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シャルロット, Charlotte


Heads were rollin', especially her namesake's.

Charlotte is doing well for herself in this game. Having inherited most of the moves from both her slash and bust forms from samsho4, she has a very solid bag of tools to work with and is consistently rated in the higher tiers, typically just below top tier if not in it. She might not be the most mobile character, but with her abilities you won't really need it in most matchups. Invariably, she has good options as long as time is on her side. It's hard but if I had to name one overarching flaw, it would be either her lack of a dominating heavy, or the fact that so many of her important moves are deflectable, while at the same time she loses the most armor when disarmed. The latter isn't much of a concern though especially in low level play.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Very versatile. Has a tool for most occasions.
  • A simple character to learn and play.
  • Has a solid move set, that works especially well at mid to long range. Even when unarmed, her options are better than you'd expect.
  • Not as effective in close range as she is in mid and long.
  • Prone to being weapon deflected/caught.
  • Becomes very fragile when unarmed.


  • Damage taken: 95%
  • Rage duration: 12 seconds
  • Amount to rage: 18
  • Walk speed: 480
  • Backwalk speed: 416
  • Dash speed: 1248
  • Jump duration: 40 frames
  • Width: 24
  • Throw range: 12


Far Slashes

Ss5sp charlotte 5A.png
Properties: Deflectable.
A fast, straightforward jab, with the reach characteristic of Charlotte's pokes. This particular normal is mainly filler though.
Ss5sp charlotte 5B.png
Properties: Deflectable.
Possibly her best normal poke, although with only average damage associated with it. Still, it's more or less her strongest non-heavy. When in doubt, throw it out. You can also get some mileage out of the recoil cancels here.
Ss5sp charlotte 5ABa.png
Ss5sp charlotte 5ABb.png
Properties: Deflectable.
A pretty good heavy, but not for the usual reasons. This slash is an inverted triangle shape, with the horizontal bar nice and high in the air, ready to crunch anyone trying to get a jump in. If this had any less startup, it would be godly.
Ss5sp charlotte 2A.png
Properties: Deflectable.
A very crisp and clean poke, highly advisable for safe attacking against grounded opponents that are in range of it.
Ss5sp charlotte 2B.png
Properties: Deflectable.
Another decent poke, especially good for shorties at near-mid range.
Ss5sp charlotte 2ABa.png
Ss5sp charlotte 2ABb.png
Properties: Deflectable.
A slow heavy that might be better at connecting some things, but in the general gameplan is not needed.

Near Slashes

Ss5sp charlotte n5A.png
Quick pommel strike jab.
Ss5sp charlotte n5B.png
A slash, but somewhat slow for the task. It does have a very relevant use though: you cancel-chain this into super when raged.
Ss5sp charlotte n5AB.png
A strong punishing slash. Unfortunate amounts of startup and reduced range may disappoint as compared to the far standing version.
Ss5sp charlotte n2A.png
The standing near with different hitbox.
Ss5sp charlotte n2B.png
A bit faster and smaller than the standing counterpart but otherwise similar.
Ss5sp charlotte n2ABa.png
Ss5sp charlotte n2ABb.png
A heavy more likely to get the punish done if you're too close for the triangle 5AB.


Ss5sp charlotte 5BC.png
One of the "planted" overhead attacks, and a non-knockdown at that. Generally has more benefits than ills, as without all the landing recovery, you can sometimes take advantage of the hitstun of your BC.
Ss5sp charlotte u5BC.png


Ss5sp charlotte 5C.png
A forward-moving knee attack that will push Charlotte into nearby grounded characters and momentarily make it hard for them to grab you. May be useful depending on the situation.
Ss5sp charlotte 6C.png
Delayed "tricky" downward kick that can always cancel into heavy pursuit for some good low damage. With that kind of startup and range the main use is on enemy getup.
Ss5sp charlotte 2C.png
A very quick low kick that is mainly just for interruptions and some minor whittling of health. Pretty good properties for this kind of attack.
Ss5sp charlotte 3C.png
Conjure a slide kick anywhere with this. Not really outstanding, but it might come in handy if you need that kind of hitbox right now.


