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Common Questions

What is this game?
Street Fighter 1 Mugen Remake is a fully rebuilt version of SF1. That is to say, it has many new features, improvements, and design fixes to take the vision of SF1 and make it new. Alongside a ton of new mechanics, SF1MR is almost entirely a different game to the original overall.

Where can I download this game?
The current only download location is the reupload on Gamebanana. Simply download, extract where you want, and boot up the game.

How do you play online?
There is a community made Ikemen GO port for online play, downloadable here:

Do people actively play this game?
Yes! There is a community made Ikemen GO port for online play, downloadable here:

Why do some characters have 3 colors when most have only 2? Why can Cody pick up his knife anywhere? Why does more than 90% of the cast not have a throw?
SF1MR is a... unique beauty of a somewhat unfinished game. Many, many unfinished features and incredibly powerful tactics exist. Some examples are Cody's 5B infinite, various infinite blockstrings that can checkmate rounds, the odd and unnecessarily complex air knockdown system, and more.

How can I view hitboxes, or use a real training mode?
To enable hitboxes and various other features, you first have to enable debug mode. In your Street Fighter One folder, go to the folder named Data and look for a file called mugen.cfg. Open that file with a program like Notepad++ and scroll down to the section titled Debug. Turn AllowDebugMode and AllowDebugKeys from a 0 to a 1. When you get in game, press Ctrl+D to enable debug, and Ctrl+C to view hitboxes.

On the topic of a training mode, the default in-game one is the best that there is. If you use a controller, or a hitbox with multiple buttons, you can bind various buttons to P1 and P2 functions to make the opponent jump, block, or do an attack. It is highly recommended to try and find a friend to lab this game with, both for the assistance in training mode and for the fun of discovering all of the games deeper mechanics.

Tier List

The tier list for SF1MR isn't 100% accurate, just as any tier list isn't, but a majority of the community agrees on it.

Sf1mr wiki tierlist.PNG

S+: Characters with few to no flaws
S: Characters with strengths equal to S tier, but one or two significant flaws
A: Characters with strengths equal to S+ or S tier, but with multiple flaws
B: Joe only, a character with few unique strengths and many flaws

Of course, as with any game, the tier list is simply for discussion of meta. SF1MR overall has very high character power, with many characters being able to checkmate rounds and pull simple 90% damage combos off of easy starters. Excluding Joe, every character is viable in the tournament settings that don't exist.