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If you get hit on the same frame that someone does a cross over, you need to block it on the original side. In this image, you can see Filia (P2) has her point cross over to the left, further behind Filia (P1). Most people would expect this needs to be blocked by holding right, but you block this by holding left. This is because the direction you need to hold to perform a block is based off the opponents location before they update their position. So if you hold forward to actually try block this as if it was a cross up hit, you get hit.

  • SG crossupexample 1.png
  • Filia blocked this by holding left, even though the frame it connected hit crossed up.

PBGC Details

Blockstun during pushblock

Technically, you can still accumulate blockstun during your pushblock animation, even though your blockstun value is cleared once the pushblock ends. If a move connects during a pushblock animation, its blockstun is still applied, but with 3 frames less blockstun, as can be seen by the hitstun bar. This is used by the game engine to determine if actions such as alpha counter can be executed. So if you pushblock a move without much blockstun, you won't be able to alpha counter towards the end of your pushblock since your blockstun ran out.

Determining pushblock frame advantage

When attacks connect during a pushblock, the defending character will recover when pushblock ends, regardless of how much blockstun is applied. This means that the frame advantage of a move that hits a pushblocking character will depend on how early/late it hits relative to the pushblock, not how much blockstun it does.

Worst case frame advantage: - (recovery + active - 1)

Attack connects on last frame of pushblock, defending character recovers next frame
This was done by hand using frame advance, since I found the in-game frame data to be inaccurate when it comes to PBGC canceling blockstun

Best case frame advantage: 24 - (recovery + active - 1)

Attack connects on first frame of pushblock, defending character goes through the remaining 24f of pushblock animation
Basically, this is the frame advantage when an attacked is pushblocked ASAP, minus 1

Example: Parasoul's c.LP can range from +10 to -15. Its frame advantage normally is +4.

This does not factor in assists - the assist will apply hitstop to the pushblocking opponent but not the point

Invalid Pushblock Inputs

There are some scenarios where the game won't read your pushblock input. If you pushblock something on the first frame it connects, you'll pushblock immediately. But, if you pushblock during the hitstop of the move, the game will wait until hitstop ends, then execute the pushblock. If another attack connects during the hitstop period, the game will ignore the pushblock input.

Crouching Dash / Backdash

Normally, inputting 1+PP will get you a normal. However there are some situations where it will give you a dash / backdash instead.

  • While in preblock
  • While in the transition animation from standing to crouching
  • A period of time after waking up or recovering from blockstun


Input Priority

  • In general, the game engine gives lowest priority to normal moves and highest to supers (normals < command normals < 2 button commands < specials < supers).

SOCD (Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Directions)

  • Direction inputs are a +1 or -1 value to the game engine. Using a keyboard or a non-default controller to hit two opposite directions at the same time (← + → or ↓ + ↑) will give a 0, or a neutral input.

Button Inputs

  • The game engine cannot read multiple inputs from the same button from the same frame, even after reassigning controller buttons or using a macro. Holding a button down effectively locks that button input.
  • When the game engine reads multiple button inputs on the same frame, it registers the command with the highest priority to the game engine.
  • For normal moves, button strength determines priority (LP > LK > MP > MK > HP > HK). For example, pressing LK and HK in the same frame will perform a LK.
  • 2 button commands have priority over a single button command. For example, HK and calling an assist with MP+HK will only call the assist. HK and MK+HP will perform the normal move and call the assist on the same frame. Calling an assist has higher priority than other 2 button commands. LP+LK+MP will register the assist (LK+MP) over the throw (LP+LK) and dash commands (LP+MP).

Input Buffers

  • "The game will buffer dash motions entered immediately after a superjump and perform the dash when the character reaches their minimum airdash height."
  • "The game registers inputs during superflash and passes them to the characters, but the characters will use them to change state only when not frozen. In other words, you can do D,DF,F during the superflash, but you have to hit P after it's over or you won't get a fireball. There's no superflash buffering like in BB or MvC3, it's more like MvC2 or XSF."

Misc Motion Logic

  • The game engine reads special and super move motions with distinct individual directions read for at least 1f.
  • Button inputs for a special or super move read in a 4f window, starting at the last required direction for the motion.
  • The game engine registers sequential directions within 4f for a special or super motion. The slowest allowable QCF + P takes 12f.
  • The game engine registers non-sequential directions, or a sequence that require crossing through neutral, within 8f for a special or super motion. The slowest allowable DP + P takes 16f. The slowest allowable 360 + P takes 28f.

Optimal Movement

Dash distance / time comparisons

Same Frame Interactions

  • Info on trades -
  • If two hit grabs hit on the same frame, P2 hits P1
  • If two supers flashes occur on the same frame...
    • P1 will get the super flash first, then on the first frame after P1's flash, P2's super flash will occur. (Example: do Cerebella level 3 on the same frame. This move is active 1st frame after the flash. P1 will make an active hitbox appear, then on the same frame P2's flash will occur)
    • But, only P2 will inflict hitstop on P1. This can be seen by doing two supers on the same frame and having them whiff. P2 will recover (number of inflicted hit stop frames) - 1 frames faster than P1.
      • This can cause some situations where P1 will be stuck in hitstop, P2's super will excecute, then P1's super resumes and the invulnerable frames avoids P2's super, causing P2 to get hit. (video)


General Bugs

Character Specific Bugs

  • Buer vs assists bug:
  • If Painwheel tags in while under Hatred Install, then the timer will still expire during a combo and the install will run out midcombo. However, if Painwheel DHC's in instead, then the timer retains the normal property and the install will only run out after a combo is over.
  • The frame data for the recovery of Painwheel's tag is not shown in the training mode attack data.
  • Double air throw bug (Possibly Painwheel related):


Anti DP assist chain research

"heres some data from researching anti assist chains over the last couple of days
col = first attack
row = attack chained into
red highlight = hits 3f assist vulnerability window
yellow highlight = stuffs l beat extend
just did the first hits of everyones ground normals"

SG Cheat Table

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