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ナコルル, Nakoruru


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Good movement and a small hurtbox.
  • Specials can have good utility, particularly 421S.
  • Has a 1f diving overhead on the bird.
  • Short range.
  • Low damage output means she needs to make more correct guesses on offense.
  • Very unsafe special moves and low defense.


  • Damage taken: 120%
  • Rage duration: 7 seconds
  • Amount to rage: 24
  • Walk speed: 768
  • Backwalk speed: 640
  • Dash speed: 1856
  • Jump duration: 45 frames
  • Width: 20
  • Throw range: 8
  • Throw recovery: 46 frames


Far Slashes

Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
Slow startup for a poke, same range as 5B, weak damage. Only advantage over 5B is that it's completely safe on block.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Cancelable. Deflectable.
Below average startup and range for a medium, this recovers pretty quickly and combos into most of her attacks, making it a good combo starter. The cancel window is extremely wide, starting before the attack even comes out, so be careful about when you use it.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
Nakoruru's only single-hit heavy, it's reasonably fast and long-ranged for what it is, so it makes for a great punisher when available. Since it's cancelable on block it's not horrible to toss out occasionally.
While the attack itself isn't cancelable, most of the startup is. You can buffer something else after hitting it in case you see something coming.
Properties: Hits low. Cancelable. Deflectable.
Quick low poke. Much better than 5A, but susceptible to hopping. Combos into both her ground slide and cape attack.
Properties: Hits low. Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
Nako's trademark rolling attack. It's completely useless.
Starts up very slow, does little damage, has a lousy hitbox, doesn't combo into anything.
The period before the attack comes out is fully cancelable, for whatever that is worth.
Properties: Hits low. Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
Two hit upwards swing that connects low. The second hit hurts hard, but beware of rage explosion.
In most circumstances this is actually pretty good to use because of the recoil cancel near the end of the animation.

Near Slashes

Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Cancelable. Deflectable.
Nako's fastest cancelable normal, combos into ground slide and cape easily. This lets her punish a lot of things she wouldn't be able to normally, so use wisely!
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Cancelable. Deflectable.
Close range mid-height slice. Combos with her WFT, strongest cape attack, and ground slide. Pretty good stuff but not much of a poke.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
Similar to 2AB, it's a two hit attack. It starts slower than 2AB, does less damage, has less frame advantage on hit, and its hitboxes on whiff are horrible.
Always use 2AB instead.
Properties: Hits low. Cancelable. Deflectable.
Same as 2A.
Properties: Hits low. Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
Same as 2B.
Properties: Hits low. Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
Same as 2AB.


Properties: Hits high. Knockdown.
Decent range forward hop. Good for avoiding throws.
Properties: Hits high. Knockdown.
30 frame startup makes this the most useless universal overhead in the game.


Properties: Cancelable.
Slowish kick. Decent range and recovery but its speed isn't so great. Combos into ground dash or cape attack.
Properties: Knockdown.
Nako's trademark 'walking up their body' attack. This is actually really good. It has four frame startup, making it a universal punish. Near the corner the recovery is cancelable into 8BC for more damage.
Properties: Hits low.
Quick low kick. Recovery is pretty lame on block, so use sparingly. Makes an okay tick throw tool.
Properties: Hits low. Knockdown.
Low sweep. Damage is pretty bad, it's almost as bad on block as 2AB, but doesn't have any recoil cancel. There's no hitstop so it's harder to react to in order to punish, at least.


Properties: Hits high. Deflectable.
Downwards angled slice that has no range or active frames. Use anything else instead.
Properties: Hits high. Deflectable.
Forwards slice. Not active for very long. If you don't need the slightly faster startup, use j.AB instead.
Properties: hits high. Deflectable.
Nako slashes in a wide arc in front of her for massive damage. This is one of her best attacks, covering a solid space in front of her that's difficult for the opponent to get through. Use it always!
Properties: Hits high.
The happiest kick. Hits down and in front of Nako for basically no damage. The angle isn't covered by anything else, and it has a ton of active frames, so it's a good jumpin tool. Since it has no hitstop it's also a great reset tool, or just to annoy throw mashers.


Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
Quick dashing slice. Fast and good range. Recoil period is like a much heavier attack, so be careful about it.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
Nako comes in for a long ranged downwards slice. Despite the animation, this is not an overhead.
Unfortunately, it only hits near the bottom of the attack, so it won't catch jumpers. Since the recovery period is horrible, you really don't want to whiff this, either. Would be a much more useful attack if it hit in the full arc.
Properties: Deflectable. Knockdown.
Two hit upwards slice. This is really good anti-air, especially on crossunder, but lack of block recoil makes it not at all safe to use.
Properties: Hits low. Knockdown.
Quick knockdown kick. Nako basically halts her dash instantly, so it doesn't go very far.


Reaches out and touches them. Slow, lousy on block, uncancelable. Avoid.
Very fast poke. Can be hopped over but otherwise a very nice move.
...It doesn't even hit low.
Properties: Hits high.
Like j.C, it's a poke that's out for a long time. Not any more or less useful.
Properties: Knockdown.
Oddly, this is better than u.5S in every way. Recovers very quickly, making for a good tick throw setup.
Use this a lot when disarmed.


Deflect - 216D:
Short range deflect. Still as useful as ever though.
Weapon Pickup - 5A:
Quick animation.
Taunt Disarm - Start Start Start:
Stands around for about a second, telling her opponent she doesn't want to fight him, and then puts her weapon down. Pretty long animation.


