adv Block Adv
5 2 5 +3 +3 -2

Quick crouching jab. A fast normal that can be used as a defensive tool when the opponent is up close since recovery is so quick.

Ss5sp basara 2B.png
Damage Guard Cancel Invul Property Level
5,5,5 Low 1~5(5) - - Medium
Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Backhit Adv Block Adv
15 1 - +1 +9 -11

Horizontal weapon throw that glides along the ground. Hits low three times, which sometimes throws people off for slight damage. Again, the hitbox disappears once the weapon is returning, and Basara is vulnerable. Use with care. The low-hitter you need for mixups.

Ss5sp basara 2AB.png
Damage Guard Cancel Invul Property Level
30 Mid 1~3(3) - - Heavy
Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Backhit Adv Block Adv
24 16 44 -21 -11 -51

A midrange anti-air heavy with tremendous startup and even worse recovery. Outdone as a punish by 5AB and as anti-air by the 236S series.

Near Slashes

Ss5sp basara n5A.png
Damage Guard Cancel Invul Property Level
3 Mid 1~2(2) - - Weak Attack
Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Backhit Adv Block Adv
5 2 7 +1 +1 -4

Fast jab attack. The attack to use if you want to push them away a little bit and you need a decent hitbox. Not deflectable.

Ss5sp basara n5B.png
Damage Guard Cancel Invul Property Level
8 Mid 1~2(2) / 10~23(14) - Deflectable (Medium),
Weapon Clash 9(9) / 12~14(3)
Medium Attack
Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Backhit Adv Block Adv
10 2 23 -7 +1 -9

Attack with the chain. Not the best option to use at this distance.

Ss5sp basara n5AB.png
Damage Guard Cancel Invul Property Level
28 Mid 1~5(5) - Deflectable (Heavy),
Weapon Clash 16~18(3)
Heavy Attack
Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Backhit Adv Block Adv
19 4 25 +8 +18 -21

The punish with the better hitbox. Very unwise to use in any other situation.

Ss5sp basara n2A.png
Damage Guard Cancel Invul Property Level
3 Mid 1~2(2) - - Weak Attack
Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Backhit Adv Block Adv
5 2 5 +3 +3 -2

Very similar to n.5A, slightly lower hitbox.

Ss5sp basara n2B.png
Damage Guard Cancel Invul Property Level
8 Mid 1~4(4) / 15~22(8) - Deflectable (Medium),
Weapon Clash 13~14(2) / 23~25(3)
Medium Attack
Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Backhit Adv Block Adv
15 8 15 -5 +3 -9

Essentially no use, just like the standing version. Takes just as long to start as n.2AB, less damage.

Ss5sp basara n2AB.png
Damage Guard Cancel Invul Property Level
16, 18 Mid 1~3(3) - - Heavy Attack
Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Backhit Adv Block Adv
15 - 42 +7 +15 -19

Slightly faster startup than n.5AB, but hits twice which can be bad.


Ss5sp basara 5BC.png

Low invulnerability, fairly mid range overhead.

Ss5sp basara u5BC.png


Ss5sp basara 5C.png
An upward kick which has at least one use: to stop Enja jumpins.
Ss5sp basara 6C.png
Properties: Hits high.
A delayed kick that moves upward and forward before the active frames.
Ss5sp basara 2C.png
Pissant kick. Great at close range interrupting and not much else.
Ss5sp basara 3C.png
Knockdown kick.


Ss5sp basara jA.png
Sometimes used as a quick aerial when there's not enough time for j.AB. Has some neat properties including a tendency to crossup.
Ss5sp basara jB.png
Ss5sp basara jAB.png
An excellent air heavy that makes deephitting trivially easy, although it's even better as air-to-air. Can cross up rarely.
Ss5sp basara jC.png
Ss5sp basara j3C.png
properties: Knockdown
Flipkick. Basara flips over in the air and bonks you on the head. Instant knockdown, can instantly do a 8bc if it lands in corner. (not sure what this is used for if someone else can fill this out)


Ss5sp basara 66A.png
Shoulder ram. Fantastic for applying sudden pressure. It might catch low-flying enemies without the risks of 66AB.
Ss5sp basara 66B.png
Overhead. Has a high delay but is also cancellable into the 623C command grab.
Ss5sp basara 66AB.png
Wide arcing circular slash with high recovery. Good as a split second punish if you know they can't block it. If they do block it, you can try to be cheeky, because it has a cancel window during the recovery for some reason. You can't make any combos with this, but you might catch an overzealous punish or two.
Ss5sp basara 66C.png
Low-hitting kick. The pitiful damage doesn't justify the mixup capabilities.


