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徳川 慶寅, Tokugawa Yoshitora


Too many swords, too many women.

Yoshitora is an all-rounder, with good mobility, solid range, easily hitconfirmable combos, and strong mixups. His damage is average at best but he has some of the best zoning tools and movement in the game. It's just that he has so many of them it takes awhile to get used to how the character works.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Above average mobility all around.
  • Very versatile moveset, has at least one thing he can do for every situation, making it easy for him to stay on the opponent and mix it up.
  • B Nadeshiko gives you very strong, safe pressure.
  • Above-average jump with excellent jumping normals and a solid jumping special (That can also be used from a backdash or BC startup).
  • Jumping in with j.AB is very difficult for many characters to do anything about.
  • Extremely vulnerable to being disarmed.
  • Lacks a normal backroll, and all the cancel tricks and invulnerability windows that come with it.
  • Lower than average damage when not raged.
  • Slow and heavily telegraphed standing AB means you can't bait people into eating big hits, either.
  • Poor air to air damage unless you can read out a Botan.
  • Seventh sword unlock requirements are very steep, yet it is not a match winner even if you unlock it.
  • Studies have shown that polygamy does not make you happier


  • Damage taken: 100%
  • Rage duration: 11 seconds
  • Amount to rage: 26
  • Walk speed: 544
  • Backwalk speed: 544
  • Dash speed: 1600
  • Jump duration: 44 frames
  • Width: 24
  • Throw range: 16
  • Throw recovery: 42 frames
  • Tier placing: B


Far Slashes

Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
A not very good poke with okay range and lousy startup/recovery. You've got better options.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Cancelable. Deflectable.
All-purpose multihit attack, all hits combo into each other and the third hit combos with his specials. Be wary of the range between this and n.5B, since they hit differently. Use 66B to always get what you want.
Properties: Deflectable.
A very long range attack that is nowhere near as good as it looks. Depressingly slow startup, resets into safe block on airborne enemies, easily punishable by most characters if blocked on the ground, and he doesn't even duck down far enough to go under projectiles despite what the animation looks like. Good punishment material but only throw it out at random if you have a godlike read.
If it's blocked it chews up 2-3 seconds of time, so you can force a timeout with it.
Some characters with stubby limbs can't punish too effectively.
Properties: Hits low. Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
A decent low poke, better than 5A, but hoppable and not any faster on startup. It has an annoying blind spot with n.2A that won't hit anything, so be careful of that.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. First hit cancelable. Deflectable.
This is actually a really good move. The startup is very fast and its hitbox is good for antiair. It does very little damage and its lack of cancel limits its potential, but it's a solid poke.
Properties: Hits low. Second hit cancelable. Knockdown.
Hits low. Good for high-low mixups and its two-hit nature means you can hit confirm or cancel into something safer. Combos into 8BC. The first hit can push them out of the second hit's range if they're too far away.

Near Slashes

Properties: Cancelable.
Short range elbow to the face. Good for spacing or tick throw setups.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Cancel on any hit. Deflectable.
Two-hit standing slices. Great combo starter and punish tool.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Cancel on third hit. Deflectable.
This is Yoshitora's only cancelable heavy hit, meaning he can combo into 214S, 236CD, or even 214CD. Startup is garbage, but this is the best punish you've got.
Properties: Huge cancel window.
Short range. Only advantages over 2C are its cancelability and that it's slightly higher.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. First hit cancelable. Deflectable.
Same as 2B.
Properties: Hits low. Second hit cancelable. Knockdown.
Same as 2AB.


Properties: Hits high. Knockdown.
Fairly average short range overhead. Punishable on block. The main benefit of this move is you can empty cancel its startup into j.236S, giving you a much better, very long range overhead.
Properties: Knockdown.
Same as 5BC.


