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Street Fighter EX2 PLUS/Netplay

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Netplay is usually done by using the Mednafen emulator which is pretty much one of the most accurate psx emulators and has excellent netplay capabilities.

Using Mednafen for netplay

Mednafen by itself is meant to be used through the command line. But there are more user friendly alternatives:


Extract this zip file next to your mednafen executable and run macetenafen.exe.

Pick your game, gamekey (which is sort of a password for your match), nickname, server ip and port. Then click play online.

For setting up your controllers just run the emulator offline first then press Alt+shift+1 and the controller configuration should pop up in the lower part of the screen. Make sure you skip the buttons labeled as (rapid) by using a dummy key

For common server IPs check The server list below

Mednafen Server list

All servers listed below use port 4046:

  • mednafen-us.emuparadise.org (US, East Coast)
  • netplay.fobby.net (US, West Coast)
  • mednafen-nl.emuparadise.org (Netherlands)
  • node.asnitech.co.uk (United Kingdom)
  • omachi.moe (France)
  • emu-russia.net (Russia)
  • gs.emu-land.net (Russia)
  • Speedvicio.ddns.net (Italy)
  • s1.mednafen-it.org (Italy)
  • s2.mednafen-it.org (Italy)
  • s3.mednafen-it.org (Italy)
  • repog.ddns.net (Brazil)
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