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Kakouen is a well-rounded character who does well at all ranges. She arguably has the best 3C in the game. Her projectiles are fast, her normals have very good range and are relatively safe, and she has an answer for every approach from the opponent. However, one bad read could cost you on a whiff, a mistiming, or bad spacing. This character should be used if you want to play a character with an active, yet rewarding neutral game who has an answer for everything


cl.5C (2hit) , 2B > 236A/B

  • Works on Normal hit and Counter hit. 1980 damage Normal hit, 2040 damage on Counter hit.

cl.5C (1hit) > 236A/B , 2B > 236A

  • Higher damage variation of above only works on people standing.

lighting assist, 214A+B/236A , cl.5C (1hit) > 236A, dash cl.5B (2hits) > 236A , 2B > 236A

  • Corner only.

5D > 623A

  • Small confirm off of throw into corner. A Version is easiest to time, but all versions work here. Does 1680 damage.

5D > 2363214C

  • Corner only

FC , 4/6D , 5[C] (wait for ground bounce) release C > walk forward , cl.5B (2hit) > 236C , cl. 5B (2hit) > 236A , 236D , dash , 4D , slight dash , j.2C , 2B > 236C , slight dash , 6B , walk forward , cl.B(2nd hit only) > 236C , slight dash , 2C , 236C , dash cl.5B (2hit) > 623B

FC , 4/6D , 5[C] (wait for ground bounce) release C > walk forward , cl.5B(2hit) > 236C , cl. 5B (2hit) > 236A , 236D , dash , 4D , slight dash , j.2C , 2B > 236C , slight dash , 6B , walk forward , cl.B(2nd hit only) > 236C , slight dash , 2C , 236C , 236D , dash 6D , 5B(2nd hit only) > 236B , cl.5B (2hit) > 623B

  • 6260 damage with 3C FC starter
  • Higher damage variant of from a BIT more range too.
  • Can tag on a 236D dash , 6D , 236C before the cl.5B > 623B for another 300ish damage.

FC > 5D , 5[C] (wait for ground bounce) release C > walk forward , {cl.5B(2hit) > 236C} x2 , 236D , dash , late 5D > dash j.2C , 6B , j.9B/j.9C , 2C > delay cl.5B(2hit) > 236C , cl.5B(2hit) > 623C

  • 5510/5470 damage with 3C FC starter (damage may vary depending on 5[C] charge; 5510 with j.9B, 5470 with j.9C)
  • A much simpler variant of the above combo; sacrifices roughly 300 pts. of damage but involves no side-switching and can be done from corner or close to corner.
  • The long dash after 236D into throw will push them closer to the corner, with no need to do the side-switch variant.
  • If you start from the corner, j.9B might whiff, so that's where you would use j.9C for stability.

3B FC > (walk back slightly) 5[C] (wait for ground bounce) release C , walk forward , {cl.5B (2hit) > 236C x2} , 236D , dash , late 5D , dash j.2C , 6B , cl.B(2hit) > 236C , cl.5B(2hit) > 623C

  • A simple FC combo off of 3B starter. Does 5120 damage.
  • You may need to walk back slightly after FC 3B to avoid getting cl.5C, depending on spacing. You could alternatively use 6C here as well

FC , 5D , 5[C] (wait for ground bounce ) release C > walk forward , {cl.5B (2hit) > 236C} x2 > 236B+C

  • A simple combo into Kakouen's Fatal Counter Super. Does 6670 damage with 3C FC starter.

Move List

Normal Moves


Standing kick. 300 damage, special cancellable on hit/block.


Quick crouching kick. 300 damage, hits low, special cancellable on hit/block.

f. 5B

Long-reaching bow swing. 1000 damage, not cancellable.

cl. 5B

Two-hit upward kick. Each hit does 550 (prorated 990), and either is special cancellable on hit/block.


Shorter-ranged downward bow swing. Hits mid, 900 damage, special cancellable on hit/block. Links off of A or B arrow shot in corner.

f. 5C

Chargeable mid-range blast of energy from her bow. Reaches slightly further than 5B. When held, it can be cancelled with the D button. Has three charge levels:

Uncharged: 1600 Slight charge: 2000 Full charge (after flash): 2400 damage, and knocks down. Causes fatal counter.

cl. 5C

Two kicks. Each hit does 600 (prorated 1080), but only the first can be special cancelled on hit/block. The second hit can link into 2B at point-blank range.


