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A very awkward character that relies on a bunch of tricks and her very solid f.5B and 2B to win. Has the strongest instant overhead in the game, that can also be made relatively safe due to air fireball. Her Senrinten has a very good hitbox and comes out really fast and destroys whiffed normals in neutral. She can scare people into blocking her fireballs by occasionally throwing out a 623A+B for fatal after 3C. Play this character if you are good at getting in your opponents head and reading them but you don't feel like playing Kannei.


  • 2Ax1-3 > 214A+B
  • 236A , f.5B > 214C
  • j.B , 3C > 214C (2660 damage)
  • cl. 5C , f.5B > 214C
  • Fatal , 9j.B(crossed up) > j.236C , cl.5B(1hit) > 236C , 6C , j.C , 6B , j.C , 3B, j.C ,236B+C
  • Fatal , 9j.B(crossed up) > j.236C , cl.5B(2hits) > 236C , 236D , walk forward , 9j.B(crossed up) > j.236C , cl.5B(1hit) > 236C , 6C , 5C , j.C , 3B , j.C , 236B+C

Corner Only

  • j.B , dash cl.5B > 236C , 5A > 214A+B (2790 damage)
  • j.B , dash cl.5B(1hit) > 236C(input as 36) > cl.5B(2hits) > 214C (2700 damage, REALLY HARD)
  • j.2C(Counter) , cl.5B(1hit) > 236C > cl.5B(2hits) > 214C (2470 damage)

Move List

Normal Moves


(Cancelable) Regular jab. Slower than most jabs due to her sphere particle animation; special cancellable. 330 damage.


(Cancelable) Diagonal poke with the bottom of the scythe. Has a slightly shorter range than her 3C. 330 damage.


Horizontal sphere punch in the air; don’t let its appearance fool you though – unless timed too early, it hits as any regular jumping jab. 660 damage.


(Cancelable) Vertical scythe slash. It has a small, rectangular-ish hitbox. Not as good of an AA as it looks. 1100 damage.


(Cancelable) 2-hit Chun-li slap. 1040 damage.


3-hit crouching scythe spin. Has a very wide range *hint abuse this*. 1000 damage.


(Cancelable) A jumping scythe swipe with a vertical rectangular hitbox. Can be used as an instant overhead, and then staggered into 236X to make it not a free punish hehehehe. 1100 damage.


(FATAL) A 3-hit jumping scythe slash combo. 1870 damage.


5-hit shamwow spin. 1240 damage.


Sousou creates an explosion on the ground using her scythe. Small, square hitbox on the ground. Causes knockdown. 1540 damage.


Sousou spins in the air diagonally with her scythe, dealing 1370 damage in three hits. Small range.

Command Normals


(FATAL) An overhead with mediocre startup. 900 damage.

FC: Ground Bounce


(FATAL) Aerial rave starter with the shamwow. Its range is around %75 of the normal sweep range. 1000 damage.

FC: Launcher


(FATAL) Similar to Yun's(SFIII) Zesshou Hohou (Lunge Punch), a lunge using the scythe. 1320 damage.

FC: Wall Bounce


(FATAL) (Cancelable) Crouching roundhouse with a short range. 1100 damage.


A divekick with a relatively slow startup. Safe on block if you hit them low enough. Combos on hit no matter what basically can lead into cl.5C or cl.5B depending on where the hit is and counter hit state or not.

Special Moves

Shienshouha - 236ABC

1-hit orb projectile. Its damage (900) and range is fixed; making speed the only difference between A, B, and C versions. Its range is similar to Sakura's (SF) Hadouken.

Air Shienshouha (j.236A,B,C): A downward angled version of the orb that shares the same damage as the ground version. The speed of the A, B and C versions are all the same, but the angle is different C going the furthest forward and A being almost right below you.

Senrinten - 214ABC

It has slightly more range than Shienshouha. Basically, Sousou does a 3-hit Psycho Crusher using her Shamwow. They all cause a knockdown state.

A: 1370 damage
B: 1500 damage
C: 1620 damage
EX: Is a reversal and really fast while covering a large distance.
Zetsunyuumetsu - 623ABC

An overhead jumping scythe slash. Fixed at 1000 damage, C version moves the farthest but a bit slower startup...seems to have a faster recovery however. Move has projectile recovery on the way up and can be used to crossup.

EX: (FATAL) Has invun on startup.


Kanyuu no Shippuu - 2363214C (reqs. 3 bars)

Mega Psycho Crusher. 38 hits with 3810 damage. Cancellable only with some inputs.

Haou no Sabaki - during fatal counter stagger, 236BC (reqs. 4 bars)

5B = 5200 damage, 3B = 5310 damage, 3C = 5420 damage, 6C = 5530 damage


Shin Koihime Musou