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Every character has 200 health points

All the damage values on this wiki assume that you are at full health and you're NOT playing Bison, Darun or Zangief. These 3 characters, while they have 200 hp, they take less damage in general.

Chip damage can kill in EX2 PLUS, normals don't do chip damage.

While Specials do chip damage, specials done in EXCEL mode can't deal chip damage. Supers only do chip damage if cancelled from a normal, not a special or another super.


Everyone has 150 units of meter gauge, 50 units being one meter gauge.

Spending Meter

Super Cancels

Your go to way to invest meter, as you can cancel into them off of anything, unlike EXCELs. The slight downside is that they don't build meter like an EXCEL would do, but are easier to utilize. A jump in confirm cancelled into super usually deals more damage than a clean grounded EXCEL hit.

Meteor Supers (Level 3)

For all your meter, you get access to a high damage, "cinematic" super.

If hit raw, they deal a ton of damage, some can be used in combos and do more than they would raw (e.g. Pullum). Others should be avoided at all costs unless they can win you the game, like Area's Level 3, as she loses her rocket for the rest of the game. Can be used to punish moves for easy, high damage.

Guard Breaks

Done by inputing a punch and a kick of the same strength (LP+LK, MP+MK or HP+HK)

Almost all guard breaks have a large ammount of startup and can be reacted to.

Not all of them are equal, while some even have special properties, like being airborne and thus dodging most low hitting moves. They can also have deceptive ranges due to forward advancing movement.

As the name suggests, guard breaks are unblockables. When you're hit by a guard break, you're put into a stun state which can be mashed out of. Doing so will let you avoid jump in starters.

After wakeup, there is an extended period of invulnerability to guard breaks hitting two of them too soon after one another will cause a knockdown, even though the opponent might have recovered already

Nanase's Guard Break

The only guard break in the game that can be charged by holding down the buttons. This will extend the range of her staff to almost halfscreen length. It is not known if there are special properties on a fully charged guard break, though.

Cancel Breaks

Basically the same as guard breaks, but cancelled into from blocked/hit specials and supers. Even moves with invulnerability on startup, like Ryu's Shoryuken, can be cancelled, as long as you input the cancel break while grounded after it connects with the opponent. Hitting your opponent with a cancel break after a special or super move hits them will cause them to get knocked down instead of being put into a stun state. This usually even combos, but if hitconfirmed, there is no reason not to cancel into a super. Some characters, like Sagat, can utilize cancel breaks as combo tools.

Inputting a cancel break will trigger a "CANCEL BREAK" message under your health bar to indicate the difference, as raw guard breaks have no message of their own. Essentially they are the same, but the hitstun inflicted by a cancel break is way lower.

Pullum's guard break = +31 to +92 (toolassisted mashing vs no mashing)
Pullum's cancel break = +16 to +51

What a cancel break also does is remove any active move that is being blocked and while immediately ending blockstun. This denies any sort of "unblockable" setups one could think of.

EXCEL / Extra Cancel

One of the defining features of this game, which is why it has its own page over at EXCEL

Gaining Meter

First Attack

Landing the first attack of a round builds you 25 additional meter points. Trades will give 25 meter to both players.

Landing a successful throw, super or guard break as first hit will also trigger this effect.

Round start guard breaks, as gimmicky as they are, can allow for optimal combo starts for a majority of the cast.

If for whatever reason the first hit of a round is done while in EXCEL mode, the first attack message will trigger, but build no meter. Most characters get to build 50 meter if they get the first attack from a jump-in that leads into a combo.


Getting a proper reversal input on a special or super move allows you to build 15 meter points.

The reversal window is at 2 frames, so the timing for successful reversals is rather tight. This can be triggered on wakeup, after blockstun/hitstun and air resets.

Self Knockdown

Some moves in the game cause the player that used them to get knocked down as well. This applies to Kairi's P throw for example.

Most of them are easily recognizable, as your character gets up of the ground like they would after a knockdown. This special case of knockdown also allows for reversals.