Properties: Hits low.
Short range kick that hits low. Frame advantage on hit. You can do CD/623C mixup after it, but most time its as useless as a move itself.
Properties: Hits low. Cancelable. Knockdown.
Looks like 5C but hits much further, knocks down, and can combo into 8BC. Unfortunately the startup is ridiculously slow. Stick with 3C.
Properties: Hits low.
Fast low kick, better range than n.2A. Great for getting some space, though it's much easier to evade.
Properties: Hits low. Cancelable late. Knockdown.
GOD FOOT. Average startup, but it's safe-ish on block when not point blank, the hitbox is absurd, makes Yosh duck under a lot of attacks, and it even has a lot of active frames so you can throw it out really early without worry. It's even good antiair against a lot of attacks when spaced right.
When it hits a grounded opponent it knocks them down, comboing into 8BC easily. When it hits an airborne opponent it resets instead, letting you cancel into specials for a free mixup.
Overall it's his best low and you should be using it a lot.


Properties: Hits high.
Flying elbow. Lots of active frames but a lame hitbox limits its usefulness outside of air to air.
Properties: Hits high. Deflectable.
Two hit slice. Really nice horizontal range, so it's a good all-purpose jumping move.
Air to air the first hit will usually reset. The second hit has the interesting property of hitting behind Yoshitora, so it can be used for crossups if timed right.
Properties: Hits high. Deflectable.
Four hit diagonal slice. The startup is pretty lame so you have to confirm this ahead of time, but this is pretty much your ultimate jumpin material in the range where you're too close for far j.B and too far for crossup j.B. Can crossup.
Can shut down some characters' antiairs almost completely, so spam away!
Properties: Hits high.
Flying foot. Similar to j.A but a much better jumpin. You can hit crouching above-average hitbox characters if done immediately, so you can do safe jump-out if you are unsure about opponent options or want instant-overhead Issen setup.
Since it has very little hitstop, it's good to use on players that like to buffer throws when you land.


Dashing elbow. Low range, not too hot on block, and advantageous on hit. It's okay for getting in but not recommended to do it at point blank, since a blocked hit is a guaranteed counterthrow.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable. Cancelable.
Multihit sword slice. Solid range, fast startup. Comboing into 236A 2BC from this move is your main BnB combo. Really good stuff.
Properties: Knockdown.
Long range upwards sword slice. This is an interesting move. At max range it's only punishable by a few characters, and it forces knockdown. It knocks down even on antiair, which is good because it can combo into 8BC.
Properties: Hits low. Knockdown.
It's similar to 6C, except it's not cancelable and doesn't combo into anything. Still really slow to start. Not recommended unless opponent refuses to block low.


Standing elbow jab. Huge frame advantage on hit but that's not really good for much when you don't have a weapon!
Same as n.2A. Bleh.
Properties: Hits high.
Same as j.A.
Properties: Knockdown.
Like all unarmed dashing S, knocks down and far away. Great to get room to pick up your weapon, but still just as bad as 66A otherwise.


Deflect - 216D:
Average range deflect.
Weapon Pickup - 5A:
This is the longest weapon pickup in the entire game, clocking in at over a full second. You will learn to hate this animation.
The best part is that it has a small tiny-damage slash attack on it. Which can be deflected. So even if you think you're safe some characters can deflect you out of it anyway. However, Jubei can't use any of his catch counters against it.
Taunt Disarm - Start Start Start:
Pretty slow. Nothing special otherwise.


