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Game specific terms

Arcade bosses

Collective denomination for Donner and Arkaneis. These two characters are usually banned in competitive play, due to their unbalanced and cheap movesets.

Fluid Chain

A string of moves, chained one after another. Fluid Chains are distinct from proper combos as they keep Trigger Mode active.

Guest characters

Collective denomination for Doll (designed by SkreamnRedSkull), Mira (designed by Elton Borges) and K-069 (protagonist of a previous shoot'em up game by the same developer).

Jenn and Mono are not considered "guest characters", despite having being designed by 3rd parties, as they are fully relevant to the game's plot. Jenn has been designed by Studio Monty Arts and was the first external character to be added to the roster, while Mono has been designed by deviantArt user Testsuya-the-Wise, as an entry in the Schwarzerblitz create-a-character 2017 contest.


Abbreviation for Impact Cancel.

Impact Attack

An attack which sends the opponent flying. Can cause a ring out if performed near the border of certain stages.


Abbreviation for Jump Impact Cancel.


A combo involving two moves that do not normally chain into each other. These link combos cannot maintain Trigger Mode active.


Abbreviation for Run Impact Cancel.


Abbreviation for Run Jump Cancel, that indicates a long jump out of a running stance.


Abbreviation for Trigger Combo.


Abbreviation for Trigger Guard.


Keeping the Schwarzerblitz trigger button.png button pressed to prepare for using a Bullet.


A recovery roll that can be performed while recovering from an Impact attack, usually with some degree of invincibility.

Community terms


Pressing back + Schwarzerblitz trigger button.png at the same time, thus performing an instant backdash (instead of tapping back twice). This works due to the way the game reads the inputs when the Schwarzerblitz trigger button.png button is involved. Named after Berks, the player who discovered this technique. Also known as with the more functionally correct term of "Triggerdashing".


Fictional place where infinite combo live. Named after the character who was first found to have an infinite during the open beta stage. Removing an infinite from the game has been known as "closing a road to Johnsonville".

Lejl Loop

A six-Bullets, unbreakable touch-of-death combo that could be performed by Lejl in the corner during the open beta. Removed in version 1.0.

Wall of Death

Nickname for Skeleton's infamous Aposimz Hellfire Nova special move - a slow moving wall of purple energy occupying a consistent size of the screen.




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