Tech Hit (throw tech)

A "tech hit" is what the game calls successful throw techs. Gives both players 15 meter points.

Obvious throw attempts can be used to build meter if the opponent can reliably throw tech. This can also be used to deny building meter, as landing a throw gives noticeably less.

Keep in mind that the window for teching throws is only 4f after the throw initiated.

Whiffed Specials

Great to use when having a knockdown with large frame advantage or right as a screen shift is about to occur.

Attacking / Blocking

Any move that connects, whether on hit or block will build meter. Meter build on hit varies.

Any blocked hits builds 1 point of meter for the defender, no matter its strength.

For the attacking player, light normals build 1 point of meter, mediums 2 points and heavy normals builds 4 points. Meter build for blocked special moves varies.


EX2 PLUS has single button throws, just like Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

Throws have no startup, if two players input it at the same time, the throw will still be teched.

You only have 4 frames to tech after the throw input.

There is no tech option if you are being thrown during a move's animation, whether its on startup or recovery.

After teching a throw, there is no frame advantage for neither player.

Option Selects

Priority OS

Since LP>LK>MP>MK>HP>HK applies to input priority, using LPMP or LKMK as throw inputs is usually ideal, unless the medium/heavy normals do something you would like to come out instead. Note that some characters only have throws on their heavy normal, so adjust accordingly.

If the opponent is able to be thrown, you just get the throw, if not, a light normal comes out instead of a medium or heavy one.

Crouch Tech OS

To initiate a throw, only 4/6 are allowed as directions. This does not apply to the defender, as they get to hold any direction that is not 2/5/8, so inputting 1LKMK can function as throw tech. If the timing is correct, you tech if they go for a throw, block if they frame trap or mash out if the gap is big enough. This will get beaten if those options are delayed.


Every normal in the game can be cancelled into EXCEL if the second button is input 1 frame after the first.

In combination with throws having no startup, this allows for EXCEL/throw option selects. If the opponent cannot be thrown, the normal will be kara cancelled into an EXCEL activation.

Kara Cancels


7f window after inputting a normal for every normal, including jumping normals and command normals


18f on whiff to cancel any normal into a super

Guard Breaks

1f only to cancel a normal into Guard Break


1f only to cancel a normal into EXCEL

"Plinking" anything with the proper button combination will result in a kara EXCEL activation.

Very important for Vulcano Rosso's grounded EXCEL loops, as his 5MP moves him forward by a lot on its first frame.

Any normal can be kara cancelled, so certain air "normals", like for example Dhalsim's j2K can be kara cancelled to stop air momentum, same with Area's j2HP.

A very unique case is Garuda's 6HK as it is the only normal move that is airborne on frame 1. This allows him to kara EXCEL from the ground and end up in the air, similiar to what a short hop would look like.

Juggle States

Most normal hits against an airborne opponent puts them into an air reset juggle state. After the initial frame of hitting, there are 28 frames of the air reset animation. This is the same for any kind of normal used, but a followup can only be achieved depending on the recovery of the move, usually by jumping forward with an air normal, or if a special reaches them after cancelling into it. This air reset juggle state will restand the opponent upon landing and allow them block or reversal to build meter.

A similar juggle state is one with moves that have knockdown properties, such as most specials. In this case, instead of air resetting onto the ground standing, they will just get knocked down. The juggle properties afterwards remain the same.

One unique juggle state is that of Vulcano Rosso's 236P->6P move, which keeps its juggle property until the opponent touches the ground. A juggle off a regular hit is not actually possible due to height and recovery, unless cancelled into the last followup with 6K. This followup is probably the reason why it has that juggle state in the first place. With proper height on the 6P followup, the juggle can be turned into an infinite, as 2LK will now hit the opponent before the knockdown and allow for continuous 236HP->6P juggles

Screen Shifts

45-46f knockdown advantage after, might vary for certain moves.

Special moves cancelled by screen shift still build meter.

Special moves with air followups, such as Ryu's 214K, can be finished for maximum meter build, delaying the screen shift.

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