Ss5sp basara u5S.png
Ss5sp basara u2S.png
Ss5sp basara ujS.png
Ss5sp basara u66S.png


Ss5sp basara 2BC.png
Small Pursuit - 2BC:
Guaranteed after a succesful WFT (236CD)
Ss5sp basara 8BC.png
Big Pursuit - 8BC:
Requires godlike timing, but usable after a puff hits them out of the air or 66C.


Ss5sp basara 216D.png
Deflect - 216D:
Ss5sp basara wpickup.png
Weapon Pickup - 5A:
Ss5sp basara startx3.png
Taunt Disarm - Start Start Start:
You can sometimes disarm yourself after deploying a puff with 236+C but before it connects.


Ss5sp basara 236S.png
Chisashi - 236S
Basara throws his blade out at an angle above him, distance depending on A/B/AB. 236A is closest, just below 5B range, 236B goes a little over half, 236AB will travel full screen.
If blocked before circling down, the weapon immediately heads home. The hitbox of the blade otherwise disappears shortly after beginning the return trip. For this reason, if it travels over them without being blocked, it can pose a double threat if it circles down immediately behind them. Despite appearances however this attack can never cross up and only hits mid.
Ss5sp basara j236S.png
Sorasashi - j.236S
This is like Basara's 236S attack from the ground, except performed from the air and angled downwards. Can only be tossed from the height of the jump, and like all the attacks from the air, is an overhead. j.236A tosses the blade almost directly downwards, just slightly in front of Basara. j.236B comes out from a 45 degree angle and will hit just a little past midscreen. j.236AB moves almost completely horizontally.
GIMMICK MODE: j.236AB can be used off a backdash from Basara for a super fast nearly fullscreen overhead. You can catch people trying to chase you with this occasionally, but faster characters can reliably punish on block or whiff.
ANNOYING MODE: This move is damn near impossible to use from the corner in the air (not that you'd want to) because Basara has a walljump that is activated by hitting 6.
Ss5sp basara 236C.png
Nuedama - 236C
THE PUFF. Basara pauses for a second and throws a big purple puff that travels upwards in an arc and homes in on the enemy. Its range is about one full screen, although it can still be backed away from when you walk forward. This move is amazing. It is Basara's main zoning tool, because if you keep the other character at a good distance it is very hard to punish and gives you an amazing tool to work with for your own pressure. NEVER TOSS THIS IF THE OTHER CHARACTER IS CLOSE TO YOU, the startup is long and they are going to hit you. They will hit you. It will give them counterhit bonus and it is going to hit. Seriously, this move opens up ALL of Basara's pressure game. If you're standing more than half a screen away it's time to start thinking about THE PUFF. Basara can also setup an unblockable scenario like Genjuro and Sogetsu with this move.
GIMMICK MODE: Dash forward, hop behind opponent the second before the puff lands, hit 5ab, enjoy too much damage for such a stupid trick.
Ss5sp basara 623C.png
Tomobiki - 623C
Basara's command throw. Basara grabs the opponent and pulls them down into a pit of shadow before his blade, a squirt of blood, and the opponent come flying back out of it. Using it out of a roll can be a good option as with any command grab, and it can punish people who start standing still from THE PUFF. The range is a little bit (not by much) further than a CD throw. Unlike most other command grabs, the damage of this grab is influenced by both Rage and the Sword Gauge, and these factors can influence the damage of the move pretty dramatically.
Ss5sp basara 623S.png
Kage Ide - 623S
Basara teleport DP. Basara drops into a pit like his 214c move and instantly appears in front of the other character with a leaping slash. The damage doesn't seem to change on the slash used (a/b/ab), so I guess it just depends on how high you feel like going before the other person hits you for using this not really all that good DP. This also whiffs constantly if the other person is moving. Its best use is going around projectiles to hit your opponent the instant they recover, but not really the best option you have the majority of the time.
Also has a mild potential for chip deaths, but this is stifled by the fact that if they move at all while you are underground, they'll likely only take one tick of damage. Good as a surprise or longshot attack only.
Ss5sp basara j2C.png
Sashiashi - j.2C
Puff-foot. Basara sticks his foot straight down and it glows with a purple energy and bounces back up into the air on hit or block. It has a fairly deep and disjointed hitbox, giving it some utility for stuffing antiairs. Not a lot of blockstun on this, but can be used to cross up for a little bit of damage, and the recovery bouncing you back into the air means you can catch people trying to poke you when you're coming back down. This move can actually make Basara step on and bounce off of quite a few projectiles, namely Tam Tam's skulls, Sogetsu's bubbles, Haohmaru's and Rasetsumaru's tornados, Hanzo's fire, Genjuro's cards, Gaira's Katsu, Kyoshiro's Ootsunami, Nakoruru's Mamahaha, and even Mizuki's and Kusaregedo's WFTs. Click here for a video showcase. You have to land right on top of the projectile though, if you're too far off center it won't work. You can also control the direction of your jump after a stomp. Not a great move, but not awful and it's available while disarmed.
Ss5sp basara 421S.png
Kage Damashi - 421x
Basara shadow fakeout, an important move to get used to using with Basara, as it allows for a ton of opportunities for actually moving/punishing people trying to hit the clone/etc. It recovers fast, it cancels from roll, it's good. It's also available while disarmed. Keep in mind that the clones have a bit of a telegraph, in that they don't cast a shadow like Basara himself, and they won't cause the screen to zoom or pan like it would if Basara were actually moving.
  • 421A - Basara clone jumps forward
  • 421B - Basara clone jumps straight up
  • 421C - Basara clone jumps backwards
  • 421AB - Basara clone walks forwards
  • 421BC - Basara clone dashes forwards
  • 421AC - Basara clone rolls forwards
  • 421BD - Basara clone does a 214c shadow hole forward
Ss5sp basara 214C.png
Kage Sui - 214C
Basara drops into a pit, which you can then move by holding C. This move is not really that great, it's startup is somewhat quick but the recovery is NOT. Basara is not hittable while in the pit but they're going to hit you when you pop back up. Mainly a gimmick but undoubtedly has a variety of novel uses. Available while disarmed.
Ss5sp basara 236CD.png
Kagemai: Yumebiki - 236CD - WFT
Basara's WFT. This is actually a pretty decent WFT if you can hit confirm off the puff. Basara hops back then dashes forward very quickly delivering a flurry of punches and slashes before ending by grabbing the opponent and making a big slash with his shuriken blade thing. His dead wife's portrait shows up in the after image of the slash, isn't that sweet. The hop back is melee invul as well so you can use it to counter people being really obvious with moves.
Very unsafe if blocked, but if you made a PUFF right before doing this, you might besafe as they will have to keep blocking a bit longer.



