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A summary of all the launch options available in the PC version of Skullgirls.

Setting Launch Options

  • Right click on Skullgirls in the Steam library → 'Properties' → 'Set Launch Options...'.
  • Each option is preceded by a '-'. Multiple options are separated by a space.
  • Example: "-nomenuwrap -fw -socdlikehitbox"


These options were added to assist blind players.


  • Disables menu wrapping, so pressing up on the top menu item will not wrap to the bottom, and vice versa.[1]
  • Disables wrapping on the team size choice, character select grid, assist type choice, and custom assist confirmation menus.[2]


  • Automatically copies the text in the game to the clipboard.[2]
  • Adds a sound to the recovery spark.[3]


  • Same as -useclipboard but adds a sound every time the copied text changes.[2]



  • Resets the keybindings to default on startup. Keybindings can still be configured in-game, but will reset every time until this option is removed.[4]
  • Same effect as going to 'Help & Options' → 'Controls' → 'Restore Defaults', then 'Accept'.


  • Changes the input parser to interpret simultaneous Up + Down inputs as an Up input instead of the usual neutral input.[5]
  • See SOCD.


  • Forces the game to poll a controller's POV hat if the driver says it's supported.[6]
  • Warning: This removes functionality of PS3 controllers and other similar DirectInput controllers.


These options are used by the developers to test and troubleshoot the game, but players can also use them to investigate game behavior.


  • Automatically starts the game inside the current beta.[7]
    • Works the same as starting the game and pressing "Play Skullgirls Beta," or going into Options and pressing the "Switch to Beta" button.


  • Available in Training Mode or Replay Theatre.[8]
  • Press the '-' key once to slow down the game to 25% speed. Press it a second time to pause the game. Each press after that will advance the game by a single frame.
    • You can still control your character in the paused state by keeping inputs held when tapping the '-' key.
  • Press the '=' key to undo slow down or pausing caused by the '-' key.
  • Press the '0' key to pause the game/resume the game at full speed.


  • While enabled, each match you play will save a replay which can be viewed under 'Extras' → 'Replay Theater' in the main menu.[9]
  • Replay menu controls:
    • Left/Right moves selection by 1
    • Up/Down moves selection by 25
    • LP/LK/MP starts a replay
    • MK/Select exits.
  • Playback controls:[9][10][11]
    • LP toggles hitboxes
    • MP toggles "simple" attack data
    • LK toggles input display (P1 is bottom/left, P2 is top/right)
    • MK toggles 25% slow motion
    • HP rewinds by 1 in game second
    • Left+HP rewinds by 5 in game seconds
    • HK fast forwards playback, hold left/right to go slower/faster
    • Start pauses just like in game.
  • Automatic Replay Viewer is a very useful program written by Mao for automatically viewing replays in succession, allowing you to easily leave recording software on to record entire sets.
  • Replay save location:
    • Each replay has two files: a .ini file and a .rnd file
    • Windows:[My Documents directory]\Skullgirls\Replays
    • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Skullgirls/Replays
    • Linux: /home/user/.local/share/Skullgirls/Replays/
  • Replays must be named with consecutive numbering in order to be listed in the Replay Theatre.
    • e.g. If the replay directory already contains round_0001 through round_0005, and round_0103 is copied into the directory, it must be renamed to round_0006. Otherwise it will not be visible in-game.
    • There is a drag-and-drop tool for Windows that automates the process of renaming replays when importing them to your replay folder.
  • If the game launches with over 9,998 replays, it will delete the newest ones.


  • In the past, it would display GGPO debug text on-screen during an online match.[12][13]
  • If -enablereplays is enabled, the debug text is saved in the replay file.
    • Pressing Start during an online match adds the message "[Frame #]GGPO - Local player pressed START! Something bad happened?" into the GGPO log in the .rnd file.


  • Creates a file that logs the game's actions and processing. This file allows a developer to identify bugs in the game.[4]
    • Warning: This will slow down game performance.
    • Warning: Every time you start the game, more text will be appended to the log and the file size will grow.
  • skullgirls.log save location:[14]
    • Windows:[My Documents directory]\Skullgirls\Save Data
    • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Skullgirls/Save Data


These options adjust the appearance of menus and HUD elements.


  • Disables the red dot in the upper-left corner of the screen that appears during online matches when playing on Wi-Fi.[15]


  • This will hide "Beta" and "Debug Key Slow Mo / Paused" on-screen text, and will hide the green playback arrow during Dummy playback in Training Mode.[16]
    • Allows for screen capture (video and stills) that is free of debug text and UI.


  • Swaps the location of the player name and Leader indicator on the HUD and hides the number of wins that a player has in a lobby.[17]
    • Tournament scoreboards and streaming overlays will no longer overlap the Leader indicator.


These options affect the online versus experience.


  • Adds 'Extra Frame Delay' to the main menu and pause menu under 'Help & Options' → 'Settings'. This allows you to adjust the amount of additional input delay.[18]
  • Offline, this can be used to emulate the input delay experienced on other platforms.
  • Online, GGPO Frame Delay (rollback input delay) is subtracted from the Extra Frame Delay (local input delay) and the difference is used as the actual Extra Frame Delay. [19]. In other words, the GGPO Frame Delay setting will reserve the desired number of frames as rollback input delay and the remaining frames will be used as local input delay. If GGPO Frame Delay matches or exceeds the Extra Frame Delay, all of it will become rollback input delay.


  • Enables linear interpolation on camera movement to smooth out abrupt jumps caused by rollbacks.[20]


  • Disables the additional confirmation prompt when picking a team online. As soon as you pick your team, you are locked in for the match.[21]


  • Displays the connection quality during online matches.[22]



  • Disables the characters' trailing shadow sprites that appear during a Blockbuster attack.[20]
  • See -extrasupershadows.


  • Disables dynamic lighting.[23]



These options are similar to the settings found under 'Help & Options' → 'Video Settings'.


  • Enables VSync.[25]
    • VSync is usually disabled in windowed mode and non-60Hz screen modes, but this option overrides that.
  • Does not affect online play.
  • See -novsync.


  • Sets the game to fullscreen. [4]
  • Alt + Tab will force the game to minimize.


  • Sets the game to fullscreen windowed. The game will act like a normal window, but take up the entire screen (no title bar).[4]
  • Reducing window resolution in-game will not resize the window.
  • Alt + Tab will not force the game to minimize.


  • Disables auto-frameskip.[26]
  • With auto-frameskip enabled:
    • If the refresh rate is > 60Hz, frameskip is delayed.
    • If the refresh rate is < 60Hz, frames are skipped.
  • Does not affect online play.


-res [w]x[h]

  • Sets the window resolution where [w]=width and [h]=height.[4]

Windowed Mode

These options change how the game behaves on the desktop.


  • The Control and Shift keys must be held in order to drag the window around with the mouse.[27]


  • The game will stop playing when the window is not in focus.[13]
  • Changing window focus during an offline match will automatically open the pause menu.
  • See -ignorefocus.


These launch options used to be opt-in features but have now become the default behavior. A new option may exist which will allow you to disable these features.



Not Actually Launch Options

There are additional options that aren't true launch options, but it's likely that people would look on this page for them.


Changes the Glass Canopy music. See Skullgirls/Extra#Glass_Canopy_Placeholder_Music for details.


Grants access to the 2E Archived Build in Steam's beta menu. See for details.

gottatypefast! / Typing of the Skullgirls

Activates a typing gamemode. See Skullgirls/Extra#Typing_of_the_Skullgirls for details.

Training Room
Game Data Legend
Ms. Fortune
Big Band
Black Dahlia


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