Kamui Fumukesupu - j.2C: (can be used unarmed)
Heel drop. It doesn't have much range, but it does reasonable damage and forces knockdown on hit. Helpful when coming in from certain angles.
When unarmed it is active for almost twice as long.
Annu Mutsube - 412S:
Ground slide, hits low. B and AB versions have startup hit invulnerability, making them useful as a reversal. No version has throw invulnerability. Horribly punishable on block in all versions.
Probably Nakoruru's best move, giving her both a low mixup and a surprisingly fast forwards moving attack. A version is best used for combos and mixups, while B/AB versions are better for their reversal properties or distance.
Rera Mutsube - 236S:
Rising Nako missile. Don't think too hard about the physics of this one. Regardless of what slash you use, it does the same damage and Nako will stop the instant she hits the sides.
You might be under the impression that these are good anti-airs. You would be wrong. They have no invulnerability in the air, and not much range beyond Nako's hittable box, so if they have any attack out at the time you will probably get stuffed. Even if you do hit, you recover pretty slowly, making it really not much better than jumping at them and doing j.AB, if at all.
236A is normally the best of these, since her angle and low profile makes her the hardest to hit, but it will have issues with strong downwards strikes like Haoh j.AB.
Kamui Rimse - 421S: (can be used unarmed)
Cape attack. Or whatever it is. This move is actually really good, with the followup doing a lot of damage and the A version coming out very quickly.
The strength of the slash affects how many times she attacks with her cape. Each one reflects projectiles.
The biggest problem with this move is that the command interpreter hates it. If you're having trouble, input it as 4521S to not get Annu Mutsube instead.
  • Kamui Rimse Gaeshi - ... S - After the last attack, you can input another slash to have one final swipe come out. This does NOT reflect projectiles, but it does a far knockdown. It also does a surprisingly large amount of damage for something so easy to land. Combos into 8BC, but you have to wait until they're just about to land before doing it.
Amube Yatoro - 214S: (can be used unarmed)
Flying bird attack. Despite appearances, the bird comes out and Nakoruru recovers in the same amount of time regardless of the slash used, but it takes more time for the bird to travel further.
Decent all-purpose projectile, good at stuffing forward advances and hitting people jumping in.
Taka ni Tsukamaru - 214C: (can be used unarmed)
Literally "Hold onto the hawk."
After inputting this Nako will jump up onto the hawk. Once on, she can't do anything for 13 frames. In total, she'll hang on for at most 58 frames before dropping off, which is slightly less than a second. Don't expect to be doing any awesome runaway tactics with it. When you get off the bird, either manually or automatically, you're stuck on the ground wide open for 24 frames.
All attacks done from the bird are overhead, so if they see you get on it's really obvious which way you're going to hit. They can also all be used when unarmed.
While on it, you can move around slowly with the controller. She moves faster horizontally than vertically.
  • Taka Tsukamari Kougeki - b.S - Normal slashes while hanging onto the bird. She has one slash for both A and B, and then an AB slash. Despite AB being slower, all three slashes do the exact same (weak) damage, making only its hitbox better. All of them are cancelable into any other bird action, including b.BC and b.2C. The biggest problem is that when you get on the bird, you will be out of range to attack, so one of you has to move closer in order to hit, drastically limiting the usefulness of this.
  • Kamui Mutsube - b.BC - Diagonally diving overhead. The startup on this is extremely fast at one frame and the hitbox is nice, which would make this a great overhead if they couldn't just react to Nako getting on the bird. It is surprisingly good at knocking people out of the air, though, and when used immediately from 214C makes for a very fast dodge -> attack sequence.
  • Yatoro Pok - b.236S - Spinny attack. Doesn't do much damage, but gets you in nicely. Has 8 frame landing recovery, but since hit/block advantage is variable it's hard to say what this means to you other than that you'll be vulnerable to light pokes or things like Rasetsumaru WFT. Decent move, overall.
  • Taka ni Oriru - b.2C / b.3C / b.1C - Drop off the hawk. You still have the huge landing recovery, so if you do this expect to get whacked on reaction. If you do 3C, you fall forwards, in case you're feeling suicidal. If you use 1C, you fall backwards, making it slightly safer.
Apefuchi Kamui Rimse - u.3214623BC: (can only be used unarmed)
Unarmed 10 hit autocombo on a completely useless motion. Can be rage exploded.
Does okay damage, starts up quickly, forces knockdown, can combo with 8BC. Good luck landing it.
Rera Kishima Tek - j.[1/2/3/4/6]C: (can be used unarmed)
Airthrow. While it's not listed on the frame data, it does a fixed 18 damage.
As with all airthrows, you have to do it from slightly below the opponent.
Elerushi Kamui Rimse - 236CD - WFT: (can be used unarmed)
Nakoruru hops onto the hawk and then does a diving attack similar to her b.BC. Oddly, she can't use this while already holding onto the hawk. Hits overhead, can't be exploded. Comes out pretty fast, with 18 frames being the earliest it can attack. Massively punishable on block.
Overall this is actually a decent punishing move. It even works as antiair in a pinch, and can combo on the ground from her n.5B if you cancel it instantly.
Mostly hampered by Nako's absolutely horrible rage balance, giving her a long charge time and very little time to actually use it.