  • 236S 8BC
  • 66AB 8BC
  • 6C 2BC
  • 3C 2BC
  • n.5B xx 236A 8BC
Tall characters only.
  • j.[1/3/6]C 8BC
  • 236C ABC 5AB (unblockable)


  • n.5AB link 5AB 2BC
  • 5C link 5AB 2BC

Puff Mixups

  • 236C...
  • 668BC
If they jump into it, you can heavy pursuit if you are close enough
  • 663D->623C
Roll cancel into cmd grab, inescapable if they stand still
  • 5AB
Pretty safe and if they try to dash at you, they will eat both attacks
  • 2B
Low-hitting variant
  • 66B
High-hitting variant
  • 66CD
Another kind of grab attempt
  • 669...
Jump-in pressure, warning: not invincible
  • j.AB->5AB
  • j.AB->236+CD
Deep hitting is the best possible outcome if they are also hit by the puff
  • j.A
Much easier time if you are trying to crossup
  • 236CD
The puff can prevent some characters from punishing your super attempts
  • 421S
Bait an attack, careful with this
  • Wait
the oldest trick in the book
  • ABC
Unblockable with the right positioning

Time Slow



Basara is the character that requires you to know all options he has and always controlling the situation, as well as flow of the entire match. In good hands, this guy is extremely dangerous, and I'd even say that he's not for beginners either. Having solid options for opening up the opponent, you'll want to prevent dumb turtling with Basara, and it's pretty necessary in some matchups, like against Ukyo, who likes to sit out his lead in the corner. But your mixups are sometimes or even mostly stronger than your opponent's attempts to win by life lead. Also, you have almost godlike space control, but it's pretty unsafe if you're careless about it. When the opponent tries to pressurize you, there's (j.)236, 2/5AB, puff and 2B in your pocket, and these options are intuitive, excluding special situations or advanced things you can pull out, so there's chance that even Basara can turtle at some moments. Speaking about brute offense, if I can call it like that, this character hasn't much to do simple pressure, maybe except of dash-ins or close jump-ins that are not safe either, and there's roll cancel to cmd grab trick, which you can abuse sometimes, though it doesn’t always succeed.