First Sword - Nadeshiko - 236S:
Get used to hearing him yell Nadeshiko, because this is by far his most used special. The B version is an excellent advancing move that cannot be deflected and is safe on block outside of point blank range.
All versions have Yoshitora dash forward with a long range sword slice. The strength of the slash used effects where it hits.
  • 236A:
Starts up quickly, hits low. Very punishable on block so be careful.
Combos from 5B/n.5B/66B and it's really easy to confirm.
  • 236B:
This move is awesome. Its use is similar to a hadoken that pushes you forward, so make sure to space it out.
Very slow startup, hits mid. But anywhere beyond point blank it's safe on block and good to start a mixup off from, and the recovery is absurdly fast, so it can't be jumped on reaction.
If it connects, it combos into 8BC as long as you're not at maximum range.
The first 13 frames or so are invincible to throws, so you can use it against land->throw and land->backdash mash.
  • 236AB:
Starts up very quickly, hits a small sliver of air high up. This is okay anti-air, but it forces a reset situation instead of knocking down, which is not so good because the recovery on this move is very slow.
You can hit tall grounded characters with it, such as Gaira and Gedo but it will give them free command/CD grab.
This attack actually deflectable and can hit some other grounded characters if they do moves that extend thier hitboxes verticaly.
Second Sword - Shirayuri - 623S:
Somewhat standard DP move. Despite appearances it's not very good antiair and has a tendency of trading more often than not, so be careful.
Only the startup portion, where Yoshitora is holding back on the ground, have any invincibility. All versions can be thrown. Additionally, there is a small gap between the invincible period and the active frames, so it won't blow through anything.
All versions knockdown, regardless of where they hit.
  • 623A:
Fastest startup, but upper body invincibility only. You can combo into this from 5B/66B pretty easily if you want a far knockdown.
  • 623B:
Slower startup than A version, but more invincibility. Still doesn't cover the bottom of his body, though.
  • 623AB:
Very slow startup, but full melee invincibility on startup. This is probably what you'll use to bait out anything stronger than a poke, but be wary of its startup.
Third Sword - Botan - j.236S:
Air move where Yoshitora swings with a wide arc in front of him. Comes out very quickly, but is hella unsafe on block. Hits overhead.
Momentum is maintained, but you will not land until after the full animation finishes. There is always landing recovery. On block Yoshitora recoils backwards instead of continuing the animation.
This is actually a really useful move. You can get a long range fast overhead by doing it from kara canceling 5BC, or you can cancel into it from backdash(44) or backroll(1D) to get a retreating attack to bait things out.
Air to air it's difficult to hit an opponent with except on anticipation. You can do tk.236S (eg 2369S or 2368S) to cover a wide arc in front of Yoshitora, but be wary of the recovery.
Fourth Sword - Tsubaki - 421S:
Special use move where Yoshitora hops forwards.
During the hop portion he has autoguard, so it'll block opponent's attacks. Really handy since you don't have to worry about high/low!
  • 421A:
Hops forward with a small period of landing recovery. It's pretty easy to punish on reaction since the recovery portion is not safe, but if you mix up the two forms it's much harder to react to, allowing you to go into throw or DP instead.
  • 421B/421AB:
Hops forward and then does a WIDE area slice. This hits at a huge distance and covers the air as well. It is massively punishable on block, though.
The attack comes out almost immediately after the autoguard portion, so it can make people less willing to challenge the recovery portion of 421A. Caution is advised here, though.
This is fast enough to land off of a successful deflect, and will outdamage all other followups other than 5AB.
Fifth Sword - Asagao - 214S:
Situational catch move where Yoshitora slashes the air a bunch of times before a final upwards slash. If any of the multiple hits connects against a grounded opponent it catches them for an attack animation. The final hit does not catch.
Despite appearances, all versions will do the exact same damage on hit, so if you combo into it just determine how much of the clock you want to use up.
The easiest ways to land this move are off of a successful deflect, n.5AB, or a backhit n.5B/66B.
This attack has the special property of doing several bits of chip every time it is blocked, making it good for chipping. However, you can jump out between the initial slice upwards and the stabbing portion, and it pushes the opponent out so the rest whiffs, making it useless as chipping tool for more than a few hits normally. It's also very punishable on block by pretty much anyone with a long reaching punish. During time slow, the AB version will do a ridiculous amount of chip damage, more than a throw's worth. It will slow the game down dramatically, though, so be careful.
Sixth Sword - Yuugao - 623C:
It looks like a command grab, it has all the properties of command grabs, but you can block it.
While it has almost no range, the startup is as fast as a grab, so you can use it as a frame trap.
Forwards roll is a good way to use this move. The roll has 10f of invincibility on startup and is cancelable at 23f, making Yuugao a 25f special with invincible startup. It is, however, very punishable.
Yuuchouka - 632146BC:
Yoshitora's final sword, and you will probably never get to use it in a real match.
If it isn't unlocked, he will just grab the hilt for a second and do nothing.
To unlock the sword, you must hit in full with all of Nadeshiko(236S), Tsubaki(421B/AB), Asagao(214S), Yuugao(623C). The remaining two don't have to land, even just a whiff is okay: Shirayuri(623S) and Botan(j.236S).
Once the sword is unlocked, it will remain unlocked for the round it is first used in only, and will return to its locked state for the next round. So you can't unlock in one round and then use it the next.
It has very slow startup so you'll want to use it from far range or off a knockdown. If you do it immediately, it can combo from a medium weight deflect, but this requires some buffering and confirmation of the deflect weight.
Since it does absolutely ludicrous amounts of damage and chip, as well as pushing the opponent back, you can basically use it repeatedly until he dies from it.
Aoi - 236CD - WFT:
Yoshitora's WFT. Hits low. The startup is slow so it will only combo off of n.5AB, or any backhit n.5B/5B/66B attack.
It has melee invincible startup, but you can still be thrown out of it. Once the active frames start you only have upper body invulnerability for a short period.
It's punishable on block, but you have to react quickly to the block animation.