  • (n.5A or 2A or 5C) ...
Nako's fastest pokes make for good combo starters, so you can punish a lot of stuff with it. 5C can cancel before it actually hits, so be careful about that.
  • ... xx 236A
More reliable option than others. More damage than 412A and don't put you in corner if you close to one.
  • ... xx 412A 2BC
Ground slide, forces knockdown, easy to do.
  • ... xx 421A ... S 8BC
Oddly, this is a very powerful combo. Wait until they almost land from the juggle before doing 8BC.
For 2A, you probably want to input this something like 452A1A. Not recommended, either way.
  • (5B or n.5B) ...
All of her strongest combos start here.
5B can cancel before it actually hits, so be careful about that.
  • ... xx 236A
More reliable option than others. More damage than 412B and don't put you in corner if you close to one.
  • ... xx 412B
Easy to do, good damage.
  • ... xx 421S ... S 8BC
You have to be close to make this work. If you're sufficiently close, you can do 421AB for maximum hurtiness.
As before, wait until they almost land from the juggle before doing 8BC.
  • ... xx 236CD
For 5B, must be somewhat close. Good punisher, especially when you can't normally combo into WFT.
  • 214S 8BC
If you hit them with a bird anywhere on screen you can follow up with dash 8BC for a good damage. If bird hit opponent mid air then you have more time to do follow up.
  • 6C xx 8BC
Corner only. This is actually really useful. 6C has 4 frame startup, making it a universal punish move, and 8BC does decent damage.
  • 66AB 8BC
Corner only. If you hit opponent with 66AB in corner, you can follow up with 8BC even on anti air.
  • 66C 2BC
Hits low, works anywhere. Doesn't hurt much.
  • 3C 2BC
Hits low. Corner only. Doesn't really hurt, 2AB is probably a better choice.
  • u.3214623BC 8BC
Why would you ever do this.
  • b.S xx b.BC 2BC
For those rare times you're actually in range to use the bird slash.


  • 2AB 412A 2BC
If you block attack that puts opponent in air during recovery you can run under and punish with this combo.
  • n.5AB 236A
Same as combo above.
  • (5B or n.5B) xx 214S 8BC
If you don't know if backhit land or not you can use this combo. It's much more safer than other options and has decent damage.

Time slow

  • (vs air) j.AB j.AB j.AB
The usual for when you can't wait for them to come down and eat an Issen.
  • j.C or 2.C
Nako j.C is fast and has very downward hitbox and it can be mixed up with her empty jump 2C for Issen setup.
  • 214C xx 236S
Not very reliable since it depends on opponent height and width, your position and version used, but you can cross up hit opponent with Yatoro Pok for Issen setup.


