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System requirements and installation

You can download the most recent version of the game here. The game needs both DirectX 9 or higher and both VC++2013 and VC++2015 (or 2017) redistributable to work. Most computers from Windows Vista on should have already DirectX 11 pre-installed. You can check it by calling DXDIAG from the search menu.

If you don't have any DirectX higher than 8 or you have only Directx 12 (which is known to generate a graphic glitch on some cards), you will find the required files here.

If you have played any game more recent than 2015, it's likely that your computer has already the mandatory software components installed. Try starting the game, if you don't get any errors, everything went smooth and you don't need any additional program.

If not, installing the VC++2015 and VC++2013 redistributables are instead mandatory: without them, the game won't even start. You can find them easily on Microsoft website (here and here, respectively. For 64-bit systems, you have to install both the 64 and the 32 bit version.

To start the game, just double click on SCHWARZERBLITZ.EXE inside the GAME folder.

Frequent Answered Questions

Is the game complete?

As of version 1.0 (31.07.2019), yes.

Is the game available free of charge?


The game does not start. It says that [insert name here].dll is missing

See the important notes above. Your computer probably misses one of the necessary Windows component. Read the "README" to find out more.

Is there any known bug / issue?

A couple of them:

  • There is a known bug involving Directx12, which basically stops the graphics from showing up on-screen during a battle (black screen issue). You have to install the Directx9 Runtime for the game to start. You can download it from the Microsoft website. Also, check the system requirements
  • Sometimes the audio simply does not start. In that case, please restart the game. This will fix the problem.
  • Sometimes, Xbox controllers show issues on startup. Restarting the game should fix the problem.

For any bug not listed here, please report it in the official Discord server.

The game does not recognize my input / can't go past title screen!

Disable VJoy as shown here.

The game goes down to really low FPS on my laptop

By default, Windows runs the game with the integrated graphic card. Try right clicking the .exe to start it with the dedicated graphic card. If this does not help, go into the game settings and lower the graphics settings (shadow quality, post-processing, etc.). You can go as low as 320x200, Borderless Window mode. This will have a huge retro-feeling, but at least the game should run flawlessly :) Also, be sure to switch "dynamic resolution" in Graphic Settings ON!

The game seems to stutter with my graphic card

Apparently, Windows 10, Windows Defender and Malwarebytes LOVE to run scans while my game is running - this is most of the time the cause of such stutters.

I can't take a screenshot with Print in fullscreen mode

If you have Windows 10, use the command combination Win + Alt + Print. Otherwise, there's no obvious solution :/

At some point, the game becomes irresponsive in windowed / borderless window mode

The window lost focus. Just click on it with your mouse to activate it again.

Is there local any local multiplayer?

Yes, both with split-keyboard (very uncomfortable) or joypad + keyboard.

Is there online multiplayer?

As of version 1.0, only via Parsec.

When starting a match, the game opens the pause menu, and opens it back if you close it

The window lost focus. click back on it and try again.

How do I unlock all characters and stages?

Open the game's files (properties, local files, browse). Next, open the directory named "config", open file named "saveData.ini" with a text editor. Add a blank line above "#STORY_EPISODES_CLEAR" and copy the following string:


Save the file and start the game. Note that you can reverse this process later by reopening the file and deleting that line.

What are the unlock conditions for each character?

Open the game's files (properties, local files, browse). Next, open the directory named "doc", and open the file named "UNLOCKABLE CONTENT GUIDE.txt". This file contains everything you need to know about unlocking things, as well as cheat codes and config settings.




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