  • n.5B or 5B or 66B ...
This is your basic BnB starter, and what you should be aiming to land more often than not. Note that you need to use the last hit of each attack for it to combo, and 5B is hella fickle about distance.
  • ... xx 236A 2BC
Ender that makes the opponent land near you, skip the 2BC for more oki potential.
  • ... xx 623AB
Knocks the opponent away. Does roughly the same damage as 236A.
  • n.5AB ...
A situational starter, but leads to massive damage.
  • ... xx 214S
This is one of Yoshitora's two strongest non-rage combos.
  • ... xx 236CD
The only way Yoshitora has to combo into his WFT.
  • ... xx 214CD
One of the very few ways of comboing into the instant kill.
  • 2AB xx 8BC
This is his other most damaging combo, and it starts off with a low. Since 2AB is two hits to knockdown, you can confirm off the first and input something else during the cancel window if it's blocked.
  • 236B 8BC
As if 236B wasn't good enough, if it connects against a grounded opponent you can follow up with a large pursuit for still more damage.
  • 66AB 8BC (anti-air only)
For a bit of extra damage.
  • 6C xx 8BC
Hits low but is not terribly useful as 6C has about 8 billion startup frames. Use 3C instead.
  • 3C xx 8BC
This is a great combo. Hits low, does decent damage, has a lot of active frames and is relatively safe on block.

Backhit only

  • Backhit (66B or n.5B or 5B) ...
  • ... xx 214S
Another way to combo Asago.
  • ... xx 236CD
If you have rage.
  • ... xx 214CD
Not recommended, since 5B and n.5B can push opponent to far away for combo.
  • Backhit 5C 5B xx 236A
Hard, but funny low-hit combo.

Time slow

  • (vs air or grounded tall characters) 236AB x n Issen
This has to be done low to the ground, but it hurts a lot. Taller characters like Kyoshiro or Gaira can be hit on the ground, forcing them into an unexplodable Issen.
Be careful who you use it on, because it doesn't work well on characters with high juggle boxes, like Haohmaru.
  • (vs air) j.B x n j.236S (wait) 8BC
When you catch airborne enemies you almost always want to wait for the opponent to fall so you can Issen them in the back, as Yoshitora has few good options.
But if you can't do that, this is a good combo. Rejump the j.B until you feel you're running low on time, then Botan him to the ground. The timing on the 8BC is a little tricky, practice it a bit.
  • Сrossup j.AB/j.B (whatever) x Issen
Since Yoshitora can crossup easily, you can try it on opponent who is unfamiliar with this tactic.
  • 2C Instant j.C (whatever) x Issen
Works only on tall characters! You can add some more 2C or completely without it for mixups.



