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Visual Frame Data Color Legend

Each graph shows the attack on whiff unless otherwise noted.

Some frame data graphs have dimmed portions to indicate that section is part of a different, preceding move (such as normals that can be pressed twice).

Top row (active frames)
  • Red - Active strike hitbox frames
  • Purple - Active throw hitbox frames
2nd row (invulnerability)
3rd row
  • Dark red - No super cancel allowed
Bottom row (armor and collision boxes)
  • Gray - Armor
  • Yellow w/ gray outline - Hyper Armor
  • Purple w/ gray outline - Hatred Guard (Painwheel only)
  • Dark purple - No collision box
  • Brown - No collision box if you are hitting an opponent
Super flash

Hitbox Color Legend

  • Red: Active attack box
  • Green: Hurt box
  • White: Fully invulnerable hurt box
  • Light Blue: Strike invulnerable hurt box OR high blocking hurt box
  • Yellow: Throw invulnerable hurt box OR hitstun hurtbox
  • Orange: Projectile invulnerable hurt box
  • Dark Blue: Low blocking hurt box OR Collision box
  • Purple: Air blocking hurt box. Used during unblockable protection and absolute guard to indicate blocking both ways
  • Diamond (◆): Reference point


  • Left: Filia's standing hurt box. Her hair does not have any boxes when not attacking.
    Right: Painwheel's standing block hurt box. Her spine has a hurt box and the blades do not.
  • Left: Ms. Fortune's crouching hurt box. Her head has it's own hurt box, and the body's boxes do not get any smaller when headless.
    Right: Squigly's crouching block hurt box.
  • Left: Ms. Fortune's jumping block hurt box. In the air, Ms. Fortune is small compared to other characters.
    Right: Cerebella's jumping hurt box. Vice-Versa's arms only have boxes while attacking.
  • Beowulf's s.HP attack during the active frames. The red area represents where the attack can hit, and the green boxes represents where Beowulf can get hit. The amount of space where there are red boxes but no green boxes make this attack hard to challenge during the active frames.
  • Parasoul hitting Valentine with s.MP. Valentine's hurtboxes turn yellow as she's in hitstun.
  • Valentine blocking Cerebella's c.LK. After blocking any high or low hit, the defender's hurtboxes turn purple for 7 frames, indicating hard to blockable protection is in place and they can block both highs and lows during this time.
  • Peacock's hurt boxes and the active projectile attack box from Peacock's s.HP.
  • Two attacks with full invulnerability on startup, indicated by white hurtboxes
  • Left: Eliza's Upper Khat has strike invulnerable startup, indicated by light blue hurtboxes.
    Right: Peacock's L Bang has throw invulnerable startup, indicated by yellow hurtboxes.
  • Double's Flesh Step has a moment of projectile invulnerability, indicated by orange hurtboxes.

Combo Formatting Guide


  • Indent the notation in between each chain. Since this can imply each line is it's own normal > special > super chain, omit using '>' or 'xx' in notations.


  • Use numpad notation for normals and command normals Example: sLP = 5LP, fHP = 6HP, etc
  • It can be assumed the first normal in an air chain is done from a forward jump. If it is not, indicate with the first jump normal which direction the jump was. Example: 2HP j7LK (2HP launcher, backwards jump, jLK)

Multihits and self chaining normals

  • For moves that can chain into themselves, always specify how many button presses with xN. Example: 5LPx2
  • It can be assumed when a multi hit normal is listed without specifying the number of hits that all the hits were used. If not all the hits are used, use parentheses to specify the number of hits. Example: jMP(4)


  • Notate moves that hit OTG by prefacing the move with 'OTG'.

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