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Kakouton is a character who's gameplan revolves around fear, you have so many ways to go into fatal and do big damage you want to make your opponent scared to do anything. While this is what both players are thinking what you are actually doing is running up and doing 5A/throw a lot with tons of 2B thrown in.


5A/2A/cl.5B/2C/f.5B(at closest range)>623A

5A/2A/cl.5B/2C/f.5B > 236A+B

cl.5B/2C/f.5B > {236X > X > X > X}/214A/623B/623C/2363214C

cl.5C , 236X > X > X > X

cl.5C , f.5B > 623C

FATAL , 2[C] , 8j.[C] , 9j.[C] , 6C , dash cl.5B , dash cl.5B , dash cl.5B > 236C > C > C > C , 236B+C/{f.5B > 236C > C > C > C}

  • Basic fatal combo if you hit the corner before your done with all your cl.5B's just end with 623A , 236B+C

Corner Only

cl.5C , f.5B > 236X > X > X > X

FATAL , 2[C], j.[C], 2C > 623B , 6C , cl.5C , 236B+C/{f.5B > 236C > C > C > C}

Move List

Normal Moves


(Cancelable) Quick jab hits crouching doing 300 damage.


(Cancelable) Quick low profile jab, pretty much worthless use 5A instead.


(Cancelable) 2 hit upper cut. 550 damage each hit(990 damage from 100%)


(Cancelable) Slightly worse then most f.5Bs but this one is cancelable, you can cancel into 623A at max range for a sudo command dash occasionally to get in. 900 damage


Probably Kakouton's best poke, quick low hit with good distance, it's not cancel-able however. Does 1100 damage.


6 hit rapid punch, plus on block does 400 damage a hit. (1280 damage from 100% damage)


(Chargeable) Cancel by hitting D.

lv 1: 2400 damage
lv 2: 2600 damage
lv 3: (FATAL, Guard Crush) Links into f.5B or 2B on GC. 2800 damage

(Chargeable) Cancel by hitting D.

lv 1: (Cancelable) 1200 damage
lv 2: (FATAL, Guard Crush) Links into 5A on normal hit or GC. 2000 damage
  • FC: Causes Launch

Quick jab below and in front, can crossup your basic air to ground. 600 damage


Big wide slash in front of your best air to air move. 1000 damage


Automatically Charges slash comes out when you hit the ground. Huge sword hit great against people who are inconsistent with their anti airs.

lv 1: 1400 damage
  • FC: Causes Ground Bounce
lv 2: (FATAL) 1600 damage.
  • FC: Causes Ground Bounce

Command Normals


(FATAL) Quick Overhead. 900 damage

  • FC: Causes Ground Bounce

(FATAL) Jump up forward headbutt, usable as an antiair worthless otherwise. 1000 damage

  • FC: Causes Launch

Chargable slide forward, cancelable by pressing D.

lv1: (FATAL)1/5 of the screen 1200 damage.
  • FC: Causes Wall Bounce
lv2: (FATAL)2/5 of the screen 1600 damage.
  • FC: Causes Wall Bounce
lv3: (FATAL, Guard Crush) 3/5 of the screen 2000 damage. Causes knockdown on hit. Confirm into 5A > 236A+B post guard crush for 1630 damage.
  • FC: Causes Wall Bounce

(FATAL) (Cancelable) Quick Sweep cancel into 236A to make it safe.

Special Moves

Gifu no Taiken - 236ABC > ABC > ABC > ABC.


EX has her slashing 4 times without added input.

Dohatsu Shouten - 623ABC

Runs toward you with sword tip sliding on the ground; uppercuts on contact. A version is REALLY fast. If no contact made run stops.

EX is like Mr.Big's DELICIOUS running uppercut.

Haou no Ken - 214ABC

A: Forward-moving spinning slash.

B: Forward-hopping spinning slash.

C: Forward-hopping (longer distance) spinning slash.

EX: Spinning in place then moving forward. Useful as an anti-air vs crossup.


Buchi Chouchaku - 2363214C

Kakouton slides towards you a short distance, crumbles you on contact.

Kyouji Moushin - 236B+C

Kakouton dashes towards you; on contact tosses her sword in the air whilst she beats the crap out of you with her fist, catches her sword and finishes you off with a slash. (Trivia; she beat up most of the characters into a "Stun" stance before slashing them. Her own stun stance plays it off like nothing happened to her. Hilarious.)


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