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Spectral vs Generation/FAQ

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Tutorial videos

we are making videos to teach you the game, they should be both entertaining and educational. give them a try!

{{#evt: service=youtube |id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CBt4qNQ5uE&list=PLjZNoSJVHBwJEw2n6zFniCzlxFpoZZw7Z&index=1 |alignment=center }}

Where do I play SVG?

  • You can play the game on FightCade 2. Here's a guide on how to get set-up: (Video here when we make it)

Issues While Playing Online

  • Desyncs: Desyncing is when two players see different outcomes while playing the game.
Here's how to avoid desyncs:
1. Make sure your runahead is turned off in FightCade 2.
2. Make sure your connection is stable. Not playing on Wi-fi Is a good start!
3. Make sure your dipswitch is set to "World".
4. Make sure your coin counter doesn't reach 0. It's common practice to spam the coin button before the games begin.

Are There Any Character Archetypes?

  • Earth: Grappler. relies on heavy conditioning
  • Erile: Pseudo-Puppet. Puppet acts more like a summon to cover his approach or control horizontal space
  • Hiro: Defense oriented setplay. Great trap special that is used to protect against rushdown and confirm combos on hit
  • Hiro 2: Rushdown / Shoto
  • Jadou: Zoning with long normals and projectiles
  • Jadou 2: Rushdown with a heavy emphasis on mix ups
  • Krayce: Big button character that excels in okizeme mixups and can often rushdown grounded opponents
  • Mayura: Advanced setplay / Zoning / Mix-up
  • Orochimaru: Mainly controls neutral with his long range pokes but shines more in rushdown
  • Roze: Shoto that has a character specific mechanic similar to EX moves. has great pokes, a good fireball and a decent DP
  • Ryuken: Stance focused character with great mixup tools
  • Wells: Rushdown with insane mobility / Unga Bunga

Are There Any Other Guides or Resources?

What Does The Tier List Look Like?

Tier List as of August, 2021

S: Wells, Jadou 2
A: Erile, Mayura, Roze
B: Krayce, Hiro, Ryuken
C: Hiro 2, Earth
D: Jadou, Orochimaru

Who Is Easiest To Learn?

Difficulty List.png
Good For Beginners: Jadou 2, Wells, Hiro 2, Jadou
Intermediate Characters: Krayce, Orochimaru, Roze, Hiro
Advanced Characters: Erile, Ryuken
Requires In-Depth Knowledge of the Game: Earth, Mayura

System Specifics