As Yoshitora is a well-rounded character, he doesn't have any particular strategy he sticks with. Offensive and defensive styles are both applicable.
His high/low game is not terribly scary, so he relies more on footsies to catch his opponents. Thanks to the range and relative safety of his attacks he can stay about half screen distance from his opponent very safely. He does have to worry about his normal slashes being deflected, but all of his other tools are safe from it.
Aside from deflects, you have to be careful of characters with long range throws as well as Jubei's parries. Grapplers can punish blocked attacks and Jubei can actually catch your specials. Mix up your timing and don't give them time to buffer it in.
Your biggest worry is going to be getting disarmed. Don't let WFTs hit you, don't let yourself have an AB/66B deflected. This is really important for Yoshitora.
If you do get disarmed, aim for a (very) far knockdown or try to pick up the weapon when the opponent is mashing weak pokes, since the full animation will be canceled if you are hit for any reason. If worst comes to worst, just fight unarmed: 3C, 2C, 5A, dash throw, and j.C are actually not bad tools at all. You can even combo u.66A 8BC.


In general, his mixup game chooses from the following options:
  • 5B/n.5B - Deflectable, catches forward dashes, throws, etc.
  • 66B - Deflectable, catches pretty much anything that isn't a jump.
  • 66AB - Catches jumps and hits really far, but no recoil mixups if blocked. If you dash under a jump you can hit AB to cross-under and hit him on the way down.
  • 236B - Bread and butter pressure tool. Startup can't be thrown, only -9f on block, great to space yourself into another mixup. Use it like you would Ryu's Hadoken.
  • kara j.236S (Input it like this: 236BC~A) - Long range overhead, evades throws, stuffs most forward advances. Unsafe recovery. The maximum range of this is conveniently the same as when the camera starts zooming out. As long as you're at full zoom, you're in range.
  • 1D j.236S - Backroll into overhead, catches pretty much all forward advances and even jumps. Unsafe-ish, depending on the character and spacing.
  • 236A - Forward moving tool that hits low. Catches people out of forward advances, comes out really fast so it can stuff a lot of things. Unsafe recovery.
  • 236AB - Anti-jump tool. Stops people from jumping and from landing from jumps. Be wary of the reset, it's not advantageous for you on reset.
  • 421A - Anti-poke, anti-throw tool. Since this attack both blows through any pokes and sets you airborne, you can go through a lot of stuff and do a throw on landing.
  • 421B - Anti-anti-421A tool. If they bait out 421A too much, you can try this!
  • 3C - God foot. Hits low, goes under a lot of attacks, antiairs, catches forward advances. It's even hard to hop over and combos into 8BC.
  • 6C - You don't actually want to hit with this. Rather, you want it to leave Yoshitora at point blank so he can mixup into throw or Yuugao quickly off of it.
  • 623S - Anti-jump, anti-poke. Gets thrown easily, though. Not safe on block.
  • Any jump - All of his jumps are handy, as j.B is all-purpose and j.AB is basically a free jumpin against most characters.
  • Deflect - Anti-poke. If you have the read, it's a free punish for you. Why not?