Ss5sp charlotte jA.png
No reason to use this version as the medium slash has it beat... Unless maybe you are twitch reacting to an enemy jump at low life.
Ss5sp charlotte jB.png
The air-to-air monster. While this is no heavy in terms of damage, it will still let charlotte control the skies when mixed properly.
Ss5sp charlotte jAB.png
Charlotte's big crossup that everyone should know about. This slash was built to attack opponents below you, and incidentally has a great shape to give haircuts. Combined with Charlotte's low, quick jumps, this makes it an air-to-land combat system with only limited use against those still trying to jump. But you already know she will stop jumping the second you start to.
Ss5sp charlotte jC.png
Has no place in the arsenal except frantic air priority games or when disarmed.


Ss5sp charlotte 66A.png
This move is almost never seen. It may have its own functions, but they are mitigated by the recovery of this move, which puts the risk a little high for the meager reward. Still, it is a snazzy finishing move.
Ss5sp charlotte 66B.png
Dashing overhead. Bears a great resemblance to the 5BC, but with fewer comboabilities. Regardless, it is another powerful tool especially since it keeps them on the floor.
Ss5sp charlotte 66AB.png
Charlotte's makeshift ranged punish. Hits twice (if close enough) in quick succession and may also chain into 2BC, but it doesn't pack that much of a punch. As a punish it doesn't really do its job damagewise, but a lot of times it's the best she can do to salvage many of the harder punishes.
Ss5sp charlotte 66C.png
Another slide kick. Possibly its best feature is just the fact that it makes her 66B that much more of a threat.


Ss5sp charlotte u5S.png

Punches you. In French.

Ss5sp charlotte u2S.png
Ss5sp charlotte ujS.png
Can't control the skies with this.
Ss5sp charlotte u66S.png
Ss5sp charlotte u66Ca.png
Ss5sp charlotte u66Cb.png
This unarmed attack gets a lot of new people. The best part is that it's kind of fast, jumps over stuff, hits high, and hits twice. In fact, it's her hardest-hitting move. You can't totally mess around, though; it's not 100% safe.


Ss5sp charlotte 2BC.png
Pursuit - 2BC
Usable after a successful 66C and in corner knockdowns.
Ss5sp charlotte 2BC.png
Heavy Pursuit - 8BC
Very damaging pursuit. Use after every trislash knockdown.


Ss5sp charlotte 216D.png
Deflect - 216D:
Ss5sp charlotte wpickup.png
Weapon Pickup - 5A:
Ss5sp charlotte 3xstart.png
Taunt Disarm - Start Start Start:
Charlotte can cancel her taunt into any command move, super, rage explode, fatality, or suicide. This can be done any time from early on in the animation until the very final frames where she's about to drop the sabre.