Another chargable energy blast from the bow, this time diagonally upwards while prone. When held, it can be cancelled with the D button. Three charge levels:

Uncharged: 1200 Slight charge: 1500 Full charge: 1800 damage, knocks down. Fatal counters.

j. A

Jumping elbow. Very short range. 600 damage.

j. B

Upward kick, but don't be fooled: the active frames are as she swings her legs up. Probably still best air-to-air option because of its range. 800 damage.

j. 5C

Shoots an arrow downward at a 45 degree angle. An actual projectile, not just an energy blast. 600 damage. Unlike her other jumping attacks, this is not an overhead.

Command Normals


Universal overhead, a heel drop. Hits high (duh), 900 damage. Causes fatal counter state. During fatal counter, causes ground bounce.


Universal launcher, an upward crescent kick. Despite the effect, won't hit opponents behind her or attempting crossups. 1000 damage. Causes fatal counter & immediately launches, rather than staggering. During fatal counter, launches the opponent.


Universal wallbounce, a hopping kick. 1200 damage. Causes fatal counter stagger. During fatal counter, wallbounces opponent.


Universal sweep. Hits low, 1100 damage, knocks down. Causes fatal counter stagger.

Only punishable by 3 characters at max range.
  • Kakouton 236A+B 1560 damage uses 1 meter
  • Sonken 236A+B 1560 damage uses 1 meter
  • Chouun f.5B 1100 damage
j. 2C

Shoots an arrow directly below her. Unlike j. 5C, this one hits overhead. 600 damage.

Special Moves

Isshi Issatsu - 236A/B/C

Tiger Shot. Shoots an arrow across the screen. A version can be ducked, B version seems just as fast and damaging but can't be ducked. C versions is fired upward a bit shy of a 45 degree angle, and causes techable knockdown. All versions do 900 damage, and can be delayed slightly until auto-fired for an extra 100 damage.

The EX version is a powered up A version, which does 1600 damage and causes hard knockdown. It can be delayed, but does not gain a damage bonus like the other versions.

Fukugekisha - 214A/B/C

Unusual teleport and attack move. Kakouen twirls in the air for a second and creates a purple field of magic pixie dust on the ground directly in front of her (A), about a character length away (B), about a half-screen away (C), or at the opponent's current location (EX). If the opponent touches the pixie dust, Kakouen will teleport behind them and shoot an arrow. The pixie dust does not hit the opponent, so they can (and likely will) move out of the way before the teleport and arrow shot. The arrow gives fairly generous advantage on hit, but the opponent's pushed too far back to link off except in the corner. Note that it does not cross up if the opponent is backed all the way into the corner, so don't try it. Does 1200 damage (1600 for EX).

Gifu no Senkou - 623A/B/C

A mysterious hit-throw. Draws her bow and waits for a second with a flash. Unclear if different versions have any differing properties for invincibility, etc, but they do have different hitboxes. The A version aims upward and has a much higher vetical hitbox, so it'll whiff on crouching and staggered opponents. B version reaches forward has has a "normal" hitbox. C version aims lower. All versions cause an untechable knockdown and throw the opponent about 3/4ths of the zoomed-out screen away. Does 1440 damage (mysteriously listed as 80% prorated, like most throws), and if the opponent hits the wall they'll splat against it for an extra 200 (subject to combo proration).

EX version most resembles B version, and does 1760 plus wallsplat damage. Combos in situations where the normal versions won't, ex. off 2Ax2.


Korou no Otakebi - 23624C (3/4ths meter)

Ryuuko ranbu. Reaches about 3/4ths of the screen. 4360 damage, causes hard knockdown. If blocked, it puts the opponent in that animation which looks like a guard crush but you can't actually capitalize off of for a hit. Damage is spread over 18 hits, so it doesn't prorate THAT badly if you combo into it.

Kyuusen Ryouran - 236B+C (full meter, during fatal counter only)

Fatal counter finisher. Leaps into the air and shoots a bunch of big arrows that cover the rest of the screen, so it's really hard to whiff this. Maximum possible damage is 960 + 3250, minimum damage is 320 + 2800.


A - Blue outfit with purple chestguard, blue hair.

D - White outfit with reddish-brown chestguard, black thigh-highs, orange hair.

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