Damage and defense

Yoshitora doesn't have anything jab-speed to punish with, but he has a lot of reasonably fast options that lead to good damage.
For moderate openings:
  • 2AB 8BC - Very fast startup, good damage, but you need to start point blank. It also makes for poor oki.
  • (5B or n.5B or 66B) 236A 2BC - Second most damaging option. Knocks them down pretty close to you, but sets up good oki. 66B is good for moves that you can't punish normally, since you move really far.
  • kara j.236S - The startup on this is really surprisingly quick for the distance it reaches.
For larger openings:
  • 5AB - In most cases, this is your most damaging option. really easy to rage explode though.
  • 214S - Asagao startup is slow but it can't be exploded. It does about as much damage as the above options, but it's one step closer to Yuuchouka.
  • n.5AB (214S or 236CD) - If you're close enough, run this. Slow startup and only does about as much damage as 5AB, but it's a nice combo and it gets you an Asagao. It can be rage exploded before the cancel window, so be careful.
  • deep hit j.AB -> whatever - The spacing/timing on this takes practice, but it does solid damage. Common options from this are going into n.5B, 66B, or 2AB.
  • 3D xx /walk up 623C - It's fast, so why not?
Yoshitora also has a lot of antiair options available to him:
  • 623S - An obvious option, but not the best. Unless it catches them with the tip it will trade more often than not. Be careful.
  • 236AB - Really fast, good damage, and hits pretty high up, but if they have an attack out it will most likely trade. This normally doesn't happen because people like to hit low. However, it resets on hit, which is disadvantageous for you, so be careful about landing this on anyone that can punish that quickly. (For example, Gaira or Gedo.)
  • 2B - Triangle slash. Fast, knocks them out of the air, but the hitbox has a real specific angle.
  • 3C - No damage, but fast, lots of active frames, and stuffs nearly anything that doesn't have a downwards box. The recovery is cancelable so you can go into the mixup of your choice afterwards.
  • 66AB 8BC - 66AB's hitbox is really obnoxious for the opponent to deal with, since it covers such a huge area. If you cross under them while dashing, you can hit this and get damage for free!
  • crossunder 66B xx whatever - The timing on this takes some practice and not safe against all characters, but you can get a free backhit if they whiff an air normal. This is an easy way to land Asagao or the WFT.
  • j8.B - Neutral jump B is a decent reset in most circumstances, but if you have the angle right you can do...
  • tk.236S - Botan! Don't forget that you can TK in any jump direction, so 2368S will send Yoshitora flying straight up with a huge wall of pain in front of him. This is actually his most damaging air to air and forces knockdown. The range on this is amazing, making it great for far antiair, but the speed is an issue. Good for use on double jumpers.
  • 1D j.236S - Backroll Botan can catch near forward jumps relatively easily.

Time Slow vs. Rage

It's up to you whether to meditate or rage, since Yoshitora has uses for both. The damage increase from rage makes Yoshitora's punishing ability a lot scarier, and that combined with his versatility means a raged Yoshi can shut down a lot of characters. On the other hand, time slows provide Yoshi a much-needed safe punisher, and he has some hard-hitting issen combos. Plus, you can get full chip damage from Asagao, which is more than a throw's worth of damage when using the AB version.

Final Sword

Yuuchouka - 632146BC:
Unlocking the final sword is something you want to do but is really hard to do in an actual match. Here's some ways of consistently getting each of the necessary moves:
  • Nadeshiko - 236S:
The easiest one to land, since you'll be using this for all kinds of stuff anyway. 236A as part of a combo, 236B for zoning, or 236AB as antiair. Sooner or later you'll hit one.
  • Shirayuri - 623S: You do not have to land this move.
This move only needs to be whiffed, it doesn't actually have to connect. Still, it's slow on recovery, so either combo into 623A, reversal with any version, or just throw it out on a far knockdown.
  • Botan - j.236S: You do not have to land this move.
Like Shirayuri, this only needs to be used. A safe long range blocked jump, a kara canceled overhead, or antiair interception are all good ways to do get this off.
  • Tsubaki - 421S:
The most difficult one to land. You have to use the B or AB version since the A version doesn't hit, and those versions are very slow and do not combo from anything. Because it is so slow, the autoblock can catch an opponent's attack but he may still recover in time to block you. It also makes it hard to use against air moves without a good read.
There is one reliable way to connect Tsubaki, and that is off of any successful connected Deflect(216D). Good luck with that.
  • Asagao - 214S:
Slow startup but a surprisingly good hitbox. It's too risky to land this out in the open, since on block it is easily punished. Fortunately, it can be comboed off of n.5AB, backhit n.5B/5B/66B, or any successful deflect. The backhit is the easiest, because you can get one off of any bad jump by dashing under them and doing 66B on their landing recovery.
  • Yuugao - 623C:
Almost as hard to land as Tsubaki. This move has very little range, but its 3 frame startup makes it easy to frame trap with. Plus it can catch outstretched hitboxes, so you don't have the same problems that normal throws do with grabbing opponents that lean forward. Because it still has grab properties, you cannot land this from a deflect.
Suggested ways of getting it in are frame trapping from a blocked 236B, or canceling forwards roll(3D) into it. If they do a high air attack and it whiffs or you block them, you can catch them out of landing recovery, but the timing here can be finicky.
Unlocking the sword only allows usage for that round. If you go to the next round, win or loss, the process starts over and you have to go through the whole process of unlocking again.
The startup is somewhat slow at 28 frames, allowing the opponent to safely hop forwards into you on reaction. The recovery is also slow, and it is easily punished if the opponent is still within range. This makes the good situations to use it in from full screen away, a backdash or backroll landing cancel, after confirming their wakeup from a far knockdown, or after a connected deflect. A deflect will guarantee a hit every time.
Note that the first hit does not launch and the opponent can still rage explode out. However, the pushback makes it very difficult to punish Yoshitora. Later hits will force a knockup, which cannot be escaped.


