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j.A/j.B/j.C 5B/2B/3C 236A/236AB - Basic BnB, doesn't lead into knockdown. Your main combo off of any jump-in starter or successful 2B poke. 236AB does a solid chunk of damage.
5A[xN] 236AB - The only combo off 5A that isn't 2A or itself. A good hit confirm off people running into 5A's deceptive range.
6D j.C/236A/5C - Combo off throw. j.C will let them tech in the air, 236A can either let them tech in the air, on the ground, or not tech at all depending on how you time it. 5C usually lets them tech on the ground only.
236B/C , 5A > 236A+B - Works anywhere on screen and gives your counter a good bit more umfff. You can throw in an extra 5A it does 10 less damage but builds more meter so w/e.
236B/C , c.5B > 214A , 5A > 236A+B - Max damage corner combo off counter...very very Situational, but does like 3k damage so there is that.
j.B > 22C , 5A > 236A+B - Big damage 2.8k, always works in corner, only works off crossup midscreen.


Video of the below, I mess up the midscreen and get a f.5B instead of c.5B 214A at the end.

8.jB 9j.B j.22A 66 c.5B 236A 6C 66 c.5B 22A 66 c.5B 214A/B (midscreen) - Midscreen fatal. The first j.B bounces them, if they are close to the corner you can walk before doing the second j.B to cross through them and hit them away from the corner to the other side. You will need some screen length for the 6C to wall slam. As always doing 66 c.5B is the greatest chance to misinput a 6B.
6D [6/66] c.5B 22A 66 c.5B 22A 3B 66 c.5B 22A 6B 66 c.5B 22A c.5CC c.5B 22A 3C 236A or 22C 236BC (corner) - Corner fatal. The first 5B 22A is very important, you can try fitting a dash or walk after the throw but if they fall too far you're going to have to go straight to 3B afterwards otherwise they won't relaunch after the second dash-in. The second main dropping point is the 6B whiffing, this is usually because you didn't dash far enough after the 3B relaunch. The third point of drop is any dash 5B turning into a premature 6B relaunch. If this happens you just check if you have 3B or 5CC left in your combo and if you do you can just cut the combo short for the same knockdown but less damage. If you have meter for level 4 the last 22A can be a 22C instead as 236BC has a lot of range.

Move List

Normal Moves


Fast tonfa jab. Chains into itself and 2A. Special cancellable, but will not combo into anything but 22 series and 236EX.


Fast upward swipe. Special cancellable. Safe on block.


Horizontal stab. Good range, fast, your main poke.


Relatively fast downward slash. Crumples on CH, can hit C twice for a followup hit. Followup wall slams in Crumple combos.


Large slow horizontal slash. Slightly more than half screen range.


Crouching 3-hit tonfa spin. Hits mid. Not chainable or cancellable into anything.


Low slash. Same range as f.5B. Special cancellable, 236A combos from anywhere and is the go to ender.


Larger slower low slash. Half screen range.


Jumping 3-hit tonfa spin. Hits high. You can vary the number of hits depending on how late you do it. Quick, good air-to-air.


Jumping downward swipe. Good against crouching targets, your main jump-in. Ground bounces in Crumple combos.


Jumping 2-hit slash. Longer range than j.B, slower, harder to land on crouching targets. Use carefully.

Command Normals


Upward slice. Fast anti-air. Launches on CH (considered a Crumple starter) and in Crumple combos.


Fastest 6B overhead of the cast. Unfortunately 20F is not very fast. Very short range, very little low invulnerability. Crumples on CH, ground bounces in Crumple combos.


A relatively short range trip. Special cancellable. Crumples on CH.


Jumping lunge. Huge range, slightly less than half screen. Relatively fast, will hop over a lot of lows. Airborne from 4F until it hits at 18F. Crumples on CH, wall slams in Crumple combos.

Special Moves

Ishin Zan - 236ABC

A: Double-slash

B: High Counter, double-slash on contact.

  • Doesn't work on EX moves

C: Low Counter, double-slash on contact.

  • Doesn't work on EX moves

EX: Quadruple-slash.

Gyoku Ankou - 214ABC

A: Table drops, Sonken slashes it.

B: Sonken leaps and slashes a dropping table.

C: Sonken leaps wider but is unable to slash the dropping table.

EX: Sonken slashes an even bigger table.

Kou Houkou - 22ABC

Pillar of Power. Launches on FC

Kuuchuu Kou Houkou - j.22ABC

Air Pillar of Power.


Eirei e no Chikai - 2363214C

Up-slashes her opponent into a crumble.

Songo no Shouin- 236B+C

Up-slashes her opponent into the sky; charges up for her "Sonken Chuubou Seal Of Approval" tonfa attack.

Frame Data

                                                      Block   Hit     CH Adv
Motion     Damage     Proration   Startup  Duration   Adv     Adv     Effect in Crumple State     Guard   ALvl
 5A         300                     5        17        -2      0                                   Mid     0
 c.5B       800                     6        28        -3      +7                                  Mid     2
 f.5B       1100                    10       39        -7      +3                                  Mid     2
 c.5C       1000/1000               14/36    43/42     -7/-11  +4/+3   Crumple/Crumple, Wallslam   Mid     4/4
 f.5C       1400                    16                                                             Mid     4
 2A         300*3                   5/12/19                                                        Mid     0
 2B         1000                    11       44        -7      +3                                  Low     2
 2C         1600                    22       58        -15     -1                                  Low     4
 j.A        300*3                   6/13/20                                                        High    1
 j.B        1000                    8        50                        -, Ground Bounce            High    2
 j.C        800*2                   11/31    56                                                    High    4/4
 3B         1000                    12       46                        Launch                      Mid     2
 6B         900                     20       39                        Crumple, Ground Bounce      High    2
 3C         1100                    13       44        -15     D       Crumple                     Low     1
 6C         1200                    18       55        -11     +3      Crumple, Wallslam           Mid     4
 D          0+600                   6        32                D                                   None    0


Shin Koihime Musou