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Gameplay Screen

Round Start


SG HUD.jpg
  • Character Portraits: A circular portrait, character specific icon, and name represent the player controlled characters. Additional, off screen characters have a smaller portrait with no name at the start of their life bar.
  • Health Bar: The character life bars start at a green colored 100% at the start of the round. When taking damage, the bar drains towards the center of the screen from the yellow color at the front of the bar to the orange at the end near the timer. In a team, the second-in-line character's life bar appears above the point character and the third character appears on top. The life bar turns a dark red to represent all damage dealt by an attack or combo in progress. After it ends, the dark red section disappears showing the black background. The bright red section left in the life bar after damage is dealt represents recoverable damage.
  • Timer: The timer counts down from a default 99 to 0 at the top center of the screen. When time runs out, the round will be rewarded by decision to the team with the most life remaining by total percentage. Players can't input any additional commands after time runs out, but any attacks in progress will continue and still deal damage even after the round has been decided.
  • Meter Gauge: The gauge fills around the edge of the character portrait, starting under the character's icon and ending at a level counter. Attacking the opponent and taking damage fill the gauge, with the level counter representing the number of levels stocked for the player. supers, snapbacks, alpha counters, and DHCs all use one or more levels of meter.
  • Assist Indicator: A small red and green indicator shows when the player can call assists from an off screen character. The indicator will not light up either signal for a solo character team.
  • Undizzy Bar: A lengthy combo will build undizzy for the defending character, filling the undizzy Gauge. Filling the gauge triggers a burst and it will rapidly drain when a combo ends.
  • Lead Indicator: The team with highest percent of total health remaining has the "Leader" tag above their health bar.
  • Rounds Counter: In a match between solo teams, circular round win counters appear under the character's life bar. These display the character's icon after winning a round.
  • Win Counter: In Versus mode, the total number of wins for the player will appear above the life bars next to the Lead Indicator. Stars indicate the player has won the last game. The win counter will reset when restarting Versus mode.
  • Combo Counter

Character Select Screen

Color Selection

SG colorselect1.jpg
SG colorselect2.jpg
  • Selecting a character by pressing certain combinations of buttons will determine their color.
  • Hitting start while highlighting the character will tentatively select the character and allow the player to cycle through the all available alternate color palettes (and view the attack button hotkey).
  • Pressing start again while the color picker is up will select a random color.

Assist Selection

SG assistselect.jpg
SG customassist.jpg

With a 2 or 3 character team, players must choose an assist for the character before selecting their next character or completing their team selection. All characters have a choice between two pre-set assists and the option for a custom assist.

Choosing a custom action for an assist brings up a input dialogue, which displays directional and attack button inputs. As the player performs an attack the dialogue will show the attack by name. The player can then confirm the attack as the assist choice or return to the start of the input dialogue to record another move. Custom assists can be any grounded non-super action. Charge moves can be input without waiting for the charge time. Players can choose a character's taunt as an assist by pressing start.

Stage Selection

After both players have completed their team selection, either character may choose a stage or keep the default option of a random stage. Selecting random stage will cause Versus Mode rematches to select a random stage before the start of every new match. Specific buttons and button combinations act as hotkeys when selecting a stage, similar to selecting a character's color palette. The Gehenna stage can only be chosen on stage selection, it won't appear if random stage is picked.

Entourage (saved teams) Selection

During stage selection, pressing Up, Down, or Neutral with either Macro 1 or Macro 2 button will save the player's selected team size, characters, alternate colors, and assists as an Entourage. Pressing a macro button while selecting team size will pick the Entourage. Versus Mode and the Training Room allow Entourage selection and saving a new Entourage. Online play disables saving a new Entourage, but still allows Entourage selection. Entourages are completely disabled in Story Mode.

Alternate Voice Pack Selection

Some characters have alternate voice packs which change some of their voice lines. These can be selected in two ways:

  • If selecting a character via an attack button, hold down the buttons you select the character with.
  • If selecting a character via pressing start and choosing a color, press up or down.

Characters with the alternate voice pack on will have their name change to dark orange.

List of alternate voice packs:

  • Anime Peacock by Sarah Williams. Hey, this ain't the convention hall!
  • Salty Parasoul by Erin Fitzgerald. You will refer to me only as "Your Highness!"
  • Valley Girl Painwheel by Danielle McRae. My dad is, like, a total space cadet!
  • Politician Double by Kaiji Tang. If you can’t pay taxes, you're better off dead!
  • Saxploitation Big Band by Rich Brown. Brass to the face puts a fool in their place!


Selecting character and announcer voice language and announcer voice pack

Navigate to 'Help & Options' → 'Settings' → 'Voice Settings...'

Training Room
Game Data Legend
Ms. Fortune
Big Band
Black Dahlia