Frame Data

Move Damage Startup Active Total Cancel Weapon
Guard Notes
5A 3 5 2 15 1~2(2) - +0 +0 -5 Mid Weak attack
5B 5, 5, 5 12 1 49 1~8(8) - +1 +9 -11 Mid Medium attack
5AB 26 16 24 59 1~5(5) - -3 +7 -34 Mid Heavy attack
2A 3 5 2 12 1~2(2) - +3 +3 -2 Mid Weak attack
2B 5, 5, 5 15 1 51 1~5(5) - +1 +9 -11 Low Medium attack
2AB 30 24 16 84 1~3(3) - -21 -11 -51 Mid Heavy attack
n.5A 3 5 2 14 1~2(2) - +1 +1 -4 Mid Weak attack
n.5B 8 10 2 35 1~2(2) / 10~23(14) 9(9) / 12~14(3) -7 +1 -9 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
n.5AB 28 19 4 48 1~5(5) 16~18(3) +8 +18 -21 Mid Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
n.2A 3 5 2 12 1~2(2) - +3 +3 -2 Mid Weak attack
n.2B 8 15 8 38 1~4(4) / 15~22(8) 13~14(2) / 23~25(3) -5 +3 -9 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
n.2AB 16, 18 15 x 57 1~3(3) - +7 +15 -19 Mid Heavy attack
5C 6 9 10 35 1~2(2) / 33~35(3) - +11 +21 -21 Mid Heavy attack
6C 7 29 4 39 1~2(2) - KD KD -5 High Medium attack Knockdown attack
2C 2 3 2 13 1~2(2) - +0 +0 -5 Low Weak attack
3C 6 12 5 39 38~39(2) - KD KD -22 Low Knockdown attack
j.A 6 7 2 30 x - -- -- -- High Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
j.B 11 15 4 27 x - -- -- -- High Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
j.AB 26 14 3 33 x - -- -- -- High Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
j.C 4 14 10 33 x - -- -- -- High Weak attack
ju.C 4 14 10 33 x - -- -- -- High Weak attack
5BC 14 20 8 44 x - KD KD -18 High Medium attack Knockdown attack
u.5BC 14 20 8 44 x - KD KD -18 High Medium attack Knockdown attack
66A 8 4 10 25 1~3(3) - -3 +5 -16 Mid Medium attack
66B 11 20 7 39 12~17(6) - KD KD -14 High Medium attack Knockdown attack
66AB 16 12 4 59 1~4(4) / 34~59(26) - KD KD -42 Mid Knockdown attack
66C 6 12 5 30 x - KD KD -13 Low Knockdown attack
u.5S 3 7 2 16 1~4(4) - +1 +1 -4 Mid Weak attack
u.2S 3 7 2 18 1~4(4) - -1 -1 -6 Mid Weak attack
ju.S 4 8 2 29 x - -- -- -- High Medium attack
u.66S 8 4 10 25 1~3(3) - KD KD -16 Mid Knockdown attack
u.66C 6 12 5 30 x - KD KD -13 Low Knockdown attack
2BC 4 14 5 30 1~4(4) / 28~30(3) - -- -- -- Mid
u.2BC 4 14 5 30 1~4(4) / 28~30(3) - -- -- -- Mid
8BC 11 41 3 84 x - -- -- -- Mid
u.8BC 11 41 3 84 x - -- -- -- Mid
Toukotsu Wari - j.1/3C 8 11 x x x - KD KD -- High Medium attack Knockdown attack
6 damage second half
Sashiashi - j.2C 16 3 x x x - ?? ?? ?? High Heavy attack
Chisashi - 236A 17 12 40 77 x - KD KD -24 Mid Knockdown attack
Chisashi - 236B 17 14 42 88 x - KD KD -24 Mid Knockdown attack
Chisashi - 236AB 17 16 47 100 x - KD KD -24 Mid Knockdown attack
Sorasashi - j.236A 17 8 37 x x - KD KD ?? High Medium attack Knockdown attack
Sorasashi - j.236B 17 8 37 x x - KD KD ?? High Medium attack Knockdown attack
Sorasashi - j.236AB 17 12 37 x x - KD KD ?? High Medium attack Knockdown attack
Nuedama - 236C 10 35 x 48 x - +25 +33 +0 Mid
Kage Ide - 623A 1, 25 33 2 88 x - KD KD -45 Mid Knockdown attack
1-11f throw invincible
12-30f full invincible
Kage Ide - 623B 1, 25 30 2 93 x - KD KD -53 Mid Knockdown attack
1-11f throw invincible
12-27f full invincible
Kage Ide - 623AB 1, 25 27 2 104 x - KD KD -67 Mid Knockdown attack
1-11f throw invincible
12-24f full invincible
Kage Sui - 214C x x x 70 x - -- -- -- Mid 12-55f full invincible
Kage Sui - u.214C x x x 74 x - -- -- -- Mid 16-29f full invincible
Tomobiki - 623C 23 6 3 46 x - KD KD KD Mid
Kage Damashi - 421x x x x 33 x - -- -- -- Mid
Kagemai: Yumebiki - 236CD 30 24 19 63 x - KD KD -54 Mid 1-19f full invincible
20-40f lower body invincible
Samurai Shodown V Special



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