Frame Data

Move Damage Startup Active Total Cancel Weapon
Guard Notes
5A 6 12 2 24 1~5(5) 9~11(3) / 14~17(4) -1 -1 -3 Mid Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
5B 11 13 2 32 1~2(2) / 5~23(19) 7~12(6) -1 +7 -9 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
5AB 27 16 2 56 1~13(13) 10~15(6) -3 +7 -21 Mid Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
2A 5 7 3 18 7~13(7) - -1 -1 -3 Low Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
2B 5x3 15 11 60 1~14(14) - -1 +9 -9 Mid Heavy attack, Deflectable(med)
2AB 5, 25 13 2 48 1~12(12) - +6 +16 -21 Low Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
n.5A 4 5 4 17 1(1) / 5~12(8) 1~2(2) -1 -1 -3 Mid Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
n.5B 7 10 4 29 10~29(20) 4~9(6) -1 +7 -9 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
n.5AB 5, 24 15 2 64 1~2(2) 12~14(2) / 17~20(4) +0 +10 -21 Mid Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
n.2A 5 7 3 18 7~13(7) - -1 -1 -3 Low Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
n.2B 5x3 15 11 60 1~14(14) - -1 +9 -9 Mid Heavy attack, Deflectable(med)
n.2AB 5, 25 13 2 48 1~12(12) - +6 +16 -21 Low Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
5C 5 13 6 22 1~22(22) - +1 +1 -4 Mid Weak attack
6C 3, 3, 2 4 1 46 4~6(3) - KD KD -32 Mid Medium attack Knockdown attack
2C 2 6 4 18 1~5(5) - -2 -2 -7 Low Weak attack
3C 5 14 6 37 1~6(6) - KD KD -18 Low Knockdown attack
j.A 5 5 3 28 x - -- -- -- High Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
j.B 10 6 2 27 x - -- -- -- High Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
j.AB 23 11 2 36 x - -- -- -- High Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
j.C 4 8 24 36 x - -- -- -- High Heavy attack
ju.C 4 8 24 36 x - -- -- -- High Heavy attack
5BC 14 20 2 40 x - KD KD -14 High Medium attack Knockdown attack
u.5BC 14 30 9 50 x - KD KD -14 High Medium attack Knockdown attack
66A 5 5 4 19 1~4(4) - -4 -4 -21 Mid Weak attack, Deflectable(heavy)
66B 12 9 4 49 1~8(8) - -3 +7 -21 Mid Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
66AB 5, 12 9 1 36 1~8(8) - KD KD -18 Mid Knockdown attack
66C 5 4 10 27 1~3(3) / 21~27(7) - KD KD -18 Low Knockdown attack
u.5S 3 9 7 27 1~5(5) - +0 +8 -13 Mid Medium attack
u.2S 3 6 5 17 x - -1 -1 -6 Mid Weak attack
ju.S 5 7 21 32 x - -- -- -- High Weak attack
u.66S 6 9 5 19 1~8(8) - KD KD -5 Mid Knockdown attack
u.66C 6 4 10 27 1~3(3) / 21~27(7) - KD KD -18 Low Knockdown attack
2BC 5 17 17 69 x - -- -- -- Mid
u.2BC 8 15 10 63 x - -- -- -- Mid
8BC 14 39 17 114 112~114(3) - -- -- -- Mid
u.8BC 14 39 3 83 x - -- -- -- Mid
Kamui Fumukesupu - j.2C 8 14 12 35 x - KD KD -- High Medium attack Knockdown attack
Kamui Fumukesupu - ju.2C 8 14 23 46 x - KD KD -- High Medium attack Knockdown attack
Annu Mutsube - 412A 15 10 6 46 x - KD KD -25 Low Knockdown attack
Annu Mutsube - 412B 18 16 9 59 x - KD KD -30 Low Knockdown attack
1-8f hit invincible
9-14f upper body invincible
Annu Mutsube - 412AB 23 24 20 83 x - ?? ?? -37 Low Knockdown attack
1-16f fully invincible
17-22f throw and upper body invincible
Rera Mustube - 236A 22 9 8 61 x - KD KD -57 Mid Knockdown attack
1-7f upper body invincible
Rera Mustube - 236B 22 13 10 79 x - KD KD -76 Mid Knockdown attack
1-10f upper body invincible
Rera Mustube - 236AB 22 15 19 109 x - KD KD -109 Mid Knockdown attack
1-13f upper body invincible
Kamui Rimse - 421A 3 11 4 48 x - +0 -11 -28 Mid
Kamui Rimse - 421B 3x2 13 2 65 x - +0 -11 -24 Mid
Kamui Rimse - 421AB 3x3 18 1 82 x - +1 -10 -31 Mid
Kamui Rimse Gaeshi - ... S 3, 18 11 9 33 x - KD KD -12 Mid Knockdown attack
Amube Yatoro - 214S 10 18 x 50 x - KD KD -14 Mid Knockdown attack
Yatoro Pok - b.236S 3xn 29 1 x x - -- -- -- High Weak attack
Yatoro Pok - b.u.236S 1xn 28 1 x x - -- -- -- High Weak attack
Taka Tsukamari Kougeki - b.A/B 8 5 2 13 5~8(4) - -3 +4 -2 High Weak attack
Taka Tsukamari Kougeki - b.AB 8 7 2 30 7~30(24) - -18 +25 -17 High Heavy attack
Taka Tsukamari Kougeki - b.u.S 8 5 2 14 5~12(8) - -4 +18 -3 High Medium attack
Kamui Mutsube - b.BC 20 1 x x x - KD KD -28 High Medium attack Knockdown attack
Kamui Mutsube - b.u.BC 12 1 x x x - KD KD -28 High Medium attack Knockdown attack
Apefuchi Kamui Rimse - u.3214623BC 2x4, 4x5, 12 10 2 220 x - KD KD -25 Mid
Elerushi Kamui Rimse - 236CD 30 x x x x - KD KD -76 High 18f earliest hit time
Samurai Shodown V Special



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