  • vs. Enja:
If Enja forward jumps? Just do 3C. It doesn't hurt much but it beats literally everything he can do. On the ground you have a decisive advantage due to range and speed, forcing him to chase you all day, which means he's running into your attacks more often than not. Be careful about either eating a heavy or letting him start his neutral jump game.
  • vs. Rimururu:
If Rimururu does her air ice block and jumps off, you can do 623AB to go through the ice block's active frames. You'll have to eyeball the timing.
Antiairing Rimururu is a pain because of her j.C stuffing many attacks. 66AB will often trade, and you need very specific spacings for 236AB to work. Most other things will lose without perfect spacing.
  • vs. Sogetsu:
Any blocked spout can be punished by mashing on 5AB immediately.
Since your AB has such a funky hitbox you can punish A or B spout on block even if he's behind a bubble.
  • vs. Zankuro:
Zankuro has no answer to j.AB. Not even his mighty 2AB stands a chance. Abuse liberally.
  • vs. Kusaregedo:
Avoiding being thrown is your primary objective here, so you either want to use moves that send you airborne, knock you out of range, have throw invulnerability, or have a lot of active frames. Kara Botan (j.236S) works really well here. Tsubaki(421S) is airborne for much of its motion. And 236B Nadeshiko has some throw invulnerability on startup.
Gedo is one of the few characters you can hit with an instant air j.C, which is not hugely safe but doing it from a backwards jump can be a good surprise at times.