Ss5sp charlotte 623S.png
Power Gradation - 623S:
Charlotte's DP is an anti-air, and deals more damage against jumping opponents than grounded ones, although it's purely vertical in motion with a semi-wide hitbox. Its uses are anti-air, anti-air after a taunt cancel, and combo punishes.
It comes out with no delay, but it is readily punishable-- The A version if blocked or whiffed while they're standing; and the AB version always gets punished unless it actually connects. The A version alone has satisfying enough damage, especially for anti-air hits, and is by far the most used-- most as a standby for when 5AB is too slow. This is not spammable at all.
Ss5sp charlotte SSS.png
Splash Fount - 6SS:
Properties: Deflectable.
Charlotte will charge forward raining strikes on the enemy. The B and AB versions start off with a momentary pace backward before the charge, but still travel further. This move might be decisive or your own downfall. The three versions of this have varying punishability on block, largely depending on circumstantial factors, but the B and AB versions are usually a lot less safe (though the A version might be just as bad).
This attack has two uses. The first is to do chip damage, and that can only work if they block and don't jump-- all versions of the move telegraph, so this is challenging. The second use is to get chip damage against certain characters that can't punish your Splash Fount very well or at all.
The main counter to Splash Fount is to jump forward, although at a distance, most characters usually can't hurt you just from that. It will indeed hit people in the air, but only for minute damage, thereafter giving either a knockdown and reset, or a block and punish.
No matter what don't let them read this move, or you will be in a world of pain. Ultimately this attack is a threat to put pressure on foes when they can't survive the chip, making them more jumpy. Be aware this telegraphs and is deflectable.
Ss5sp charlotte 236S.png
Trislash - 236S:
A large, high-startup projectile that can be subsequently held for a controlled, but not unlimited amount of time. The type of slash used will determine how fast/far the triangle goes once you release it, since it seems to travel for a fixed period of time or until blocked.
These triangles are a nice mini-game that Charlotte has. When released at the right moment, you can thwart jumping, dashing and rolling, but this is mainly just a zoning game and it can't begin at anything less than long range. Once she's far enough to charge her triangles, the use of them is normally pretty safe. If you detect impatience, trislashing might get some risk-free damage, especially since you can chain 8BC when they are knocked out of a jump-- only floaty jumpers have an easy time getting over triangles. The time not to use this is when you need actual pressure.
Ss5sp charlotte 214S.png
Bayonette Lunge - 214S:
This is a very wide attack with nice damage (same amount for all versions). 214+AB in particular reaches nearly all the way across the screen, though that version's usefulness is severely limited by the startup. It may seem like a super-poke, but there is a bit more to this move than her other normals.
Keep in mind that all your rolls and recoils can be cancelled into a 214+A to some effect. Not only will a backroll cancel into this be safe much of the time, it will give yet more of a hard time to jumping players. This is undoubtedly one of Charlotte's best attacks. Even without the cancels, this attack (the A version) is just good, to the point where it may work to throw it out in sequence or with very little regard to sportsmanship.
Be very aware of projectiles when using this, as you will get hit if you try to lance them. Jubei and Zankuro can also use their catch counters and punish you on reaction if you don't pick your attacks well.
Ss5sp charlotte 236C.png
Lion Lance - 236C:
Properties: Throw invulnerable.
Despite the name, this is simply another slide kick. The difference here is that after connecting, the target is thrown toward the other side of the screen and takes about twice as much damage. Why is this useful? Mainly because you can roll cancel into it and cover some respectable distances. It also becomes one of Charlotte's main damage sources if she is disarmed, and can feasibly mix up when she's in range for an overhead. It's not something that should be done excessively though as Lion Lance is pretty easy to avoid.
Ss5sp charlotte 236CD.png
Crystal Rose - 236CD - WFT:
This super is slightly above average. Its hitbox is sizable and can sometimes catch them in the air. It's also not that dangerous to use if you can keep them right in front of you, which as a static super, you can't really. It's best just to wait for a chance to chain close B into it.



  • (n.5A or n.2A) xx 623A
  • (n.5B or n.2B) ...
  • ... xx 623AB
  • ... xx 236CD
  • ... xx 236C
  • 236S 8BC
  • 66C 2BC
  • 5BC 623A
  • 6C xx 8BC
  • 3C 2BC

