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Charge Moves

Down/back charge moves cannot be charged before the round begins, but buttons can be charged.

Charge partitioning is possible for an unlimited time. After charging down or back for 41 frames, any action other than standing neutral or walking forward for more than 19 frames will retain the charge. Within this 19-frame window, any other action that does not execute a charge move will reset the timer. It is possible to, for example, store a charge, repeatedly mash the joystick forward and/or down/back, and press a button to execute a charge-back move while moving forward. Video: [1]

Corner Intersection

Bison and Zangief have crossed into each other. Bison's back is against the wall. If he mashes LP in this state, he can catch Zangief in a trivial infinite.

Intersection between both characters can occur at the corners, causing both players to occupy the same point in space. Mashing certain normals in this state will result in no pushback, giving the attacker an easy infinite combo. This is confirmed when your character turns around but neither player moves. There are several known methods to achieve this:

  • Characters who can throw with fast recovery afterward can throw the opponent into the wall and walk into them before they wake up. Vega and Zangief cannot achieve this as their throws have too much recovery. Video: [2] [3] [4]
  • When a character in a wall neutral jumps, the other can walk into the wall and, with proper timing, the jumping character will land in the same position. Video: [5]
  • Against a character a step away from the wall, landing an air normal that pushes them toward the wall and lands you behind them during hitstun simultaneously will result in intersection. Video: [6]
  • Teleportation moves that end with the character moving into the wall while the opponent’s pushbox is in the process of changing shape (such as during a normal) can result in intersection. Video: [7]
  • Blade’s knife throw (forward, back, forward, P) allows a character’s wakeup animation to intersect with his pushbox. Video: [8]
  • Note that the boundaries of each stage differ at each wall, with less of a gap between the edge of the stage and the edge of the screen on the left wall than the right. As a result, the right wall has fewer possibilities for this glitch to occur, and the Komande Centre has different right-side boundaries than every other stage, so only the left side is recommended for this stage.


If the opponent is in any special state (e.g. projectile invulnerability) and enters stun state after a combo, they will preserve that state for the duration of the stun. [9]

Super Moves

Projectiles do not stop moving during a super move freeze. This can be exploited for extended projectile invincibility during startup.

Tag Team Mode

At character selection, press Start, HK to activate Tag Team Mode. In a versus game, both players must enter this code before either selects a character.

  • When a player's first character is defeated, their second character jumps in from their side of the screen regardless of where the opponent is standing. This character cannot be controlled until they land, leaving them vulnerable to juggles during their entrance.
  • In the event of a double KO where one player is on their second character, and the player on their second character KOs the other player first, another copy of that character will appear and the match will continue. The losing player is granted a point. [10]
  • If time runs out, the match ends immediately. Any remaining characters will not come out. The winner is determined by the following:
    • If both players are equal in points (0 or 1 KOs each), the character with more health will win the match immediately.
    • If one player is ahead in points, they will win the match regardless of health differences of the current characters.
  • If a player loses a tag team match by timeout and they had super meter, they will keep that meter in the next match after continuing, and the winning player will start the next match with 0 meter. This happens only for consecutive tag team matches. The game does not properly reset the super meter values upon a timeout victory.

In a single-player game, the Tag Team Mode code only needs to be entered once. In this mode, the player fights 13 random teams, then a team of two Bisons, and finally a team of two Super Bisons, a CPU-only character that moves much faster than the playable Bison. Super Bison has an exclusive all-black color palette. Playing the single-player Tag Team Mode is the only way to fight Super Bison.

Balrog (Boxer)
Bison (Dictator)
Chun Li
Vega (Claw)