Frame Data

Move Damage Startup Active Total Cancel Weapon
Guard Notes
5A 5 10 1 29 x 8~9(2) / 11~17(7) -9 -9 -3 Mid Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
5B 4, 4, 8 13 1 45 24~36(13) 1~12(12) / 24~36(13) -4 +4 -9 Mid Weak, Weak, Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
5AB 8, 7, 7, 7, 13 20 3 87 x - -6 -6 -38 Mid All Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
2A 5 10 6 25 4~9(6) 1~9(9) / 16~25(10) -5 -5 -3 Low Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
2B 5, 9 6 1 34 1~4(4) / 6~10(5) - -5 +3 -9 Mid Weak, Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
2AB 5, 20 9, 19 4, 4 42 24~25(2) - KD KD -18 Low Medium, Knockdown attack
n.5A 4 5 4 16 1~2(2) / 5~12(8) - -1 -1 -6 Mid Weak attack
n.5B 6, 6 9 2 37 18~37(20) 1~8(8) -2 +6 -9 Mid Weak, Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
n.5AB 4, 4, 4, 23 19 1 89 31~34(4) 1~19(19) /
-2 -2 -21 Mid All Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
n.2A 4 7 3 17 1~17(17) - +0 +0 -5 Mid Weak attack
n.2B 5, 9 6 1 34 1~4(4) / 6~10(5) - -5 +3 -9 Mid Weak, Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
n.2AB 5, 20 9, 19 4, 4 42 24~25(2) - KD KD -18 Low Medium, Knockdown attack
5C 6 13 8 27 1~12(12) - +4 +12 -9 Low Medium attack
6C 7 24 5 38 29~38(10) - KD KD -9 Low Knockdown attack
2C 2 6 4 17 x - -1 -1 -6 Low Weak attack
3C 7 11 9 31 26~28(3) - KD KD -9 Low Knockdown attack
j.A 5 5 12 21 x - -- -- -- High Weak attack
j.B 4, 9 10 2 33 x - -- -- -- High Weak, Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
j.AB 6, 6, 6, 9 18 2 77 x - -- -- -- High Medium attack, Deflectable(heavy)
j.C 4 5 10 17 x - -- -- -- High Medium attack
ju.C 4 5 10 17 x - -- -- -- High Medium attack
5BC 14 20 6 40 4~19(16) - KD KD -14 High Medium attack
u.5BC 14 20 6 40 x - KD KD -14 High Medium attack
66A 4 6 7 21 1~3(3) - +3 +11 -10 Mid Medium attack
66B 6, 6 7 2 35 7~14(8) / 16~18(3) 3~6(4) -2 +6 -21 Mid Weak, Medium attack, Deflectable(heavy)
66AB 14 10 4 37 x - KD KD -22 Mid Knockdown attack
66C 5 15 5 29 1~4(4) - KD KD -9 Low Knockdown attack
u.5S 4 7 4 17 x - +8 +16 -5 Mid Medium attack
u.2S 4 7 3 17 1~6(6) - +0 +0 -5 Mid Weak attack
ju.S 5 5 12 21 x - -- -- -- High Weak attack
u.66S 4 6 7 21 1~3(3) - KD KD -10 Mid Knockdown attack
u.66C 5 15 5 29 1~4(4) - KD KD -9 Low Knockdown attack
2BC 5 15 6 40 1~3(3) / 21~40(20) - -- -- -- Mid
u.2BC 5 15 6 40 1~3(3) / 21~40(20) - -- -- -- Mid
8BC 13 39 18 94 x - -- -- -- Mid
u.8BC 8 39 8 84 x - -- -- -- Mid
Nadeshiko - 236A 19 17 4 45 x - KD KD -22 Low Knockdown attack
Nadeshiko - 236B 16 27 2 42 x - KD KD -9 Mid Knockdown attack
1-13f throw invincible
Nadeshiko - 236AB 22 11 4 39 x - KD KD -22 Mid Knockback attack (Resets)
Shirayuri - 623A 18 12 9 57 x - KD KD -39 Mid Knockdown attack
1-8f upper body invincible
Shirayuri - 623B 20 14 11 62 x - KD KD -42 Mid Knockdown attack
1-12f above the knees invincible
Shirayuri - 623AB 22 18 11 71 x - KD KD -47 Mid Knockdown attack
1-17f melee invincible
Botan - j.236S 21 12 4 x x - KD KD -38 High Medium Knockdown attack
Tsubaki - 421A x x x 38 x - -- -- -- Mid Knockdown attack
3-24f autoguard
Tsubaki - 421B/421AB 24 31 10 83 x - KD KD -46 Mid Knockdown attack
3-24f autoguard
Asagao - 214A 1, 25 22 2 125 x - KD KD -27 Mid Knockdown attack
Asagao - 214B 1, 25 22 2 149 x - KD KD -27 Mid Knockdown attack
Asagao - 214AB 1, 25 22 2 173 x - KD KD -27 Mid Knockdown attack
Yuugao - 623C 21 3 1 38 x - KD KD -26 Mid Knockdown attack
Yuuchouka - 632146BC 32, 15xn 28 10 115 x - KD KD ?? Mid Heavy Knockdown attack
Aoi - 236CD 30 23 7 58 x - KD KD -26 Low Knockdown attack
1-22f melee invincible
23-29f above knees invincible
Weapon pickup 3 62 4 73 x - +0 +0 -5 Mid Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
Samurai Shodown V Special



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