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Excel (Extra cancel) is one of the unique mechanics that defines what EX2 Plus is. It works like alpha series Custom combos or A-Groove from CVS2. It can be activated by inputting a punch and a kick of different strengths. (MP+LK, LP+HK, etc.), costs one meter. Excel allows you to cancel every normal into every other normal or special, specials can only be canceled into other specials. Its activation has invincibility, often used in gaps, wakeup, punishing and anti-airing scenarios. Lasts for 2.5 seconds (150f).

A quick rundown of excel properties:

  • 3f startup
  • 34f freeze
  • 150f duration
  • 7f full body invul after freeze
  • last 40f can be super cancelled
  • 60f excel cooldown after it ends, unless you finish with a super or cancel break.
  • Moves deal half damage, rounded down, on first use
  • After first use, they will always do 2 damage
  • Normals pushback are extremely lowered and gravity on juggles is increased. Your opponent will fall to the ground quicker while in excel.

Excel follows a certain order regarding cancels:

   Normals ➡ Command Normals ➡ Specials ➡ (Super)

This cancel order only goes in one direction, you can cancel normals into normals or command normals into specials but you can't cancel specials into normals.

The only way to break this cancel order is by linking moves when you have enough advantage. Some examples are Area's 6HP into 5LP and Guile's sonic boom into 5LP which normally wouldn't be possible but due to enough hitstun can link into normals again.

During any freeze, no inputs can be buffered, but any button being held during the freeze will come out as soon as possible after the freeze. You can counter excels by holding excel during their freeze.

if you want to counter with an invul move, you are forced to buffer the input before the freeze or try and get it out before getting hit, usually not a good idea

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