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How do Shin Koihime Musou systems work?

This concise systems mechanics video by novriltataki should answer any doubts:

What's the tier list?

S: Kannei > Sonken

S-: Sonshoukou

A: Kakouen > Kan’u > Kakouton

B+: Ryofu > Chouhi > Chouun

B: Sousou

May 2014 Arcadia

How do I land fatals?

Whenever people first start playing this game a lot of players like to throw out fatal moves WAY WAY more then they should. Fatals are generally reversed for good reads not to throw out on neutral. The exception to this rule is people with cancelable 3Cs so you can go into a special on block OR HIT, but on fatal it will not come out letting you do a full combo cool huh. It is also recommended to bait a throw tech and doing a move that has a hop thus throw invun.

How do I dash and get a fireball motion? / How are people doing 3C > 236X?

236X can be entered as just 36X so you can just hold 6 then go 36X and get a fireball without getting a DP.

NOTE: 214 CANNOT be entered as 14.

Are there any other input shortcuts I should know about?

Yes you can use 323X to get a 623X input so you don't have to leave crouch. 632146X can also be inputed as 646X or 2146X to make that input faster.

Why don't I see crossups on hard knockdown often in this game?

This game has crossup protection. Any really vague crossup is automatically blocked by just holding back in the original direction.

Everyone just attacks though my fireballs are they even useful?

Sousou's fireballs arn't made to zone they are to be used as mid range pokes in combination with other stuff. Alternatively play Kokouen.

Fireballs work in the PS3 version just fine now.

I see this bizarre thing in combos where people cross under and the move will come out backwards but still hit what is going on?

When your move hits the direction it launches the opponent is decided by the direction your character is facing at the time. The easiest one to show this on is Kannei's FC, cl.5C dash 2B>236C~B, because you command dashed under and hit with the back side of the B followup the are hit towards your character allowing you to continue your combo. In other combos such as Chouun's Lighting Loop, 2C is pressed right before the opposing character goes to your other side but since your character can't change directions mid move it hits on the backside and launches them up and towards you which lets your auto corrected 623A, go towards them and slip under them to hit on the backside so they fly towards you again and since you used the A DP your body blocks them from going over your head until you land and go for 2C again.

How do Fatal combos work?

  1. You can only Ground bounce, Wall Bounce, and Launch ONCE each in every combo. You can do the moves again mid combo but the effect will not come out.
  2. In the corner moves don't pick people up as high, making it harder to combo in the corner.
  3. There is some limit to the number of times you can OTG but it seems like you might be able to reset it midscreen.
  4. Moves will knockback further the later in a combo you are.

How does damage scaling work?

In Koihime you can easily math out how much damage your combo will do before even going in training mode and trying it out. It scales every single hit not individual move so if you do Kannei's 236A~C that will count as 4 hits so you will immediately be at lowest damage on your next hit.

Non-fatal proration: 100(110 on CH) , 80 , 60 , 40 , 20 , 20...
Fatal proration: 110 , 60 , 50 , 40 , 30 , 20 , 20 , ...

At low life Guts will also slowly start to kick in.

Shin Koihime Musou