Time slow


Frame Data

Move Damage Startup Active Total Cancel Weapon
Guard Notes
5A 5 11 4 25 1~4(4) 5~8(4) -4 -4 -6 Mid Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
5B 11 13 6 30 1~5(5) 6~12(7) +1 +9 -13 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
5AB 27 14 12 58 1~11(11) 17(1) -4 +6 -21 Mid Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
2A 5 9 6 26 1~4(4) - +1 +9 -6 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(weak)
2B 10 12 7 27 1~9(9) - +3 +11 -13 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
2AB 25 17 13 55 x - -1 +9 -21 Mid Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
n.5A 5 8 6 17 1~4(4) / 8~17(10) - +1 +1 -4 Mid Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
n.5B 8 12 6 31 12~31(20) 6~11(6) -1 +7 -13 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
n.5AB 27 20 10 59 1~11(11) - -2 +8 -21 Mid Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
n.2A 5 8 6 17 1~4(4) / 8~17(10) - +1 +1 -4 Mid Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
n.2B 7 10 10 29 10~29(20) - -1 +7 -13 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
n.2AB 25 12 7 51 1~5(5) - -2 +8 -21 Mid Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
5C 7 7 16 32 1~6(6) - -7 +1 -20 Mid Medium attack
7-24f feet invincible
6C 6 13 18 38 13~30(18) - KD KD -20 Low Knockdown attack
2C 2 7 7 20 1~6(6) / 14~17(4) - -3 -3 -8 Low Weak attack
3C 7 7 12 37 x - KD KD -25 Low Knockdown attack
j.A 5 8 11 25 x - -- -- -- High Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
j.B 10 10 8 27 x - -- -- -- High Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
j.AB 23 13 2 26 x - -- -- -- High Medium attack, Deflectable(heavy)
j.C 4 8 12 28 x - -- -- -- High Medium attack
5BC 13 20 4 34 x - +9 +17 -8 High Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
u.5BC 6 24 3 40 x - KD KD -10 High Medium attack Knockdown attack
66A 10 10 2 39 1~9(9) - -11 -3 -24 Mid Medium attack
66B 11 20 4 34 x - KD KD -9 High Medium attack, Deflectable(heavy)
Knockdown attack
66AB 5, 11 5 4 39 1~2(2) - KD KD -22 Mid Weak attack Knockdown attack
66C 8 9 12 39 x - KD KD -25 Low Knockdown attack
u.5S 3 6 12 24 1~3(3) - +0 +8 -13 Mid Medium attack
u.2S 3 5 6 16 1~2(2) - -1 -1 -6 Mid Weak attack
ju.S 4 5 16 24 x - -- -- -- High Medium attack
u.66S 8 10 2 39 1~6(6) - KD KD -24 Mid Knockdown attack
u.66C 16, 16 13 5 56 1~2(2) - KD KD -33 High Weak attack Knockdown attack
2BC 5 14 5 41 x - -- -- -- Mid
u.2BC 3 19 3 34 x - -- -- -- Mid
8BC 12 40 5 88 x - -- -- -- Mid
u.8BC 8 39 33 77 x - -- -- -- Mid
Power Gradation - 623A 10 6 15 58 x - KD KD -44 Mid Knockdown attack
6-11f throw invincible
19 damage when antiair
Power Gradation - 623B 15 11 19 91 x - KD KD -72 Mid Knockdown attack
11-16f throw invincible
21 damage when antiair
Power Gradation - 623AB 20 14 25 116 x - KD KD -95 Mid Knockdown attack
1-17f throw invincible
22 damage when antiair
Splash Fount - 6A 6A 2xn, 12 27 1 76 x - KD KD -24 Mid Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
Knockdown attack
27-47f throw invincible
Splash Fount - 6B 6B 2xn, 15 30 1 86 x - KD KD -37 Mid Weak attack, Deflectable(med)
Knockdown attack
30-52f throw invincible
Splash Fount - 6AB 6AB 2xn, 15 34 1 98 x - KD KD -37 Mid Weak attack, Deflectable(heavy)
Knockdown attack
34-59f throw invincible
Trislash - 236A 10 40 x 67 x - KD KD -15 Mid Knockdown attack
Trislash - 236B 10 46 x 75 x - KD KD -17 Mid Knockdown attack
Trislash - 236AB 10 45 x 78 x - KD KD -21 Mid Knockdown attack
Bayonette Lunge - 214A 19 23 9 47 x - KD KD -18 Mid Knockdown attack
21-31f throw invincible
Bayonette Lunge - 214B 19 29 7 54 x - KD KD -19 Mid Knockdown attack
23-37f throw invincible
Bayonette Lunge - 214AB 19 35 9 66 x - KD KD -25 Mid Knockdown attack
31-45f throw invincible
Lion Lance - 236C 20 18 11 59 x - KD KD -32 Low Knockdown attack
1-28f throw invincible
Crystal Rose - 236CD 30 17 4 57 x - KD KD -34 Mid Knockdown attack
1-16f upper body invincible
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