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Kannei is the head ninja that works underneath Sonken, the princess of Go. She is a skilled tactician and a straight laced military personality who is very devoted to her kingdom. Her playstyle makes use of fast footwork at neutral and solid control of corner space. She has short range normals, but to make up for it she has interesting movement options such as an invincible teleport and a projectile invulnerable dash.


ender = 236A~A / 236A+B~A / 2363214C + Counter hit bonus damage

cl.5B , 2B/cl.5B > ender (2220/2580/4060 + 90)

236X~C/5C , cl.5B > ender (1920/?/? + 50 CH)

CH cl.5B/2B > 236A+B~C , cl.5B > ender (2570/?/4050)

CH cl.5B , dash cl.5B , 2B > ender (2650/2890/4250)

CH 236X~A , 2A (1520)

Fatal Combos


FATAL, dash cl.5C , j.2C , cl.5B > 236A~C , 3B , j.C , 6C , 5B > 236A~C


FATAL , dash cl.5C , dash 2B > 236C->B(cross under) , 2B > 236C->C , 6C , cl.5B > 236B->B , 3B , {dash j.2C, cl.5B > 236A->C} / {dash under cl.5B > 236B-B , 2B > 236C->C} , (236C->A ,) 236B+C

FATAL , dash cl.5C , dash 2B > 236C->B(cross under) , 2B > 236C->C , 6C , cl.5B > ( cl.5B > ) 236B~~B , 3B , dash cl.5B > 236C->B(cross under) , cl.5B > 236B->B , 2B > 236C->C , (236C->A ,) 236B+C

FATAL , 9j.B , cl.5B > 236B->B , (cl.5B > 236B->B) , cl.5B > 236A+B->B , step forward 2B > 236C->B(cross under) , cl.5B > 236A->C , 6C , dash slightly cl.5B > 236B->B , 3B , dash cl.5B > (236C , cl.5B >) 236C->B(cross under) , cl.5B > 236C->C , 236C->A , 236B+C

  • Most damage and most reliable nice.

Move List

Normal Moves


(Cancelable) Possibly the fastest jab in the game. Threatening at close ranges. Small startup.


(Cancelable) Fast, hits twice. More active than 5A and can be punished.


Kannei's jump in. Decent range vertically. OTGs after fatal counter. Can be used as an instant overhead.


Average range at midscreen. Extremely fast midrange poke slightly minus on block but will stuff a lot of stuff due to its speed.


(Cancelable) Very solid close range poke. Fast, hitbox extends slightly above Kannei's head. Very plus on block, can combo into self or 2B on hit.


(Cancelable), Great anti air and combo extender. fast startup.


Air to air and oki. The vertical range is terrible, making it better used as an oki option since it crosses up.


Slides Kannei forward. Combo tool. Punishable startup but safe afterwards(if the 4th hit connects), making it something of a counterpoke at longer ranges. Hits multiple times.

Can follow up with cl.5B, if 4th hit connects.


(FATAL, Low Guard Crush) Huge startup, causes guard break on block. Can cl.5B after guard crush for combo.

  • FC: Causes Ground Bounce. Useful as a fatal combo starter.

Low profile move good range normally safe on block hits mid.


Solid air to air.

Command Normals


(FATAL) Fairly quick overhead, low crushes about 1/2 way though the animation. Very punishable on block.

  • FC: Causes Ground Bounce. Good fatal combo extender.

(FATAL) Launcher, fast startup deceptively long range.

  • FC: Causes Launcher. Kannei's best fatal combo extender.

(FATAL) Decent FC poke because it slides Kannei forward.

  • FC: Causes Wall Bounce. Great fatal combo extender.

(FATAL) Great FC poke. One of her 2 low attacks, has a low profile and is safe at max range.


Can be used as really fast overhead, if it hits you can combo off of it, if blocked late it's safe sometimes even plus, if blocked immediately it's very punishable. Mix this up with cross j.B as it doesn't crossup. This move has a huge hitbox and will stuff most things.

  • FC: Causes Ground Bounce. Useful in fatal combos that start with 3B.

Special Moves

Meiyuuzan - 236ABC

Projectile invincible dash that acts as a stance. A/B/C versions extend the distance of the dash. Can be followed up with A, B, or C for an offensive option.

A: Kannei throws out a quick low slash, one of her 2 lows. Great range, hard to punish at max range, can combo into cl.5B on counter.
B: Possibly Kannei's best overhead option. Kannei hits the opponent with quick overhead strike. If her knees are falling when it hits it's safe on block can comboable on hit.
C: Basically her f.5C. Useful in Fatal combos. Safe on block and combo-able on hit.
EX Meiyuuzan - 236A+B

Invincible dash that acts as a stance. Travels about half screen Can be followed up with A, B, or C for an offensive option, loses invincibility after you press a button.

A: EX version moves out farther, and knocks down on hit.
B: (FATAL) Kannei hits the opponent with an even quicker overhead strike, that knockdowns on hit.
  • FC: Causes Ground Bounce
C: Fully invincible until first hit(will trade) and slightly faster version of non EX, punishable by cl.5B unlike non EX version.
Fusaku Shinmyou - 214ABC

Sends out a projectile slash to both sides. A/B/C versions have longer startup and travel further with each respective button. A version is safe as long as you are out of cl.B/A range. Easy to jump over.

A+B: Reversal with even more range, very useful against jump in's you can't 2B. It will also trade with them having a meaty move when they are not point blank so be careful. Safe on block from 2 character distances away.
Funkei no Geki - 623ABC

Teleport with fully invincible startup. The travel distance is short and the cooldown is a bit punishable. Note that the A and C versions can cross up.

A: Teleports left.
B: Teleports in the same place. A feint, makes the opponent think twice about their next move.
C: Teleports right.
A+B: Teleports in front and above the opponent. This can be done at fullscreen.


Shura no Michi - 2363214C

Kannei invincibility dashes to half screen and does a flurry of slashes. 3840 damage raw. Costs 3 bars. Fairly unsafe on whiff. Advantageous on block because it guard breaks the opponent.

Yomi e no Izanai - 236B+C

Kannei kicks the opponent and triggers a cutscene. Fatal Counter super. Does roughly 4030 damage raw and 2940 minimum. Costs 4 bars.


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